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⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ❁✾❁✾ (@migsfavart)
migsfavart21.01.2018 00:17:58


Neide Silva (@neidecondensado)
neidecondensado22.01.2018 08:54:59

Acredito que deve ter muitas outras civilizações no universo, ; O universo é muito grande e seria um desperdício de só tiver a terra

iamzldh22.01.2018 11:56:25

How you are take this photos?

NxHart (@nxhart)
nxhart22.01.2018 12:11:01

Doesn't earth have land..??

Brady Heater (@bradythewarriorsfan)
bradythewarriorsfan22.01.2018 13:04:04

These pictures are FAKE the earth is flat

Alvaro / Diseñador Gráfico (@nesvaro)
nesvaro23.01.2018 09:37:08


Akbar Maldini (@akkbarm)
akkbarm23.01.2018 20:24:42

@nendenmz_  bagus ya

Nenden Mutya (@nendenmz_)
nendenmz_23.01.2018 20:41:15

@akkbarm  wkwk land

Doug Bach (@doug.bach)
doug.bach24.01.2018 09:22:08

@tonygar163  Its no use, these people won't listen

Alan (@alan_rojas_)
alan_rojas_24.01.2018 17:52:34


619iamlucha💓🔥 (@13ikhwano_jr._)
13ikhwano_jr._24.01.2018 19:16:17


hottshot (@hottshotbbay)
hottshotbbay25.01.2018 06:45:01


Nico Dieling (@nicodieling)
nicodieling25.01.2018 10:06:36

I wish I was up there

cucu king salman👳 (@rizpras_)
rizpras_25.01.2018 23:36:21

Rumah gw yang mna bang @nasa 

Erika Ferreira (@erikaferreira05)
erikaferreira0526.01.2018 16:03:31

@arasolfer  your world

Aracely Fernández (@arasolfer)
arasolfer26.01.2018 16:10:21

@erikaferreira05  ihhhh yes 😍❤ jajahajahahas

Chris Burtis (@cw_burtis)
cw_burtis26.01.2018 16:32:09

Nice cgi !

CHRIS112 (@chris1125808)
chris112580826.01.2018 20:31:43

@alan_rojas_  LETS GO

CHRIS112 (@chris1125808)
chris112580826.01.2018 20:32:03

@nesvaro  yes

george hennon (@george_j_stanko)
george_j_stanko27.01.2018 22:18:06

No stars @nasa 

we make no sense. (@eeewa.k)
eeewa.k28.01.2018 04:37:35


Sunkar (@sunkar7_7_7)
sunkar7_7_728.01.2018 07:18:27

Охренеть,,,, идеально👌👍

Michael Colello (@mccolello)
mccolello28.01.2018 08:46:49

All these woke flat earth Derps.

Youtuber, Josua Butar (@bangjobb)
bangjobb29.01.2018 10:41:09

@bumidatar_alq  ini foto nya gak pakai go pro loh :)

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke29.01.2018 11:23:39

@mccolello  enjoy your dome and being stuck inside .. water can’t curve but yet lakes are allllllllll flat how’s the ocean curve?

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke29.01.2018 11:25:23

@nicodieling  why they can’t leave our orbit that’s nothing special !!!look up flat earth rockets and balloons that’s the real photos nasa cant allow the truth to come out they signed too many treaty’s and paperwork !!! You have to find people that fund the selves and make their own rules .. nasas 5,00000 page rule boom doesn’t allow the truth out !

Nico Dieling (@nicodieling)
nicodieling29.01.2018 11:29:45

@its420letssmoke  I didn't have anything to do with NASA I don't care what airline takes to space I just think that view when you look down on earth would be priceless

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke29.01.2018 11:35:44

@nicodieling  so look up ballon hits dome or flat earth rockets hits dome that’s the best videos you’ll get.. nasa uses fisheye lenses taht give fake curve .....

Michael Colello (@mccolello)
mccolello29.01.2018 14:33:19

@its420letssmoke  brah you so woke. No, really.

extremi❤ladrón_de_sonrisas☺ (@extremi6)
extremi629.01.2018 15:54:16


Matt Markus (@matt_markus_)
matt_markus_29.01.2018 21:40:06

Model 🛰 green screen and a computer generated earth 😂.... I do not believe NASA

Petrus Siregar (@petrus.gar53)
petrus.gar5331.01.2018 10:58:23


AZN-GRAPHICS (@azn_graphics_)
azn_graphics_31.01.2018 17:10:00

@nasa  LIES

AZN-GRAPHICS (@azn_graphics_)
azn_graphics_31.01.2018 17:10:25


AZN-GRAPHICS (@azn_graphics_)
azn_graphics_31.01.2018 17:10:39


AZN-GRAPHICS (@azn_graphics_)
azn_graphics_31.01.2018 17:10:57


AZN-GRAPHICS (@azn_graphics_)
azn_graphics_31.01.2018 17:11:23


🇺🇸Jackson Walters🇺🇸 (@w.jackson.w)
w.jackson.w31.01.2018 19:51:03

The earth is flat

Angie (@angelinangie93)
angelinangie9301.02.2018 07:28:56


madridy__0103.02.2018 07:36:04


Fox (@captionfox2018)
captionfox201803.02.2018 14:13:52

Oh my gosh looks so real awsome

Pokèmon (@poke_mon.cards)
poke_mon.cards03.02.2018 17:25:12

@george_j_stanko  or continents

Scott Billsborough (@scottybillsb)
scottybillsb04.02.2018 18:38:45

@its420letssmoke  why doesn't a pendulum swing in a straight line?

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke06.02.2018 16:07:43

@scottythelad  what’s that got to do with Anything & that’s a fixed object lol

Scott Billsborough (@scottybillsb)
scottybillsb06.02.2018 16:16:43

@its420letssmoke  well it proves we are rotating

Nico Dieling (@nicodieling)
nicodieling06.02.2018 16:17:51

@scottythelad  chill out guys. I just wanted to see some moons. Not cause an argument

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke07.02.2018 00:13:53

@scottythelad  so if airplanes fly the direction were rotating the flights are faster 😭?

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke07.02.2018 00:18:13

@13ikhwano_jr._  there’s not 1 video out there of Anything leaving orbit !

Scott Billsborough (@scottybillsb)
scottybillsb07.02.2018 01:57:28

@its420letssmoke  you laugh but your misunderstanding of Newton's First Law of Motion is the only thing comical here. Stay in school and stop using the brainwashing excuse to feed your lazyness and not educate yourself. Too much weed chief, it'll do that to ya 😉

Ahmad_ALJaberi (@al_wazier)
al_wazier07.02.2018 18:57:32

No no no it’s round🙄

619iamlucha💓🔥 (@13ikhwano_jr._)
13ikhwano_jr._07.02.2018 19:18:10


619iamlucha💓🔥 (@13ikhwano_jr._)
13ikhwano_jr._07.02.2018 19:23:09

So many keyboard warrior already paid to back up nasa here

619iamlucha💓🔥 (@13ikhwano_jr._)
13ikhwano_jr._07.02.2018 19:23:45

@13ikhwano_jr._  all are fake account

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_08.02.2018 02:13:03

@nasa  first off I don't seea my stars that's how I know it's green screened. And second I don't see no continent or land on those green screened photos. Why is that???

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_08.02.2018 02:13:36

I don't see any stars

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_08.02.2018 02:14:08

@angelinangie93  so Oooo Tru I agree with u

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_08.02.2018 02:14:27

@w.jackson.w  I agree the earth is flat

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_08.02.2018 02:16:25

@scottythelad  actually all that belief is all a myth. The earth is flat. Gravity does not pulls us down. Weight pulls us down.

Muhammmad Fatha Juliansyah (@fatha_687)
fatha_68708.02.2018 05:59:30


Julio Gutierrez (@gutierrez9588)
gutierrez958809.02.2018 14:44:09

Nasa los negocios haora estan en el 🌐espacio. Y decir la verdad que. 🌐existen en la tierra los extraterrestres. Van a comprar todo. 🌐lo. Que sea de los extraterrestre. 🌐y.los viajes y markrting en los. 🌐viajes a la luna y en marte 🌐los negocios de Billones de dolars🌐y euros y yen y todo tipo de monedas en latino america y en. 🌐todos los paises del mundo 🌐negocios del 2018 en adelante. 🌐👽👽👽👽y los cohetes tienene. 🌐que tener oro laminas de oro por. 🌐fuera para poder viajar a.los. 🌐universos y usar energia del espacio soy julio cesar🇦🇷tengo el don 2018 estamos hablando de Bill

Me. (@zxddy)
zxddy09.02.2018 16:15:25

Stanley Kubrick did a great job 😂

Mr. Sebastian Area (@area_sebastian_nasution)
area_sebastian_nasution11.02.2018 11:24:50

Fake... hoax. The earth is flat.

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_11.02.2018 18:55:15

@lvjoe22  actually according to my kind of science I was able to do 1 hour of research and I figured out that all the images are all photoshopped. I've been doing more research on videos and I realized that all NASA footage is all green screened. There has been a lot of deleted scenes that nobody knows about.

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_11.02.2018 19:09:32

@lvjoe22  of course my kind of science. I'm a flat earth believer dude. I'm not a Sphere earth believer that's why I call it my kind of science

(R)G Nels™ (@grantnelsonn)
grantnelsonn11.02.2018 19:38:09

@_yo_boi_pancho_  look at the second picture

(R)G Nels™ (@grantnelsonn)
grantnelsonn11.02.2018 19:39:26

@george_j_stanko  look at the second pic

YOUTUBE- møšť wăñťěđ ğãmêř28 (@youngkeevy_115)
youngkeevy_11512.02.2018 08:39:53

@area_sebastian_nasution  yup, that was took with a fish eye lens

Jeremy_Anaya ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) (@_yo_boi_pancho_)
_yo_boi_pancho_12.02.2018 22:31:42

@grantnelsonn  why it's just the fake moon

Annasrullah Areich (@muhammad_annasrullah)
muhammad_annasrullah13.02.2018 23:04:25

Your embarrassing urself, its really bad CGI, 😂

Sebastian Nilsson (@sebastian.nilsson98)
sebastian.nilsson9814.02.2018 07:03:27

@wally_fresh  🤦🏻‍♂️

Riley Creran (@riley_creran)
riley_creran16.02.2018 17:11:09

@area_sebastian_nasution  🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

mery_fard17.02.2018 13:00:39


javad (@javadkurd_nasa)
javadkurd_nasa17.02.2018 15:00:59

big like 👌👌👌👌👌

#⃣its420letssmoke💨 (@its420letssmoke)
its420letssmoke20.02.2018 02:09:29

@scottybillsb  No one on this earth knows what gravity is they made it up using words we created as humans!!! End of the day our government puts out cgi photos and not real photos because we can’t leave this earth as humans I don’t care about other objects being able to but humans can not survive the Van Allen belt hints why nasa spent so long making a ship to do so

Scott Billsborough (@scottybillsb)
scottybillsb20.02.2018 02:23:08

@its420letssmoke  whatever

@the_rose_diamond (@ariefwirakurniaone)
ariefwirakurniaone20.02.2018 04:30:23


@the_rose_diamond (@ariefwirakurniaone)
ariefwirakurniaone20.02.2018 04:31:14

Do you know how many money to launch rockets to space?

Nico Dieling (@nicodieling)
nicodieling20.02.2018 09:03:38

@scottybillsb  @its420letssmoke  lol i just said I wish i was up there my intention wasent to start an argument

hajar (@hajavr)
hajavr20.02.2018 09:47:33

والله العلي العظيم كل ماجيت بغير رايي عن اني اصير وائده فضاء برجع اشوف هالصوره واتخيل نفسي مكانها 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

hajar (@hajavr)
hajavr20.02.2018 09:47:44

يحظ الي مصور ذا

Jon Griffith (@jongrif42)
jongrif4221.02.2018 23:06:00

@_yo_boi_pancho_  you cannot see stars due to the exposure of the camera, if NASA and a spherical earth really was an enormous international conspiracy don't you think they'd just put some stars into the picture? Wouldn't be difficult. You cannot see any land because it is a picture of the ocean... the fact that you would use these 2 reasons to categorically state the picture is fake/green screened demonstrates a distinct lack of critical reasoning

lix_sugar (@felixhegi_a)
felixhegi_a22.02.2018 09:26:15

Flat earth

Jesus Christ Is Lord🙏🏻✝️ (@truthiswhatyouseek)
truthiswhatyouseek22.02.2018 16:14:50

Green screen

Michael D’Amato (@michaeldamato1)
michaeldamato123.02.2018 09:45:49

So fake

h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 18:56:13

@michaeldamato1  జ్ఞా

h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 18:56:54

@i.fw.the.vision  alot*

h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 18:57:06


h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 18:57:55

@_yo_boi_pancho_  జ్ఞా

h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 18:59:59

@tonygar1666  జ్ఞా

h (@i.fw.the.vision)
i.fw.the.vision24.02.2018 19:00:29

@justgettnit  జ్ఞా

sakinarizkyf24.02.2018 20:04:18

Perfect cgi ma bro!

Thea Tiffany (@kate_sanpascual)
kate_sanpascual25.02.2018 10:21:54

How Did They Pic That😆😆

Jovan Popovic (@marranojovan)
marranojovan25.02.2018 12:22:21


DaniLegend (@dani_intermediate_i_)
dani_intermediate_i_26.02.2018 05:02:19


Malak L͙O͙P͙E͙Z͙ 🌙 (@_justmelek)
_justmelek26.02.2018 17:32:40

The EARTH is so FLAT

Iman Bagas Putra 😎 (@iman96bp)
iman96bp27.02.2018 21:56:07

Waau backgrounds nice hahahaa

Krista (@kris.taaaa)
kris.taaaa01.03.2018 22:54:57


Sven Jany (@svenj12)
svenj1204.03.2018 15:01:13

Nice 👍

🍃💎بابک سالاریان💎🍃 (@babakslrin)
babakslrin06.03.2018 09:22:05

@_.nesi  همیشه خواستم از نزدیک ببینمش دست بزنم بهش

Shela (@dark.shela)
dark.shela06.03.2018 14:16:11


Student Of 7D (@7dolen.tok)
7dolen.tok07.03.2018 06:40:18

are the earth is flat?

Gabriela Hesketh Anchieta ✌ (@gabhesketh)
gabhesketh09.03.2018 10:33:42

The Earth is flat... no space or planets!

Jim Belushi (@j_belushi)
j_belushi12.03.2018 14:08:32

All Fake CGI

Jim Belushi (@j_belushi)
j_belushi12.03.2018 14:08:45

The Earth is Flat ! Research people

Yaraima Haliwa (@haliwayaraima)
haliwayaraima15.03.2018 00:17:52

That is the image than I could see perfect from my home🛰❤️🛰❤️🛰💯🛰💯🛰💯🛰💯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Black Wonder Woman (@i_make_you_wonder_woman)
i_make_you_wonder_woman15.03.2018 11:00:03

@nxhart  really just depends on which image they chose to generate via computer.... they weren’t feeling “landsy” that day.

Black Wonder Woman (@i_make_you_wonder_woman)
i_make_you_wonder_woman15.03.2018 11:02:38

@iamzldh  well since it’s all computer imaging.....

Black Wonder Woman (@i_make_you_wonder_woman)
i_make_you_wonder_woman15.03.2018 11:05:32


Lauren 🌸 (@lauren.schleich)
lauren.schleich15.03.2018 21:01:37

This comment section is concerning...

The Enlightened One (@rustillsleeping)
rustillsleeping15.03.2018 21:23:47

@captionfox2018  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

lancer_90915.03.2018 21:38:57

@lauren.schleich  NASA Liies Sweety

Lauren 🌸 (@lauren.schleich)
lauren.schleich15.03.2018 22:07:03

@lancer_909  What does NASA gain from “lying” about the Earth’s shape? What is this logic? Explain.

Utku Şahin (@utkusahin30)
utkusahin3016.03.2018 04:07:25

Dünya düz birader

🎀luana carla🎀 (@luanacarla67)
luanacarla6717.03.2018 00:02:27

@carlafernanda_2014  agora vendo de perto da pra imaginar melhor o tamanho 😍😍

Carla Fernanda (@carlafernanda_2014)
carlafernanda_201417.03.2018 12:01:19

@luanacarla67  🤔

JUSTIN TIME (@vivalawildwild__)
vivalawildwild__17.03.2018 17:25:49

An you show me a real picture of earth please ?

2000bk17.03.2018 21:40:56

@vivalawildwild__  🤪

Miah Noto (@miah.designer)
miah.designer20.03.2018 07:36:13

Why is it that you never show land all that water and not one but it land to he seen for miles and miles.

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