This view of Saturn’s dramatic, icy moon Dione, aptly named for a Titaness in Greek mythology, was eyed by our Cassini spacecraft on July 23, 2012 at - NASA (@nasa)
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Kamil Aydın (@kamilaydin8543)
kamilaydin854320.04.2018 09:47:38

🕵(🙀:: Teşekkürler

Johnie✨💛 (@johnievelyn)
johnievelyn21.04.2018 14:08:26

Where art the stars? 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🐸☕️

jack_ackerman23.04.2018 05:53:41

Everyone who says this is fake is obviously uneducated and frankly stupid. The picture was taken by The Cassini spacecraft the reason for they being no stars is because it focused on the moon itself to get the best image

Max Jámes (@maxmeyrick)
maxmeyrick24.04.2018 10:25:57

@cloudsdogo  titaness 😍

Ariana Grande ♡ (@arianaxmoonlightbae)
arianaxmoonlightbae05.05.2018 05:56:09

@arianagrande  my moonlight

ScientistStephenArnav (@sciencearnav)
sciencearnav12.05.2018 15:36:38

our moon from earth

∞ (@_melike.nx)
_melike.nx18.05.2018 09:29:52

Ya yıldız yok

تاي بن جعفر🔥🐯 (@suuuiii2015)
suuuiii201502.06.2018 21:53:42

مين سمح لكم تَحُطُّون صورة تاي👺😭🌝💔💔

Luxury Travel Influencer (@luxtravelerlife)
luxtravelerlife09.06.2018 16:27:03


Marcos Machado (@marcosfilipe.alves)
marcosfilipe.alves12.06.2018 21:01:45

@dai_slandim  essa é a Dione 😮😮😮

دانا العمري (@danaalamri6)
danaalamri611.07.2018 02:52:34

I wish go in the moon but l'm little bit scared 🤦🏻‍♀️❤️

♤♧ LUCCIO•MALKAVIAN ♧♤ (@lucciomalkavian)
lucciomalkavian27.07.2018 01:36:45

Tira foto da lia de saturno mas não consegue tirar a foto da nossa lua com a bandeira de vocês,, estranho isso! 🤔

♤♧ LUCCIO•MALKAVIAN ♧♤ (@lucciomalkavian)
lucciomalkavian27.07.2018 01:36:57


sharujan__ (@sharujan_cr7)
sharujan_cr725.08.2018 06:50:56


RainaIslamTasnim (@ra.6127)
ra.612725.08.2018 12:43:06


Alhuseen Saleem (@0a_go)
0a_go31.08.2018 16:45:06

منور اني

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