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:3 (@javier_sp_z)
javier_sp_z05.12.2018 22:41:09

Fake. The rocket is a paid actor

Elvan Kılyar (@elvangec)
elvangec05.12.2018 22:13:33

People hungry ...... Money flying.......

Jerry Chadwick (@jerrychadwick12)
jerrychadwick1205.12.2018 22:09:07


Jihad Jason Warfield (@jihadsworld)
jihadsworld05.12.2018 22:15:40

Rocket going to go straight in the water!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Janet Foster (@janetfoster1961)
janetfoster196106.12.2018 02:25:39

Saw it from my back yard

Pepijnb013 (@pepijnb013)
pepijnb01305.12.2018 22:07:22

And it didn’t landed...

Francisco Íchiban Gomez🐊🐊 (@cisco_selfmade)
cisco_selfmade06.12.2018 02:29:43

Fake news

Don't Tag Me xD (@zamrylicious135)
zamrylicious13505.12.2018 22:08:58

Elongated Musket

Aaron (@aaron.j.sp)
aaron.j.sp05.12.2018 22:14:25

Can we get an F for the first stage

Daniel 🅱lack (@d.aniel.b_)
d.aniel.b_05.12.2018 22:14:01

Falcon 9 didn't manage to land on the droneship but made a soft enough landing on water to stay mostly intact.

kurz (@isahiav14)
isahiav1406.12.2018 01:10:21

the earth is flat

Some Vegas Dude (@somevegasdude)
somevegasdude06.12.2018 02:58:06

Fake. Clever camera trickery.

Vincenzo Puopolo (@vincipuo)
vincipuo06.12.2018 00:28:02

Is'nt earth flat, is it?

Tommy Dion (@tommydionn)
tommydionn05.12.2018 22:12:21

I see no dragon you liar.

Marstronauts (@marstronauts)
marstronauts05.12.2018 22:28:31

Can’t wait for the research results to be published! You guys are doing an amazing and really useful job! Getting closer to Mars step-by-step! #GoingToMars 

NikiPink (@_nikipink)
_nikipink05.12.2018 22:20:46


Steve Potter (@stevepotteremerald)
stevepotteremerald05.12.2018 22:28:17

How far did that go ? Landed in the ocean somewhere

random_silly06.12.2018 00:47:47

If it was real they would live stream on the way to Mars but no lol 😂 🤡 #nasalies 

King cobra XD (@kingcobraxd)
kingcobraxd05.12.2018 22:29:05

I saw this live

Mahmoud adel | محمود السلامي (@mahmoud_adel95.1)
mahmoud_adel95.106.12.2018 09:50:52

Nasa is Fake

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