Cross your eyes and break out the 3D glasses! 😎

Our New Horizons team has new stereo views of the Kuiper Belt object nicknamed Ultima Thule – the tar - NASA (@nasa)
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ESA (@europeanspaceagency)
europeanspaceagency10.03.2019 18:53:18

Yas! 😎
Nothing like an anaglyph for a groovy Sunday!😉

Matteo (@__._matteo_.__)
__._matteo_.__11.03.2019 12:26:22

@haqnii  @bot.r22  @yogi.mp4 

Tyler (@tro1995)
tro199511.03.2019 02:43:02

NASA killing it! @yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @bot.r22 

Vickersjenner😈💅🏻 (@vickersdelrey)
vickersdelrey10.03.2019 18:45:57

😍😍😍😍💖 @yogi.mp4 

A Fella Who Really Loves Elon (@same.pic.of.elon.everyday)
same.pic.of.elon.everyday11.03.2019 00:07:58

@yogi.mp4  loves space

Carter Monaghan (@carter_monaghan)
carter_monaghan10.03.2019 18:33:58

It looks like the two brain cells I have left

Türk/Zaza | 🥊 (@ohburak)
ohburak11.03.2019 18:18:42

@yogi.mp4  @haqnii  whatt

Jovan Falian (@jovan_falian)
jovan_falian11.03.2019 08:50:06

Hei @yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @bot.r22 

ⓂAbdal Majeed (@abdal_majeed.2030)
abdal_majeed.203010.03.2019 19:52:55

Do you like Islam?

alexandro (@alexandro7175)
alexandro717510.03.2019 18:32:57

Tony Stark: help me

OUTSIDEWRld (@kr1stiko)
kr1stiko12.03.2019 09:19:03

@NOBRAINDUDE  approves ALL .. 💯💯 🔥🔥 @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @diffamr  @like_ninja  @iniigani  @iqbaltgani  @itscloutgod  @2krafi 

Jerry Chadwick (@jerrychadwick12)
jerrychadwick1210.03.2019 18:32:44

The earth is flat!!!

Abner Kunder (@abbykunder)
abbykunder10.03.2019 21:01:21

Research #nasalies 

cammo_god (@cammo_god)
cammo_god10.03.2019 18:37:43

This is not I real image read the cap

🇷🇺 (@_danny_1992)
_danny_199210.03.2019 19:54:53

Show us some aliens. We are tired of seeing rocks

𝓲𝓵𝓪 ✨ (@ilariaameii)
ilariaameii10.03.2019 18:35:35

this makes me think of Brian May💜

yaadsnap_camera (@yaadsnap_camera)
yaadsnap_camera10.03.2019 18:40:27

This is a lie & NASA knows it. The earth is still flat

AKBAR_ GS (@akbar_________66__gs)
akbar_________66__gs10.03.2019 18:49:16

⌚At a speed close to the speed of light, time actually stops. That is, if the astronaut is on a spacecraft capable of approaching the speed of light. If, even for the planet, the astronaut is in space for a year, at one hour he spent only one second. Now, if he is one year old at a speed close to the speed of light, when he reaches the ground, he returns to Earth after more than 31 million years. Time dilation is not only a theory, but all the different evidence and experiments are measured and a real phenomenon. ( Memo from a scientific journal) 👌 wonderful nasa 👏 👍 👌 merci 💙💙✌🌸

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