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“A moment of silence for papa Gram who isn’t here with us today.”
That was part
“A moment of silence for papa Gram who isn’t here with us today.” That was part of what Gram III, also known as G3, among other memories had gotten to know about his seemingly famous grandfather. “Remember when he caught us climbing trees and nearly shot us thinking we were intruders? OMG, or that time he scared the crap out of Robbie as a joke when he came to pick me up for prom hahaha!” And like clock work, these conversations would always end up on a sad note, everyone wishing he was still there. But even more unfortunate was the fact that G3 had never met him. All he knew was that Gram I (G1) had died in a fire saving lives. He had managed to survive the Great Depression, heck, he’d even survived the Cold and Vietnam Wars, only to be consumed by the evil flames during his time as a firefighter. G1 had left a legacy that would forever feel impossible to match. He was deeply loved and well known across the country after being honored by one of the presidents for his service and taking that chance on national television to crack one of his sarcastic jokes as he always did. Gram II (G2) on the other hand, had lived all his life in the shadows of his father, making him spiteful of him. Despite everything he did, it never seemed to be good enough according to G1. “Your generation is just a bunch of spoiled wusses. All you want to do is go to college and become accountants or whatnot instead of serving your country.” “Dad, you served so we could have the freedom to go to school and make this country a better place.” G2 could be heard trying to reason with him. “You’re a strong fit guy who belongs out there and not behind nerdy books. Go fight for your country boy!" G2 got eventually fed up and moved across the country to start a new life. As a result of their sour relationship, G2's kids never got to meet their grandfather till later when G3 grew up and went on an ancestry hunt in hopes to learn more about him. Gram the Third is currently in Butte County battling the notorious California wild fires as we speak, and will be missing yet another Thanksgiving get together. But even if he could, he would never change a single thing about it.#firefighters#california
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Tatiana is a brave, brilliant 12 year old girl who was born and raised in Croydo
Tatiana is a brave, brilliant 12 year old girl who was born and raised in Croydon, London. During her early years in primary school, it was made very clear that she wasn’t ‘wanted’ in most places except her neighborhood. She really hated leaving her house as all that meant was nothing short of judgement left and right. When she finally turned 10, something changed. She couldn’t really put a finger on it but it was there. She was tired of hiding behind closed doors and missing out on all the opportunities her peers were getting. After all, she would also need these very same co-curricula activities in her CV come Uni. So one day, she decided to talk to her drama club teacher on writing that year’s annual class play and to her surprise, he was extremely excited and supportive. She didn’t even know where to start cause in all honesty, she hadn't considered getting that far. “The media is currently flooded with stories on police brutality, wrongful convictions, unequal pay among other forms of racial discrimination in the US, while we here sit back with our feet crossed high and cigars in hand as if these very same issues aren’t happening right in our back yard. My mum, who works as a nurse, has battled institutional racism for as long as she can remember. But since there's nothing I can do about that, I decided to use this play to bring to light what most of us experience but don’t talk enough about. I have always been left out in all the pretty girl plays because I wasn’t the right kind of pretty. I was made to feel that I would never be a Snow White because my skin wasn’t as white as snow, or my hair not straight enough for the role of Rapunzel. So I created this inclusive opportunity, and was beyond honored when this went viral resulting to The West End reaching out to offer me today's feature at their theatre." #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#shortstories#photography#creatives#croydon#london#racism#discrimination#institutionalizedracism
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Little did he known he would be losing his virginity that night. Darrel had alwa
Little did he known he would be losing his virginity that night. Darrel had always been a shy kid since childhood but those who knew him well would describe him as more of a Dave Chappell with a heavy layer of Neal Brennan. In fact, he was a Neal Brennan with a hint of Chappell. His mum had noticed that he was different from a very young age, but it was the kind of different every parent would hope for. She remembers having quite the conversation with him when he was only 5, questioning every itty bitty thing he came across. “I honestly don’t get the point mum. Majority of the things they teach us are in fact 45% inaccurate anyway, yet we are fully capable of finding all these information online without sitting in a class full of noisy uninterested degenerates who lack a sense of direction in life. Plus the whole freaking system steals and destroy our creativity.” “I understand you’re frustrated but that doesn’t give you the right to judge others and call them names okay? And the school system is there to assist you to enhance what you already have hunie, so just buckle up and get through it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with no horse in the race come 20 years from now, and I love you with my all but I’m not planning to have you under my roof forever.” “So tell me a little about yourself Darrell.” “As much I’d love to partake in your little chit chat Ms. @sexylicousgalore, I’d prefer getting to the part where you you know...” he says while gesturing his genitals. “Actually...I don’t know what you want. Why don’t you show me how or what you’d like me to do to you daddy.” “Jesus, I paid 700 for this shit..can you just...” “Jeez Luis...calm down, I was just trying to set the mood and get you going. And my business name is actually Vashti. I know it’s your first time doing this but you need to relax and let me do my work if you want to get your money’s worth. Now, I want you to close your eyes and breath in deep. I want you to imagine this. We’ve been working together for the past 3 months and we’re working late on a project. On you way to grab a cuppa, you catch me touching myself.” #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#photography#shortstories#creatives#sexandlove
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Prayers up to all the affected parts of the world dealing with floods and hurric
Prayers up to all the affected parts of the world dealing with floods and hurricanes. It’s really sad that even with these extremely devastating conditions, our so-called leaders still choose to prioritize profits over saving our planet #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#savetheworld#climatechange#floods #
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"Hi Michelle, it's Joan again. I've been trying to reach you and your brother fo
"Hi Michelle, it's Joan again. I've been trying to reach you and your brother for the past 2 weeks. Your mother is getting worse and she would like you to come visit. I've taken her in to get checked 3 times in the past week and the doctor mentioned that if we go back again she'll probably be admitted. She's also been out of money for food and bills and it's costing me out of pocket. Please call me back as soon as you can. Thanks." Joan is a retired nurse who's dedicated her life to being a caregiver. Her father fought in the Vietnam war and she grew up hearing a lot of stories from him. He met her mother, who technically saved his life, while he was out there. Her mother's family were renown natural healers who had practiced Y học Cổ truyền Việt Nam (Traditional Vietnamese Medicine) for decades. Her father asked her for her hand in marriage after the war but she declined thrice as she didn't want to move away from her family. 3 years and 70 letters later, Jacob requested a transfer back to Vietnam and got the approval. Long story short, they got married, had 2 kids and moved to the Sugar Land, TX. Now back to Joan. Having been raised in a western modern country, her views on Holistic medicine were layered with all sorts of skepticism but somewhere deep down, she still believed in it. For more realistic and income-stability purposes, she chose to stick with just regular modern-day medicine. She later retired and started her own in-home care giving agency that prospered over time. However, what makes her stand out is that as much as she is the owner of the business, she still personally provides care to her clients and will even at times do 12 to 24 hour shifts when she gets the chance. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#photography#creatives#shortstories#holistichealth#caregiver#vietnam#sugarland
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*****continuation of story from 28th Sept***** pre-conviction:
Martin had just f
*****continuation of story from 28th Sept***** pre-conviction: Martin had just finished loading his truck and was ready to get on the road. He grabbed the lunch bag that his wife had packed him, picked up the hiphop cassette mixtape his friend had made him and got on the road. He really hated driving in the rain but he had just learnt that his wife was pregnant and they needed some extra cash before the baby got here. 17 hours in, he decided to stop at a gas station to buy a couple of energy drinks and take a break as well before hitting the road again. He grabbed a flashlight from under his seat to check the time on the old dim radio clock and it was 2.20am. He decided to take a power nap for the next hour then proceed. "Oh shit!" He suddenly woke up freaking out and realized he had overslept. It was now 4.30am and he was 2 hours behind schedule. He chugged a monster drink and proceeded en route. 10 miles in on the highway, he heard a loud skid in front of him followed by a big bang, then dead silence. He debated on pulling over as he was already running so late but his conscience wouldn't allow him to move on. So he did just that and jumped out of the truck to investigate. It was still pouring and pitch black, making it almost impossible to see but he noticed a huge dent on the front of his truck. “Oh Lord! Hello? Heelloooo? Anyone there?” He yelled out as he walked into the trees nearby trying to find the car. And that was when someone hit him from the back and he passed out...#mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#photography#shortstories#creative#prisonreform#banthebox
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It’s pouring hard and people can be seen running for shelter as the rain came to
It’s pouring hard and people can be seen running for shelter as the rain came too unexpectedly. Cars can be seen slowing down for safety purposes and street traders rushing to put their products away as fast as they can. “Come on Mina, hurry! We need to get the clothes off the lines before they get wet.” Mina rushes outside to assist her mother and in about 5-10 minutes, they’re done. She steps back outside and looks around. It’s beautiful! The leaves and branches getting cleansed almost, one droplet at a time. The rich, earthy smell of the soil. The sounds of the rain as it hits the tin roof. The wind as it soughs, swaying the trees left and right, as if they’re dancing to the tune of its music. Mina slowly walks right into the rain and time freezes for a moment. She can finally feel it fall onto her skin, like a soft yet resolute touch of a lover. She starts swirling around, one beat at a time. A lightning strikes across the sky and a powerful thunder follows. “Mina! Mina! Get back in here before you end up sick! Mina!” Her mother tries to call for her but she’s so lost in the moment. “MINA!” “Yes mum! I heard you! It’s just so beautiful. How are you not seeing it? We haven’t had rain in such a long time and the moment we do, you all ran indoors instead of enjoying and being grateful that your prayers have finally been answered? Please join me Mum! Have you even ever danced in the rain?” #mybottletopproject#climatechange#climatechangeisreal#photography#savetheplanet#shortstories#creatives#drought#djibouti
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*****continuation of the story from Oct 3rd*****
“Okay Maor, could you please te
*****continuation of the story from Oct 3rd***** “Okay Maor, could you please tell Carol how that made you feel?” “It’s not even about how I feel. I simply just don’t understand how she doesn’t see how it was wrong. Every time I’ve brought it up, you keep saying I’m overreacting. Let’s turn the tables for a bit here. Pretend you had to travel for work as much as I did and I had to stay home with our son, then you one day you came and found me having dinner with another woman, who I never thought to even mention.” “But it wasn’t even like that! He’s my boss for Christ sake!” “SOOO?” “It was more like a work dinner!!” “See, this is what I’m talking about! She doesn’t see it!” “I can’t deal with this. I’ll see you at home!” “Don’t bother waiting up!” “I wasn’t planning to.” “FUUUCCCK!” Maor yells as he throws a coffee mug towards the wall and begins breaking down. “It okay, calm down!!! I don’t know how this feels but I can see that it’s really affected you. I’ve dealt with so many similar situations and trust me this part is normally the hardest and the toughest. But it gets better from here. Hard to believe but it truly does. I just need you guys to simply cooperate with me and let me in, otherwise I won’t be able to help you. This particular situation is salvageable and you have to remember that a child is involved too.” “I’m so sorry. This is so embarrassing, I’ll clean that...” “Don’t worry about it, I’ll have one of the staff take care of it. Just go home, get some rest and try not to talk about it till our next session, okay? I really don’t want your child to be exposed to the potential argument that may occur. I’ll email Carol the same thing. See you next week same time.” #mybottletopproject#photography#savetheplanet#shortstories#telaviv#london#therapy#couplestherapy#creatives#happysunday
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“You’re safe now Ummi. We will provide you the basic necessities for the next 2
“You’re safe now Ummi. We will provide you the basic necessities for the next 2 weeks until we can find a permanent solution for you.” “What if they find me again?” “Well, you made a better decision coming here rather that going to a friend’s place. We have great security guards who only allow specific people into the facilities. Please follow me and I’ll show you to your room.” Ummi just turned 14 and is ‘ready to become a woman’ according to her dad and stepmother. Her biological mother passed away undergoing the same procedure that she is running from, yet her father still insists that she must faces the knife. She remembers asking him what happened and this is what he had to say, “Your mother was a very beautiful woman who had one smart mouth just like you. She didn’t want to honor our traditions and the day I found out, I tried to make it right so we wouldn’t be cursed forever. But it was too late and the gods punished her. That’s why it’s important for you to do it at the right time when you become of age okay?” “Okay dad.” She was only 7 at that point. But with time and a lot of research, she learnt more about FGM (female genital mutilation) discovering the outrageous consequences that could even be fatal in a case such as her mum’s. That was her moment of realization. She had lived almost half her life blaming her mum for causing her own death, yet she’d most likely died fighting for her life. That’s why she had to run, run a far as she possibly could to save her own life and honor her mother’s. She lived in the streets for about three weeks and stumbled upon a pamphlet by an organization that helps girls like herself. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#endfgm#shortstories#creatives#photography
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Margo is one quiet person on the outside; not by choice, but by circumstance. Sh
Margo is one quiet person on the outside; not by choice, but by circumstance. She was born and raised in a loving family and is the only child. She had a normal childhood up until she joined kindergarten. The other kids would mimic her and laugh but she was too confident to care. A year into the school system, her parents started noticing a difference. She was unusually quiet and shy. The Margo they knew and had raised was a chatterbox who would go on for days but something had changed. They tried talking to her about it but she didn’t say much. “Mrs. Peterson, there has been an emergency. Please meet us at the urgent care by 5th Avenue and call me as soon as you get here. I’ve got to go now, bye.” That was the voicemail Margo’s Mum found after her work meeting as she had left her phone in her office. She dashed to the hospital only to find out that one of the boys had bashed her daughter’s head with a rock, causing her to need stitches. “Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry. Please talk to us. Tell us what happened.” “Th..theeey kk..keep making fan ooff..f how I talk. And Liiiaaam pussshhhhed me today and hh..hit me with a rock.” After long conversations with the teachers and school lawyers over time, they came to a settlement not to take it to court. That allowed her dad to be a stay at home parent and homeschool Margo until they could find a school that accommodates students with needs like hers. She later did speech therapy over many years but the bullying scarred her for life, making her self conscious for the rest of her life. #mybottletopproject#savetheocean#environment#stutterawareness#speechtherapy#stopbullying#bekind#shortstories#creatives
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I’m so sorry for my inconsistency in the past 2 weeks. I had a schedule change t
I’m so sorry for my inconsistency in the past 2 weeks. I had a schedule change that’s making it pretty hard to write my short stories in the morning but I’ll do some revision on my time management and make it happen. Thanks so much for the all the positive feedback and support. Didn’t realize how much similarities we as humans have. Kindly accept this cat meme in the meanwhile as a peace offering 😂
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Mbugua can be seen rehearsing in front of the mirror as he paces back and forth.
Mbugua can be seen rehearsing in front of the mirror as he paces back and forth. He’s really nervous but excited for tomorrow. He has never presented anything in front of that many people. If you came across him on a regular day you would barely notice him but he’s one of the fastest most risen entrepreneur in Nairobi, Kenya. He was born and raised in Kariobangi estate which is an upper lower class area, which meant he was able to attend a decent local primary school, but had a humble life at home. His mum was a very hardworking smart woman who did all she could to provide for him but his dad however, was something else. An average guy stuck in his traditional ways and beliefs. He was very abusive and selfish. Mbugua grew up seeing this and his mission in life was to ensure his mum as the best life she could when he was old enough to provide that. Later when he graduated high school, he got a good grade that secured him a spot in one of the best universities in East Africa. He later on went to pursue his bachelors in forensic science and 4 years later graduated with a second class honors. He began looking for work immediately but no one would hire him without experience. He didn’t really have any skills as they weren’t able to afford extra curriculum activities and his options were very limited. One slow weekend, he decided to cook some chapati (a popular Kenyan flat bread) and beans. That’s when it hit him. He’d previously gotten so many compliments on his cooking and thought he might as well capitalize on it. So the following week he went and got the necessary licenses and started selling chapatis in the streets. His business was a bit slow at first but he thought of moving it outside of his former university and that was the key. The market was perfect. In a year, he was able to make a little under half a million Kenyan shillings and took his mother’s advice to invest in land. Tomorrow marks 5 years since he began and Mbugua is now a self-made millionaire. He was nominated for the TED talk, KE and he got the opportunity to do a presentation on his story. #mybottletopchallenge#savetheplanet#savetheenvironment#nairobi#entrepreneur#kenya#photography
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“Come on Cassie, say good morning to Mr. Jasiel. C’mon Cassie...sorry, she’s a b
“Come on Cassie, say good morning to Mr. Jasiel. C’mon Cassie...sorry, she’s a bit grumpy today coz I refused to let her have ice cream for breakfast.“ "Hey Cassie, up top, down low, show me you really know the dance flow!" Jasiel sings as he attempts what is supposed to be a cool dance. Cassie is heard chuckling and a wide smile spreads across her face. Jasiel migrated to the US back in 2013 to escape the political unrest that was happening in his home country, Nicaragua. He remembers his first week after moving. Everything seemed to fascinate him. The automated doors, elevators everywhere, huge supermarkets and more, but the one thing that caught his eye the most was the crossing guards. He used to walk 3 of his neighbors dogs for a small fee and each school morning, he’d come across 2 guards on his way and watch them guide the kids safely across the roads. It just looked right, in fact, it felt right! So one day during his walk, he approached one of the guards to inquire about the job and requirements of which the guard gladly offered. He followed up on it and later got the position. He is now 47 years old and works as a crossing guard for a living. He’s done this for the past 4 years and couldn’t change a single thing about it. During his time working, he has met and made lovely friends and even attended a couple of the kids' birthdays. Today, he got some interesting news from one of his younger little buddies Jason, who wants to go as a crossing guard for Halloween this year. That made him really happy as he felt appreciated and that his work is being recognized. #mybottletopproject#Nicaragua#prayforpeace#savetheplanet#savetheworld#photography#crossingguard#halloween
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Janet is at the service carrier store requesting a change in her phone number. I
Janet is at the service carrier store requesting a change in her phone number. It’s been 10 months now and she can no longer bear the harassing calls which are happening daily at this point. She’s been tirelessly looking for a job with no luck whatsoever, and is at the verge of giving up. As if not bad enough, she got an eviction notice 2 days ago stating that she has to be out by the end of the month, which is 2 weeks from now. She’s also had to park her car elsewhere as the bank has been trying to repossess her car due to missed payments. It is safe to say that she’s hit rock bottom. “Why don’t you just get a fast food gig or something till you find what you’re looking for? At least it’ll help you pay the bills?” “You just don’t get it.” “Well then, I’m sorry for you but I can’t try helping someone who isn’t even trying to help themselves. It is what it is.” That pretty much sums up most if not all the conversations she’s had with her family and friends. Had she known that this is where she’d be at this point in her life, she would have made better decisions earlier on in her youth. See when she was only 18 excited and ready to join college, she went to her local bank and signed up for a student loan program to help her pay her way through college. Further along the way, she ran out and applied elsewhere for more and kept going. 4 years later she graduated with a degree In Archeology and got an internship with the promise to secure a full time position in the long run. A year later, they hired her part-time and the pay was decent enough to prompt her to buy a car. Everything was looking good until the company went bankrupt and decided to shut down. She can’t seem to find anything else in her field and is slowly losing hope. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#shortstories#photography
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“Ms. Georgina Natukunda, do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the tru
“Ms. Georgina Natukunda, do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?” “I do.” Today is a really big day for Georgina. She hasn’t been able to sleep for the last couple of days trying to finalize her statement. It has to be perfect as she’s determined to get justice for the deserved. She has always felt not a part of her family for quite a long time now. Born 28 years ago, she lived the high life most would trade for in a heartbeat. The beautiful mansions, multiple cars, expensive private schools and all 10 miles of it. Her earliest memory is of her and her mother being chauffeured around downtown Kampala, as they went shopping for the benefit dinner they were hosting later that week. She remembers 2 street children walking up to the car window and knocking on it saying, “Owange! Nnyamba! Enjala ennuma!” “Don’t look at them Georgina! They will corrupt you!” “But they need help mum. They’re hungry!” “It is not your job to help everyone you meet. Their parents should have worked as hard as your father and I did.” That emotionally scarred her for life, explaining why she’s where she is today. The guilt has eaten her up one portion at a time over the years, leaving her feeling unworthy and undeserving of her lavish lifestyle. She later majored in International Relations in hopes of joining non-profit organizations such as the UN to become a human rights activists. While doing her thesis during her final year, she researched corruption in the country and ended up opening a can of worms in the process. Her father was being investigated on tax evasion and fraud. After an intense 6 months of further research and investigation, she met up with the prosecution team and agreed to testify against him, using details they would never have found out on. She knew she was throwing all her chips in but it would all be worth it in the long run. Maybe this will relief her of the misery she’s had to carry around all her life. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#savetheworld#shortstories#creatives#photography#corruption#kampala#uganda
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It’s a lovely sunny day in Minneapolis, MN and the kids at the park can be seen
It’s a lovely sunny day in Minneapolis, MN and the kids at the park can be seen playing and laughing out loud. Almost all the mums are hanging out catching up on the latest trends and grapevine. Oliver, on the other hand, can be seen lost in his book but occasionally looking up at the kids. Once in a while he’ll notice the women looking at him and it’s definitely not in a good way. He’s really trying to make this work but he doesn’t know how long he can persevere this. He decides to ignore them and continues reading his book. About 20 mins later, 2 police officers approach him and one has his hand on his gun. “Can I help you officers?” “We received a call on a suspicious male in the park and we’re here to make sure everything is okay. Could I please have your identification card?” “Why? I haven’t done anything wrong.” “Sir, if you could please just provide the ID and answer a couple of questions, we will be out of your hair.” Oliver hands over his ID card. “What brings you here Mr. Lewinsky?” “Well, I was bo...” “Hey daddy, are you friends with the polices..can I touch your gu..” “NOO!! Come here Minnie!” Oliver shouts as he instinctively pulls her towards him. “Well officers, I would like to have my license back so I can take my daughter home now if you don’t mind.” “Sure! Sorry for the misunderstanding.” “Byeee Mr. polices.” Minnie says as she vigorously waves her hand. Oliver is a stay-at-home dad to a 5 year old who like many others struggles with feeling left out of the circle when it comes to outdoor activities with other stay at home parents. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#shortstories#stayathomedad#parenting#positivethinking#creatives#photography#minneapolis#minnesota
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“If only you could stop being defensive for one second and put yourself in my sh
“If only you could stop being defensive for one second and put yourself in my shoes Rina. What would you do if you were me?” “All he asked for was to get lunch with him. Jesus, why is this such a big deal? This is my dream job honey and I don’t see why you’re exaggerating the situation, especially coming from the unemployed one between us!” “CUUUTTTT! Good job everybody! Let’s take 5.” Maor here is a 40 year old actor originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. He’s been living in London for the past 30 years after relocating due to the wars that killed his whole family. About a month ago, he got to go back home from the shoot which was in Cuba. He decided to surprise his wife this time and plan out a romantic evening for them. He arrived at the airport around 7pm, went to the store to grab some flowers and headed to their favorite restaurant to pick up some dinner. As he was sitting in the waiting area catching up on his emails, he heard a familiar laugh. He looked around and didn’t see anyone he knew so he went back to working. About 5 mins later, he heard the laughter again and this time he was sure he recognized it. “Excuse me, sorry, could I please use your restroom?” “Definitely, just head over all the way to the back and it’ll be on your right.” He wore his hat lower and proceeded to screen the room as he walked towards the back. There she was, dining with another man. “Hi, I’d like to borrow her for a minute and she’s all yours after.” “Maor? What are you doing here?” “I’m sorry, am I the one sitting across another man?” “Excuse me, who are you?” Maor is livid at this point and takes his hat off. “Mr. Maor? THEEE MAOR from Westward divide? Goodness Carol, you didn’t think to mention that you know one of the greatest actors alive? It’s such an honor...” “Oh cut the crap you bastard. Is that all you’re good for? Preying on married women?” “Jesus! Calm down Maor! He’s my new boss and we were just getting to know each other over a meal.” This has got to be the worst crossover if you may call it. #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#savetheworld#shortstories#creative#telaviv#israel
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Meet Jackline. She’s 36 and lives in Ontario. It’s a Thursday night and she’s wa
Meet Jackline. She’s 36 and lives in Ontario. It’s a Thursday night and she’s walking down the streets of downtown heading for a blind date. It took 3 hours and 4 girlfriends to pick out the reserved lavender blouse with little yellow flowers and a black knee-high skirt that she’s wearing. “I don’t think I’m ready for this...why did I agree to do this? Argh, Stella is too good at this but oh well, I already came this goes nothing.” She concludes, takes a deep breathe and walks in. The waitress shows her to her table. “Hi, I’m Alazar, here..let me get the seat for you.” “Hi, Jacky, nice to meet you..thanks.” Everything seems to be going well, like really well, and Jacky thinks it too good to be true. Suddenly, the flash backs begin to occur. She could have sworn her therapist said they’d be gone by now but clearly not. “My ex was a serial killer.” She blurts. “I’m sorry!” She says as she reaches for her bag and dashes out. “What? Wait..Slow down. Can we please at least try to talk about it.” Alazar is seen chasing after her. At this point she’s balling her eyes out and in the verge of a panic attack. Alazar guides her through a couple of breathing exercises and after 10 mins, Jacky successfully calms down. “I’m really sorry but I thought I could do this. How do you..where did you learn that?” She gestures referring to the breathing exercise. “I’m a psychologist actually. Dr. Miyoko is my partner and you’ve intrigued me from the very first day I saw you. I didn’t approach you then cause I didn’t want to create a conflict of interest but your friend Stella must have noticed my interest as she helped me set up this date with you.” #mybottletopproject#savetheplanet#savetheworld#shortstories#trauma#creative
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