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Gabe (@gabe_paquette)
gabe_paquette07.09.2018 01:25:55


Lacerda (@geanlfilho_)
geanlfilho_12.09.2018 14:58:04

onde eu queria estar @letyoliveira_ 

GenesisMorenoEncalada• (@l0100110)
l010011014.09.2018 05:09:02


Siren of the Springs👑🌊 (@sirenofthesprings)
sirenofthesprings14.09.2018 08:40:16

Love eeettt😍

Yemima Ivanna Fortunata🔅 (@v_nana16)
v_nana1619.09.2018 18:43:38

Goroh :)

Aliens/Space (@aliens_space_world)
aliens_space_world24.09.2018 03:07:47

Follow me 👉@aliens_space_world  👽

Andy Romero (@andreomero)
andreomero27.09.2018 13:37:01

Why the people say the earth is flat, i think that we are passing dark times

RaviNekki (@nekki10)
nekki1003.10.2018 12:33:30

Look its flat

Ric.rocasycristales (@ric_soft)
ric_soft14.10.2018 13:10:22


Kay (@kayla.lose)
kayla.lose18.10.2018 04:55:36


iDK 🤷🏾‍♂️🇰🇷 (@idkonthetrack)
idkonthetrack18.10.2018 23:45:54

I’m tired of photoshopped pictures @nasa 

Melany M. García Jaén| 🇵🇦 (@mlny507)
mlny50719.10.2018 04:58:48

Todos ustedes se iran al infierno por sus mentiras Idiotas La Tierra Es Plana!

maitha abdulla (@maitha.abdulla.1)
maitha.abdulla.129.10.2018 15:45:18


Tommy (@_micheal_owo_)
_micheal_owo_01.11.2018 07:26:06


Nikolas K. (@nikolaskirma)
nikolaskirma15.11.2018 23:53:16

It looks flat asf even with photo shop wow.

wellfed2225.11.2018 23:26:55

Are any of theese pics real

My M.O.PRODUCTIONS/US ENT/SONY (@my_m.o._productions)
my_m.o._productions26.11.2018 22:19:38

Lmmfao I still wanna believe its round but y'all at nasa are crazy for thinking the first pics angle is not added wth What kind of curvature are y'all adding lmao

T H O M A S     K I K (@thomas_kikie)
thomas_kikie27.11.2018 16:18:22


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