This view of Saturn’s dramatic, icy moon Dione, aptly named for a Titaness in Greek mythology, was eyed by our Cassini spacecraft on July 23, 2012 at ... - NASA (@nasa)
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Alexandra (@alexandra_olive)
alexandra_olive14.03.2018 08:55:50


Worldwide Wonderful Places (@www_places)
www_places14.03.2018 09:21:17


Ewan Lum (@snailsattack)
snailsattack14.03.2018 09:25:39

@ican_not_thinkofaname  that depends what you consider space. It’s very close to a vacuum at 100 miles above sea level

John Paul Mercado (@itsjpmercado)
itsjpmercado14.03.2018 09:50:35

Looks stunning!😍

Mahinul Design (@mahinuldesign)
mahinuldesign14.03.2018 10:19:32

Stunnig look..! Loved i

Jad Chakkie (@jad_chakkie)
jad_chakkie14.03.2018 10:30:06


Sizumi_Sumana🍁 (@sizumi_pd)
sizumi_pd14.03.2018 10:44:41


Krissy Ceja (@kristoferceja)
kristoferceja14.03.2018 10:44:42


👑Π@🌜♓🌏⚽🍴💤🐯🔥 (@ignacio.rodriguez.752)
ignacio.rodriguez.75214.03.2018 10:53:32

Theres no ice anywhere but here

ᎢheᏌglyᎠemon𓂉✞₇₇ (@u3vll)
u3vll14.03.2018 11:02:46

مافهمت شي بس شكله جامد.

_zlwon_14.03.2018 11:04:04

@cbutler2802  where are they though? You believe everything NASA puts out don't you?

Kapil Manish Garg (@kapilmanishgarg)
kapilmanishgarg14.03.2018 11:07:20

Very good

Holly (@hhollllyy)
hhollllyy14.03.2018 11:09:09

What the Fahrenheit!?

meggy (
me.g.gy14.03.2018 11:10:48

Luna ❤️

Ryan_Hatta (@ryanhatta88)
ryanhatta8814.03.2018 11:23:53

@cbutler2802  dont me, is you

Grimoire Reaper (@kidreaper6609)
kidreaper660914.03.2018 11:26:10

Does anyone else think it looks like the deathstar?

Rajesh Choudhary (@rajesh____choudhary)
rajesh____choudhary14.03.2018 11:37:10

Wow amezing

ॐashaॐ (@somejuicyish)
somejuicyish14.03.2018 11:53:21


Ay Trini 🇹🇹 (@meezytwotimes_)
meezytwotimes_14.03.2018 11:59:29

@somejuicyish  You're Super Random

Josh Huntsman (@josh_huntsman)
josh_huntsman14.03.2018 12:07:54

@carlos_x205  with what evidence do you have to prove that statement

らな (@ajisaiko)
ajisaiko14.03.2018 12:23:22

When the satellites take photos, do they just randomly shoot or is there some program requirement for it to shoot like a certain shape or something. I guess there must be millions of photos if just blackness as well..?

らな (@ajisaiko)
ajisaiko14.03.2018 12:23:35

Live this shot. Indeed dramatic

♕Galena♕ (@imgapiii)
imgapiii14.03.2018 12:40:23

it looks like a drop of water

رضوان البكري (@ridwanalbakry)
ridwanalbakry14.03.2018 13:15:06


🌻🍒🍒🌻 (@zeicarstic)
zeicarstic14.03.2018 13:22:25


Cris 💪🌟 (@kristoffv)
kristoffv14.03.2018 13:59:14


Adriano Mosquini Guedes (@mosquiniguedes)
mosquiniguedes14.03.2018 16:49:31

Good afternoon. My mame is adriano mosquini Guedes and l live in brazil in the city of São Paulo. I would very much Luke you to put the name of the physicist hawking in a space star. It helped a lot give us more knowledge about various things in space . Please.

Saxon 14bro🌊🌊😜 (@beach_for_life04)
beach_for_life0414.03.2018 17:02:16

Nice pic 👍🏼👍🏼

ugur_musacali (@ugur_.09)
ugur_.0914.03.2018 17:07:15


ugur_musacali (@ugur_.09)
ugur_.0914.03.2018 17:07:17


P A U L O  L O P E S (@paulo__lopes__)
paulo__lopes__14.03.2018 18:34:25

@mosquiniguedes  great suggestion. NASA did not even mentioned him here

Letícia (@le_magalhaes123)
le_magalhaes12314.03.2018 18:34:25

Very Good! I Love Nasa

JealousGreen (@jealous_green)
jealous_green14.03.2018 21:43:10

@alia.iftakharrr  nope.. You're just very very stupid. Sorry to break it to you.

Nilish (@nilish_25)
nilish_2515.03.2018 02:15:07


Thot Patrol Officer (@regretting_my_life_decisions)
regretting_my_life_decisions15.03.2018 02:40:34

@hhollllyy  -304

Thot Patrol Officer (@regretting_my_life_decisions)
regretting_my_life_decisions15.03.2018 02:41:10

@simrans6615  Dione

Thot Patrol Officer (@regretting_my_life_decisions)
regretting_my_life_decisions15.03.2018 02:44:50

@alia.iftakharrr  everyday...we stray furthur from God

Thot Patrol Officer (@regretting_my_life_decisions)
regretting_my_life_decisions15.03.2018 02:57:04

@spiritual_warfare1994  Believing the Earth is flat makes you a sheep. You think believing in a space pizza makes you a wolf, it really doesn’t. You’re a sheep of your own kind of flock. Please, go back to prove the Earth is flat.

ROnny 🌍 (@r_jayy1)
r_jayy115.03.2018 04:27:56


Maurice (@maurice_magneto)
maurice_magneto15.03.2018 05:01:41

@kidreaper6609  😂😂😂😂

Democritus (@the_laughing_philospher)
the_laughing_philospher15.03.2018 07:41:27

@ajisaiko  I could be wrong, but satellites detect photons as well as UV and infrared light, and X-rays and radio waves. Many photos of space are composite photos of both the visible and visible light, so it doesn’t look exactly like the real thing, but it’s one of the ways we overcome the challenges presented by space

Jie絜絜💖💖💖💖💖 (@jie0000jie)
jie0000jie15.03.2018 10:28:07


Jie絜絜💖💖💖💖💖 (@jie0000jie)
jie0000jie15.03.2018 10:28:09


Goodly (@ask.believe.recieve)
ask.believe.recieve15.03.2018 11:01:22

Where are the stars?

Ashwin ORz (@ashwinorz)
ashwinorz15.03.2018 12:23:01


Ashwin ORz (@ashwinorz)
ashwinorz15.03.2018 12:23:07


Ashwin ORz (@ashwinorz)
ashwinorz15.03.2018 12:23:11


fisher_boomer (@fisher_boomer)
fisher_boomer15.03.2018 13:41:12

Don't forget the distace kilometers💙

mili dror  🕊 born to be free (@milidror4)
milidror415.03.2018 16:03:45


Senpai_perla (@senpai_perla)
senpai_perla15.03.2018 20:50:36

Have you found aliens?

Cairo (@sadfijibottle)
sadfijibottle15.03.2018 20:52:29

@regretting_my_life_decisions  😢😢😢 the tables have turned

علی (@9355_ly)
9355_ly15.03.2018 21:19:49


علی (@9355_ly)
9355_ly15.03.2018 21:19:50


Jêh (@limah_jeh)
limah_jeh16.03.2018 01:07:11


Sriya (@sriya_dasgupta)
sriya_dasgupta16.03.2018 03:30:21

Ice gone so hard, that it behaves like rock!! That sounds like a good metaphor. So cold :)

febzcfn93 (@febzcfn93)
febzcfn9316.03.2018 05:47:24

@bumidanlangit_  ingin ketawa takut salah... Mau bilang ini palsu nanti dihujat kaum bola.. Gimana menurut mimin 😂

𓅔 Ꭺ Ꮋ Ꭺ Ꭰ  𓅔 (@vllud)
vllud16.03.2018 05:51:50

خير تنشرون صورتي

❇ тsundere biтсн ❇ (@lilyminene)
lilyminene16.03.2018 07:52:25

so fake

OriginalGT (@originalgt6924)
originalgt692416.03.2018 09:43:55

Very clear and round

Rafe Zendor (@rafezendor)
rafezendor16.03.2018 11:55:10

Lauschten mit elegischen Gefuhlen

🐚🌸🐠🎨💭 (@nes.blk)
nes.blk16.03.2018 14:04:50

@turuanifabien  si tu regardes bien je suis en haut vers la droite

Frederick Garsen (@nightly_impulse)
nightly_impulse16.03.2018 14:26:43


ʲᵉᶰᶰʸ 🇨🇴 🇨🇭 (@jeilito1)
jeilito116.03.2018 20:46:59


🎈 Zeynep Damla 🎈 (@black.karamelq)
black.karamelq17.03.2018 07:37:55


Hailey-Victoria Rodas (@hail.mp4)
hail.mp417.03.2018 12:17:43

Real picture, but no stars? Somethings not adding up.

laura Alejandra Velasco (@the_student_wanders)
the_student_wanders17.03.2018 13:03:24

porque lo dice @jeilito1 

Carla Duarte (@carla__duarte)
carla__duarte17.03.2018 15:30:10

Your images of the universe are what this planet needs.

H man (@badassglennrhee)
badassglennrhee17.03.2018 15:42:53

@hail.mp4  The atmosphere on earth is what allows us to see stars from their distance. Since theyre not in the atmosphere, they wont see them from the distance

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0117.03.2018 17:44:18

@ask.believe.recieve  the exposure time of these photos is very short. Hence the less luminated stars can not be seen

Goodly (@ask.believe.recieve)
ask.believe.recieve17.03.2018 18:03:43

@shijin01  less luminaries stars, what about the more laminated stars, sun, and satellites?

Goodly (@ask.believe.recieve)
ask.believe.recieve17.03.2018 18:04:47

@shijin01  also how is the planet eliminated but we can’t see the surrounding stars?

*in moss Madrid (@inmossmadrid)
inmossmadrid17.03.2018 20:10:34


Hailey-Victoria Rodas (@hail.mp4)
hail.mp417.03.2018 20:29:09

@badassglennrhee  but if you’re in ‘space’ that’s where the ‘stars’ are so you’d be able to see them if you are literally outside of the ‘atmosphere’ since according to nasa ‘space’ is full of stars

H man (@badassglennrhee)
badassglennrhee17.03.2018 20:52:35

@hail.mp4  The stars are still millions or billions of miles apart lol. Thats why we dont have at least 2 suns despite being 93million miles from ours

phoebe mcdonald (@phoebe._.lynn)
phoebe._.lynn17.03.2018 20:59:23


Alberto Mejía (@betin_mr)
betin_mr17.03.2018 22:23:30


jhuraj 🇨🇦🐓🏂 (@backcountrytrev)
backcountrytrev17.03.2018 23:35:12

@ask.believe.recieve  Do you think maybe they just Photoshopped the starts out of the image to focus your attention on the moon? What just because they are a bunch of nerds they can't play around with filters and Photoshop? Enjoy the image

jhuraj 🇨🇦🐓🏂 (@backcountrytrev)
backcountrytrev17.03.2018 23:40:43

@any_occasion_asian  Pretty sure this spinning ball of dirt will continue spinning whether we are on it or not. It was here long before we were and it will be here long after.

Goodly (@ask.believe.recieve)
ask.believe.recieve17.03.2018 23:45:11

@backcountrytrev  exactly what I think and possibly added a huge ball to the image too. NASA admittedly released a statement in 2014 for their tampering of photos published on their website. Just type into google “nasa admits tampering with photos”. Just hard to believe how they claim that the stars are infinite but In all of their published photos they are no where to be found. Interesting.

jhuraj 🇨🇦🐓🏂 (@backcountrytrev)
backcountrytrev18.03.2018 00:06:29

@ask.believe.recieve  Yeah I'm sure they enhance colors or highlight different aspects of images to get it to look more interesting or appeal to more people. Have you looked up at the sky on a dark night? Looks pretty infinite to me, I don't need NASA to spoon feed me all the answers.

Goodly (@ask.believe.recieve)
ask.believe.recieve18.03.2018 00:22:04

@backcountrytrev  me too bro! So why don’t we see stars in any pictures produced by nasa? Have a space ball floating in the middle of a presumed galaxy isn’t interesting enough? Why do the images have to be enhanced.. deception of instilling the heliocentric THEORY. #telsa  all the way..

👑Π@🌜♓🌏⚽🍴💤🐯🔥 (@ignacio.rodriguez.752)
ignacio.rodriguez.75218.03.2018 01:02:44

@2000bk  i dont care

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0118.03.2018 03:18:36

@ask.believe.recieve  sorry but I already explained it to you. The moon of Saturn reflects the light of the sun. Therefore it is much brighter than the very dim stars. In order to photograph it clearly you need high shutter speed and short exposure time. This results in a crisp image of a moon but no visible stars around it.

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0118.03.2018 03:55:17

@carla__duarte  reading the comments here I think education is key. Seeing all these people complain about the missing stars while showing off their lack of knowledge of photography and basic physics is exhausting.

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0118.03.2018 03:58:12

@hail.mp4  the moon of Saturn reflects more light than the dim stars ever could. Taking a photograph of the moon as well the stars would result in a too bright moon. In order to to take a picture like the one above, you need very short exposure time. Therefore the stars are not visible.

scotty damian (@boylan_hot_designs)
boylan_hot_designs18.03.2018 07:30:33

#dope  #lovethis 

Tytiaunnia (@tytiaunnia)
tytiaunnia18.03.2018 09:19:14

@hail.mp4  the earth is flat

Hailey-Victoria Rodas (@hail.mp4)
hail.mp418.03.2018 09:30:34

@tytiaunnia  yup

Carla Duarte (@carla__duarte)
carla__duarte18.03.2018 14:05:36

@shijin01  what is important is the remembrance to being in movement and PART of something vast. Like Buckminster Fuller says, “The most important thing to teach your children is that the sun does not rise and set. It is the Earth that revolves around the sun...”

Tommy Gunn (@gunn8155)
gunn815518.03.2018 14:31:38

Uea for all you fools President Trump is right in space Warfare, you have satellite systems!! Be smart !!

Tommy Gunn (@gunn8155)
gunn815518.03.2018 14:32:11

Thats just one thing guess the rest fools! Putin knows!!

Attention Satellite (@attention_satellite)
attention_satellite18.03.2018 15:05:32

يه چيز ديگه. بارها شده كه تو گوشم گفتن برو با بچه ها سكس كن. اين يعنى چى؟ چرا همچين چيزى بهم ميگيد؟ من هيچ وقت همچين كارى نميكنم. باورم نميشه آدمهايى با اين همه قدرت و تكنولوژى همچين توصيه اى به من ميكنن.

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi18.03.2018 15:58:32

Why does it look photoshopped on a black background with no stars? #nasalies 

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0118.03.2018 16:39:05

@djgashi  why can't you people stop repeating this already answered question? Bright objects, exposure time, shutter speed. Just look it up. I already explained it quite too often in this thread.

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi18.03.2018 16:40:00

@shijin01  it’s all fake I already got the answer :)

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi18.03.2018 16:41:43

@djgashi  You Forgot To Mention How Radiation Distorts Pictures Nearly 100% Of The time.

Will (@radardroid)
radardroid18.03.2018 19:41:43

@_.ke1  🤡

Landasida Cedor (@landasidacedor)
landasidacedor18.03.2018 23:35:23

Eins ist gewi sobald ihr Gluck verraucht

Bernard Dalton (@bernarddalton)
bernarddalton19.03.2018 06:06:25

We live on a pear - neil degrasse tyson. 🐑

kyumonryu (@shijin01)
shijin0119.03.2018 07:38:49

@tytiaunnia  sure it is. And only some people, without any scientific background whatsoever, found this out. Besides this being the most idiotic claim ever, who would profit from this? The reptilians?

Tony ///M (@bigguccitonyf30)
bigguccitonyf3020.03.2018 02:48:15


Kogron Thedu (@kogronthedu)
kogronthedu20.03.2018 06:42:52

A maneira mais rapida de se tocar uma boiada e devagar

Nik Frostdefender (@nikfrostdefender)
nikfrostdefender20.03.2018 06:59:21

Doch kein Markten finde statt

☠||كودرد||..ءR (@tg.pq)
tg.pq20.03.2018 08:56:18

يقلع ابليسهم صورون

selinekk20.03.2018 16:07:28


Geoff Johnson (@geoff_nh)
geoff_nh20.03.2018 22:40:31

@bigguccitonyf30  you can see it with a telescope...

Geoff Johnson (@geoff_nh)
geoff_nh20.03.2018 22:41:09

@djgashi  you need to learn the basics of photography, then you'd know why there aren't stars in the photo.

Geoff Johnson (@geoff_nh)
geoff_nh20.03.2018 22:41:43

@hail.mp4  sigh if you simply googled this you'd get the answer, it's due to the exposure used to capture the photo

Geoff Johnson (@geoff_nh)
geoff_nh20.03.2018 22:42:46

@ryanhatta88  lol no, not busted. It's all about photographic exposure

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi20.03.2018 22:50:27

@geoff_nh  you need to learn about #flatearth  just click the hashtag and educate yourself

Geoff Johnson (@geoff_nh)
geoff_nh20.03.2018 22:58:34

@djgashi  lmao nah I'm good with the truth. I'm also a photographer and know site well why stars don't appear in photos like these, it happens with photos of our moon too

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi20.03.2018 23:04:42

@geoff_nh  can you explain the water bubbles found on space and nasa’s live streams of space? Wake up you are an uneducated photographer👋🏻 unlike you I’m in the field of graphic design and information technology. Who understand this stuff better? Me or you? Go back to watching cartoons as a form of education.

🔱Crypto Mentor🔱 (@djgashi)
djgashi20.03.2018 23:06:04

@geoff_nh  look at your damn pictures you can see miles of land without any curvature present. There is a 8inches dip for every mile, yet your photos only show a horizontal horizon... wanna know why? You forgot the fish eye lens like nasa uses👍🏻

ZulurnCentrirana (@zulurncentrirana)
zulurncentrirana21.03.2018 05:46:30

como se agazapa para el vuelo sabes

𝕥𝕠𝕞 𝕨𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕞𝕤 ✨🌙 (@tommmywilliams)
tommmywilliams21.03.2018 08:23:47


بوم سلامتی روشهای درمان (@boomsalamati)
boomsalamati21.03.2018 11:59:20

پست های بیشتر قرار دهید😍

Dejan Halas (@halasdejan)
halasdejan22.03.2018 01:03:48

Brilliant photo shoot

iran_islam_imam Hussain (@iran_islam_imam_hussain)
iran_islam_imam_hussain22.03.2018 02:06:50

Allahs creature

Bailey Beiyarus (@baileybeiyarus)
baileybeiyarus22.03.2018 02:49:28

Diese liebliche Gestalt

Nicole⚡️ (@lovevertigo)
lovevertigo22.03.2018 03:21:27


Laurenz H. (@laur3nz001)
laur3nz00122.03.2018 15:15:38


Elegant Elliott (@elegant_elliott)
elegant_elliott22.03.2018 22:49:38

Fake. Where are the stars? And why do all pictures of planets have the same black background with no stars in it? Fake asf.

Carlos Poe (@poestudfatjesus)
poestudfatjesus23.03.2018 05:17:28

@elegant_elliott  you know how much space is in between everything right? Also they use special lenses and devices to detect the stars which they aren't using in this shot of this moon. Learn about the stuff before you go saying it's fake.

Immanuel James-The Assasin Spy (@immanueljms)
immanueljms23.03.2018 10:10:36


Immanuel James-The Assasin Spy (@immanueljms)
immanueljms23.03.2018 10:10:42


Arage Tern (@aragetern)
aragetern23.03.2018 14:08:19

Ihr Gut versetzt ihr Geld vom Pfandverleiher

Pedro (@pedr.c)
pedr.c23.03.2018 17:56:30


Gabriele Carvalho (@gabriele_carvalho_silva)
gabriele_carvalho_silva23.03.2018 23:22:44

@juhpontess_  essa é a lua que eu te falei 🌚

J u l i a  P o n t e s 🥀🌈 (@juhpontess_)
juhpontess_23.03.2018 23:30:11

@gabriele_carvalho_silva  Lienda

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