Chocolate gains, going for moooooore!! Coming from a BMI of almost 30 after years of diet and exercise, long journey but worth it! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช #chocolate#abs#t... - Sim (@mr._brapbrap)
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Ana Guerrero Lopez (@anaaguerrerol)
anaaguerrerol14.12.2017 02:06:55


Jordi Wu (@jordi_wu)
jordi_wu14.12.2017 09:05:33

I see you learnt to use Photoshop bro! Haha

Sim (@mr._brapbrap)
mr._brapbrap14.12.2017 09:12:49

@jordi_wu  haha, still learning - need to know how to draw the middle line and the Vs! Hahaha

Jordi Wu (@jordi_wu)
jordi_wu14.12.2017 09:41:24

@mr._brapbrap  hahaha grande