Photo by @joelsartore | The hawksbill sea turtle is one of the most endangered sea turtle species known today, assessed as critically endangered by th - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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rmomma10.02.2019 13:34:02

Make no mistake, there is NO medicinal value to their scales. The caption should read, the falsely believed value. Why are humans so dumb to believe such things?

Cristi Ciura (@cristiciura)
cristiciura10.02.2019 12:00:41

Stop killing turtles! 😡

Livia Melo (@livia.melo.5492)
livia.melo.549210.02.2019 12:00:03


ARTÚ (@special__dog)
special__dog10.02.2019 12:49:21

We have to preserve our planet 🌎

Harriet Amacher (@monsolete)
monsolete10.02.2019 12:18:37

So pretty. Looks like jewelry. 🙆💜

s.b.h.dubs10.02.2019 12:33:44

Beautiful and heartbreaking @shellbackmary 

Thiago Oliveira Sanitá (@thiagosanita1)
thiagosanita110.02.2019 12:18:47


Mishal Ladhubhai (@mishu_ladhu)
mishu_ladhu10.02.2019 13:16:24

@farusaleem  😍

tasha (@tashaxlara)
tashaxlara10.02.2019 13:34:31


Mariana pacheco (@nanipacheco22)
nanipacheco2210.02.2019 15:14:46

Esta es la de carey tati ? @marianellapacheco 

Carly Kenshalo (@carlypk23)
carlypk2310.02.2019 13:16:31

@kelsswellss  this one is so pretty

Maria Sol Demergassi (@sol_demergassi)
sol_demergassi10.02.2019 13:40:59

Mira que hermosa @todas_las_estrellas_te_siguen  ! Lástima que está en peligro de extinción 😥

Maya West (@maya_west.exe)
maya_west.exe10.02.2019 15:04:18

Another endangered animal due to a pathetically passed on and worthless ‘medicinal value’ propaganda which really is just greed in cultures that are supposed to VALUE earth and her creatures 🙄😒

Erik (@toughknight)
toughknight10.02.2019 12:12:45


Stela Cy (@ztela)
ztela10.02.2019 12:08:28

@amarillo.melocoton  💙

Domen Žugelj 🇸🇮 (@domenzugelj)
domenzugelj10.02.2019 12:03:28


Anmol Pandita (@anmol.047)
anmol.04710.02.2019 18:04:50

This looks like a flaming turtle. Unfortunately this one is endangered too.

Carmen Abril (@carmenabrilm)
carmenabrilm10.02.2019 12:03:13

@julia_sdn  biutifil de most exprnsib tortu de la surrte pabti

劉逸風 (@mic_on_the_moon)
mic_on_the_moon10.02.2019 13:10:41

So cool

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