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ESA (@europeanspaceagency)
europeanspaceagency06.08.2018 23:02:22

We are sending our thoughts to everyone affected by these terrible fires

A L E X   O T O O L E (@__alexotoole)
__alexotoole06.08.2018 21:54:30

One day there will be one post nasa makes without anyone saying “flat earth”

¤▪•Jack Runciman•▪¤ (@jack_runciman_)
jack_runciman_06.08.2018 22:09:38

This comment section is just sad to read. It should be something beautiful, full of knowledge and curiosity...yet all that is drowned out by uneducated, unscientific comments about this fantasy flat earth rubbish.. 😪

filippo______06.08.2018 22:00:59

Why should it be false? C'mon, guys! Do not be troglodytes.
The Earth is not flat.
Understand this!

Josh S (@josh.21_)
josh.21_06.08.2018 22:10:59

There's one thing that flat earthers can never explain. It is something we all know is a FACT that you can measure for yourself. The sun moves 15 degrees per hour through the sky at every location on Earth. On a flat earth this is not possible. The sun being 3000 miles above the Earth would cause the sun to move at different angles at locations on Earth. The sun being 93 millions miles away from the globe earth would cause the sun to move 15 degrees every hour just as we see in the sky. There's a video by GreaterSapien on YouTube demonstrating the sun moving on a globe Earth and a flat earth. On the globe it moves 15 degrees every hour. On the flat earth the sun moves at different angles every hour at the equator and every other location on Earth besides the North Pole. Explain that to me flat earthers

rspnick06.08.2018 21:56:38

Where are the flat earthers? Fckn morons

Gilbereth (@gilbereth)
gilbereth06.08.2018 21:55:47

Aaand here come the flat earthers 🤦‍♀️

thedadbenlen06.08.2018 22:24:51

Flat earthers, the only thing to fear, is sphere itself

Derrick Kirwa (@black_lavender__)
black_lavender__06.08.2018 22:25:36

So my home state is literally on fire and all you people care about is a flat earth?

Outdoor_2_l_espace (@outdoor_2_l_espace)
outdoor_2_l_espace06.08.2018 22:07:39

It s so sad what we inflict to our blue planet

misbehaaved06.08.2018 22:37:27

Why do people even follow nasa if they don’t believe in science or anything they post

Lukas Cole (@zapper464)
zapper46406.08.2018 22:05:28

NASA is lying to you.. earths triangular

Greg (@mr__x__)
mr__x__06.08.2018 21:51:50

Flat earthers on suicide watch

Seba Maldonado 🚲 (@smtbx26)
smtbx2606.08.2018 22:02:12

La wea falsa y hay weones que creen en esta mierda

Palsgaarden (@palsgaarden)
palsgaarden06.08.2018 22:49:12

Pictures are not fake, we can't breathe in the Central Valley 😢😷🤢

Fettullah Bağ (@fettullah.bag)
fettullah.bag06.08.2018 22:30:49

Why is there so many fires in California every year?

🅟🅔🅣🅣🅨 🅟🅡🅤 (@slim_pru86)
slim_pru8606.08.2018 21:59:35

Wonder how the flat earth theorists will try to spin this photo 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

Jason Mathias (@radwizard)
radwizard06.08.2018 22:35:26

My poor State. :( This is a loss for the entire Nation. Some of the most beautiful country is up in smoke right now. Heart broken.

Flat Earth Enforcer© (@flatearthenforcer)
flatearthenforcer07.08.2018 00:55:53


Vincent Cloutier (@v1nce_clt)
v1nce_clt06.08.2018 23:49:13

When will we be able to get off this planet? We need to hurry. Global warming is a thing.. And like stephen hawking said, human have another 100 years to find another habitable planet to live.

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