Photo by @TimLaman | A wild female orangutan in Borneo crosses a fallen tree making a natural bridge over a river.  This is a new camera trap shot I j - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Heny R S (@henyraatna)
henyraatna11.10.2018 06:59:43

Borneo , indonesia

saritrtr11.10.2018 06:59:00

Beautiful creatures💕avoid buying products with palm oil (unless is sustainable). Their environment is being destroyed! (cookies, lots is sweets contains palm oil). Indonesia.. this creature is a bless for your country and the humanity..please protect them!🙏

krdelano5 (@krdelano5)
krdelano511.10.2018 11:25:19

@jleegrady  can I cross your bridge

Indo danda (@indo_danda)
indo_danda11.10.2018 07:16:55

I can only pray, Indonesia government and community will protect orangutans habitat! Forever! Please, before too late! Orangutans are our treasure, let’s keep them alive freely 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Thodoris Venios (@thodorisven)
thodorisven11.10.2018 06:48:46

@jo_cns  branaki

Joey B (@still_imagery_)
still_imagery_11.10.2018 07:26:16

Wow such an amazing pic!😍

Giovanna Motta (@giomotta__)
giomotta__11.10.2018 06:41:41

@valepalmeri  sei venuta bene

Lukas (@lukas_ke)
lukas_ke11.10.2018 10:54:50

@elda_rv  @kumalad43  aku suka Gunug Palung National Park!

William Munford (@munfordwilliam)
munfordwilliam11.10.2018 07:20:26


Ms.Ash (@msash._)
msash._11.10.2018 06:35:51

@bhuvana_prakash97  😂🤣👊🏻

Ali_samie (@ali_samie_)
ali_samie_11.10.2018 09:23:22

tag your friends 😂😂 @mahdiii_jahanbakhsh  @mohrez.asd  @elyas.amini  😂😂😂😂😂

Adele Toral (@adeletoral1)
adeletoral111.10.2018 10:48:00

Beautiful photo, we need to learn to share and not destroy our planet.

Marcell Palotai (@palikaloz)
palikaloz11.10.2018 06:44:51

@zozagoat  jó látni hogy jól érzed magad 😊

Yılmaz Ölmez (@ylmz_olmez)
ylmz_olmez11.10.2018 06:43:34

@mervecaglabayraktar  😊😊😊

Pier Francesco Scano (@pifscan)
pifscan11.10.2018 06:35:44

@thomsthoms  a dove?

Ray Andre Noronha (@ray_noronha06)
ray_noronha0611.10.2018 09:29:41

@melonie_pereira777  never knew you went for a photoshoot for Natgeo

Lee Bage (@leebodreamer4)
leebodreamer411.10.2018 08:52:53

@sarahalicia1  😍

Grant Stretton (@grantstretton)
grantstretton11.10.2018 07:28:01


Sare (@sareuriarte)
sareuriarte11.10.2018 06:59:06

@anamartings  😍

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