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robert meza (@alamocustoms)
alamocustoms12.01.2019 18:31:35

Thanks @minitruckin_takeover  👊🏼👍🏽👌🏽

James Hanninen (@rider909909)
rider90990912.01.2019 18:59:48

Bad ass paint job

Jason Born (@jason.x.born)
jason.x.born12.01.2019 18:35:13

Love the color

671’z™️ (@_backyardinnovations_)
_backyardinnovations_13.01.2019 03:09:37

Badass build 💯💪🏾

Frank (@19f9m6)
19f9m613.01.2019 00:22:12

Dam.. that’s hard 💯👊🏾👊🏾

Chum D (@chumstatus)
chumstatus12.01.2019 21:38:30

I love that red. Looks amazing.

RACK SLABBATH BBQ (@rack_slabbath_bbq)
rack_slabbath_bbq12.01.2019 20:51:32

That color 😻

Michael Vite (@thermalsolutions)
thermalsolutions12.01.2019 18:56:05

Super nice truck

Richard Moreno (@lowmini97)
lowmini9712.01.2019 17:51:08


Edmundo Perez (@edmundo6158)
edmundo615812.01.2019 18:07:15


Sam Burrell,Jr (@samburrelljr)
samburrelljr12.01.2019 20:18:06

Yeah,that's a sweet ass dime.What's,that a 94' 95'ish give or take?

Jason (@cxldaddy)
cxldaddy12.01.2019 17:59:31

@dragnsi  check out his grill 👍🏼

Marty McCord (@lsxtreme01)
lsxtreme0113.01.2019 14:45:38

@dj_progloss  😍🔥

Taylor Spencer (@smackaroniandcheese)
smackaroniandcheese13.01.2019 14:43:19


jeremy griffith (@jeremygriffith47)
jeremygriffith4712.01.2019 20:56:40

I see where the money went for the white car insurance claim money

Gee lopez (@og.smileyspv)
og.smileyspv12.01.2019 19:22:45

what size of tires do u have on ur rims?

Jesse Ray Manalo (@chugustar03)
chugustar0313.01.2019 22:53:16

That some nice ass paint

Aaron Alford (@anything_goes1990)
anything_goes199013.01.2019 17:43:02

That Candy paint.... #onpoint  beautiful truck

Herdian Setioaji Pramono (@herdian_setioaji)
herdian_setioaji12.01.2019 18:12:54

@iwanakasia_  .. warna apa ini ya?

Sam Burrell,Jr (@samburrelljr)
samburrelljr13.01.2019 16:52:39

@dragnsi  Yep,😂 their are headlight's.With,the signal's built in.I,haven't seen em' for the dimes though😭.!!!

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