Photo by @noralorek | Rose Apai, 61, from South Sudan, sits at the Siona Church near her home in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. To protect her - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Suzanne C (@sujube)
sujube11.02.2019 00:11:03

I love her dress. Where would families be without the strong and courageous women - especially Grandmothers!!

tom panther (@tompanther)
tompanther11.02.2019 00:18:21

Unbelievable what this dignified woman has probably seen.

pacificspiritart11.02.2019 00:20:01

Dignity and beauty personified! ♥️♥️

Abbey Butler (@abbeyrosebutler)
abbeyrosebutler11.02.2019 00:19:09

It's so easy for us to forget how incredibly blessed we are sometimes. It's heartbreaking to see, and read about people living like this.

Gracie and The DDDobes😍🐾 (@gracieandthedddobes)
gracieandthedddobes11.02.2019 00:21:07

I wish so much that we could bring her here to step in and be a Grandma. She deserves the chance for peace and freedom. 🙏🙏🙏

The Godly Mom (@thegodlymom)
thegodlymom11.02.2019 00:21:48

God bless this dear lady. I pray for these dear ones.

Shaun (@shaunlybee)
shaunlybee11.02.2019 00:21:13

This photo takes my breath away.

steven (@doorell_)
doorell_11.02.2019 00:10:32

Omg how many feelings does this image express!!!❤️

Rhon Young (@mrspuppycat)
mrspuppycat11.02.2019 00:20:07

What a beautiful woman 💕🙏🏽💕🙏🏽💕🙏🏽

🅃🄾🄼🄰_🅃🄾🄼🄰 (@toma_da)
toma_da11.02.2019 00:06:25


rachel (@rae_withers)
rae_withers11.02.2019 00:20:54

She is beautiful.❤️

fatmaeyes 🌻🌾 (@fatmaeyes)
fatmaeyes11.02.2019 00:13:02

Great photo ❤

Krysti Keener (@krystik)
krystik11.02.2019 00:17:36


Glen Upton (@glenku)
glenku11.02.2019 00:20:22

Life in other spaces. Thank you for sharing their beauty ...despite all

Luis Fernando Barrios Parilli (@luisbarriosparilli)
luisbarriosparilli11.02.2019 00:15:00

Very good picture. Where is she looking?

Amanda Dobbs (@amanda__dobbs)
amanda__dobbs11.02.2019 00:14:32

@mollybyrom  wow this is art

Roger Garth (@roger.garth)
roger.garth11.02.2019 00:13:20


孔德鑫 (@boyboy00799)
boyboy0079911.02.2019 00:08:18

Powerful picture

Angelo Stifani (@angeeelow_)
angeeelow_11.02.2019 00:06:38

Beautiful! 😱😍

Loreto Gutierrez (@loreto_gutierrez)
loreto_gutierrez11.02.2019 00:15:45


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