#followmeto the Chongqing tea house. Traditions are really important in China. Here in this tea house people gather to play the ancient Chinese board - MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)
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Darcy & Paige ૐ (@dptravelvibes)
dptravelvibes01.11.2018 19:48:49

Love this photo 💛

G U N A (@missguna)
missguna01.11.2018 18:58:44

Love ♥️♥️♥️

Ralph Rieckermann (@ralphrieckermann)
ralphrieckermann01.11.2018 18:43:42


Carmen Huter (@carmenhuter)
carmenhuter01.11.2018 18:06:27

Love 😍

HAlemdar (@noesurf)
noesurf01.11.2018 17:58:08

At the beginning of the game, the board is empty.
One player takes the black stones, the other player the white ones.

The player with the black stones, referred to as `Black', makes the first move. The player with the white stones, referred to as `White', makes the second move. Thereafter, they alternate making their moves. A move is made by placing a stone on an interesection.
A player can play on any unoccupied intersection he wants to.

A stone does not move after being played, unless it is captured and taken off the board.

Lifestyle & Travel (@churilina)
churilina01.11.2018 17:10:02

такая атмосферная эта ваша серия😍😍😍

❤❤❤ (@grafiny)
grafiny01.11.2018 17:01:25

Не вероятная пара. @muradosmann  @natalyosmann  🌷 Сумасшедшая красота 😍 и атмосфера на странице.

Руслан Нигматуллин (@ruslan_nigmatullin)
ruslan_nigmatullin01.11.2018 16:50:33

🤠 👌

dorpell01.11.2018 16:50:06

Full of lights

Naïme Vally 🇮🇳🇫🇷 (@skude)
skude01.11.2018 16:46:29


Alex - that girl with the cars (@supercarblondie)
supercarblondie01.11.2018 16:37:57

Beautiful shot Murad ❤️

ʝµɳε σƒ ɱαყ ✨ (@junerichelle)
junerichelle01.11.2018 16:36:55

Lovin’ the vibes 😎

FerOnBoard (@feronboard)
feronboard01.11.2018 16:36:54

Beautiful composition! 🔥

MicheleMagliano💎 (@mr.magliano)
mr.magliano01.11.2018 16:36:14


Veysel  Öztürk (@vysloztrkphoto)
vysloztrkphoto01.11.2018 16:36:04

Perfect 👍 👍

Travel Girl♥️Geraldine (@geraldinesgram)
geraldinesgram01.11.2018 16:35:53

Beautiful ❤

Nataly Osmann (@natalyosmann)
natalyosmann01.11.2018 16:37:50

😍😍😍😍love it

Amra Beganovich (@clubfashionista)
clubfashionista03.11.2018 20:06:49

Like a movie setting! Adore ❤️❤️❤️

Fikri Samodro Putro (@fikriputro)
fikriputro02.11.2018 07:12:04

@andinidk26  lama ngga foto begini❤️

Karan Sharma Vashishtha (@lordgryffindore)
lordgryffindore02.11.2018 10:20:15

Look at his photos @himanshibodwal 

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