Photo by @jimmy_chin
Wakey wakey gentlemen! Nothing like 2000ft of air for breakfast…The  infamous Pacific Ocean Wall route on El Capitan was first cl - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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PMS 💚💛💘 "HAD A DAT" ( 07:05:41

Wait...did they camp there?

benbonett87 (@benbonett87)
benbonett8713.06.2018 07:31:40

Non mais sérieusement @brunobegood  @vinz_ribz  @bonnefoymarc  @benjamindenoyelle  🤔

Becca Tunstall (@beccstunstall)
beccstunstall13.06.2018 07:30:09

@kylewarnerza  😱😱

Emily (@emilyrkrobson)
emilyrkrobson13.06.2018 07:03:26

@louise_hhall  😱 how would you climb that?! There’s no hand/foot holes surely?!

Marie Vilhelmine Bundgaard 🇩🇰 (@marievilhelmine)
marievilhelmine13.06.2018 09:21:44

@veronasaurus_rex  sådan her??

Lindsey Scates (@lindseyscates)
lindseyscates13.06.2018 15:39:28

I just have absolutely no desire in every thread of my being to ever do that 🤷‍♀️

Alexander Parsons (@alexparsonscomposer)
alexparsonscomposer13.06.2018 08:02:28

@petergregson  Nope.

Daniela (@weinbergsfee)
weinbergsfee13.06.2018 07:38:27

Oh that's crazy 😱

Derick deVera (@spacepinoy)
spacepinoy13.06.2018 07:03:42

That is nuts. I’d fall off as soon as I closed my eyes

Rita Carlene Bush (@ritireet)
ritireet13.06.2018 12:55:06

@cayleighmichelle  our picnic???

📍 Cambodja 🌎 (@annemajmuiser)
annemajmuiser13.06.2018 08:26:46

@felix.maks  cooool

Jill (@jlar08)
jlar0813.06.2018 07:11:34

@kelskuhl  @aye_molle  how could anyone climb that?! Pretty incredible. Makes me queasy just looking at pic 😳

Kevin Vazquez (@kvaz783)
kvaz78313.06.2018 07:09:50

@_dsdna  para cuando? 😂

Melissa Matina (@melissamatina)
melissamatina13.06.2018 12:57:17

@_justin76  i’d be terrified. i’d die of a panic attack

Ruth Kravitz (@ruthpaperscissors)
ruthpaperscissors13.06.2018 09:07:09

Here’s a question: how do they manage their morning 💩? Do they just drop it over the edge?

Haider Hasan (@haiderhasan777)
haiderhasan77713.06.2018 07:49:13


Norah Chao (@n.chaos)
n.chaos14.06.2018 12:14:53

@anyalatti  that looks TERRIFYING. also when are u going on the world challenge trip??!

Camilo Ramirez (@kinghellcam)
kinghellcam14.06.2018 12:07:01

@theadventureyogis  @little_yogi_bee  @instagrump  next adventure? 🎪

Matteo Capaccioli (@matteo_capaccioli)
matteo_capaccioli13.06.2018 12:21:26

@frankbriga70  come ci dormiresti 😂

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