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darcneess2804.06.2019 21:28:07

What the hell happened to them 🤔 they are so damn weird now

Sabrina Riedl (@saboo_zuzu)
saboo_zuzu04.06.2019 21:47:18

They are way too weird now...

Miss_Lindsey (@lindsey0110)
lindsey011005.06.2019 00:45:48

Its insane how bad they’re into themselves and fame smh. Never liked them

💖💕👑Jasmine Michelle 👑 💕💖 (@realjazpooh)
realjazpooh05.06.2019 01:35:12

Why am I happy for them tho? 😂🤣😭

momieslittlemonster (@momieslittlemonster)
momieslittlemonster05.06.2019 01:28:26

They love their crystals

Summer Bell (@summer_bell92)
summer_bell9206.06.2019 03:20:44

When you have been pagan for 14 years and now it's becoming a trend

Alex Tonelli (@iamtonelli)
iamtonelli05.06.2019 11:14:28

So cute 💕

Femke (@_ekmef)
_ekmef05.06.2019 10:06:40


Saraah🇰🇼🇰🇼 (@sara.aleanzi44)
sara.aleanzi4410.06.2019 12:32:54

نتمني دعمك ,, ما شاء الله حسابك مميز

SFBEX (@sfbex)
sfbex07.06.2019 20:04:17

Omg I can't wait. I love their podcast btw.

Produk kesehatan Nasa (@langit_asmara_)
langit_asmara_07.06.2019 08:23:37


Laughing Jax 🤪😭 (@love_laughing_funny)
love_laughing_funny06.06.2019 19:40:21

Go follow our page for more laughs

lina 🌴 لينة (@xlinahmz)
xlinahmz06.06.2019 17:37:24

I don't know who they are but they seem very narcissistic

ApexWeekend (@apexweekend)
apexweekend06.06.2019 13:39:27


Keisha Napolitano (@keishanapolitano)
keishanapolitano06.06.2019 07:06:17

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍⚖️☺️so dazzling, how could here be these kinds of a beautiful stuff! I also want to have this.

سامي الكبريتي (@smylkbryty)
smylkbryty06.06.2019 05:40:40


سامي الكبريتي (@smylkbryty)
smylkbryty06.06.2019 05:40:37


سامي الكبريتي (@smylkbryty)
smylkbryty06.06.2019 05:40:34


سامي الكبريتي (@smylkbryty)
smylkbryty06.06.2019 05:40:32


سامي الكبريتي (@smylkbryty)
smylkbryty06.06.2019 05:40:30


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