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Wakey wakey gentlemen! Nothing like 2000ft of air for breakfast…The  infamous Pacific Ocean Wall route on El Capitan was first cl - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Sindy Hutton Maguire (@huttonmaguire)
huttonmaguire15.06.2018 12:33:04


Anner (@anner7drex)
anner7drex15.06.2018 14:05:52

Sleeping out in the open like that. The more I ponder this experience the more anxious I get, so I'll pass.

Robert Esquivel (@resquivel121)
resquivel12115.06.2018 15:33:18

What a rush!!!!🤗🤗

malwareexe0115.06.2018 17:47:46

Nothing to see here just people who don’t value life much, that’s all.

David Morgan (@davey197)
davey19715.06.2018 18:36:51

Why ?

Karlin Marsh (@karlinmarsh)
karlinmarsh15.06.2018 19:00:00

Yikes! I saw a climb while at Yosemite years ago. I said to my kids, “yikes! Those guys are crazy”

Y-Sir Shafi (@stephen_einstein_1)
stephen_einstein_115.06.2018 19:33:57

Gentle men 😄

ßùñdãr (@trived_sundar)
trived_sundar16.06.2018 05:38:00

a terrific place to sleep at night

Janet E. Stauffer (@janet_e_stauffer)
janet_e_stauffer16.06.2018 07:18:51

Cool 🙏👼😇

Lenyxand (@lenyxand)
lenyxand16.06.2018 20:47:40


Ann Suhl (@ann_collier_suhl)
ann_collier_suhl17.06.2018 15:08:02


🤘HOLLYWOOD🎰⚡🤘GZ (@realna___)
realna___18.06.2018 01:22:53


Marc Bettancourt (@marcbettancourt)
marcbettancourt18.06.2018 20:45:53


Shoaib Ahmed (@shoaibahmed900)
shoaibahmed90021.06.2018 18:59:28

Wow, camping

vicky sharma (@vickysharma5985)
vickysharma598524.06.2018 14:50:36

Bhai kdai neecha nai pd javo

Marianna (@mariannasr_)
mariannasr_02.07.2018 01:50:44


Alexander Supertrip (@worldcallingproject)
worldcallingproject16.07.2018 17:30:50

Can’t wait to do it

Brianne (@briannesoverton)
briannesoverton17.07.2018 02:02:08


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