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Video Music Awards (@vmas)
vmas09.07.2019 15:57:34


m7 (@mileykarma)
mileykarma09.07.2019 15:14:19

did she lie?

Jorge Luis (@jorgeluiswest)
jorgeluiswest09.07.2019 15:16:05


Connor McK$wag (@mcnoche_)
mcnoche_09.07.2019 16:24:50

Idk about this one, chief. I’ll let you take mine though

Fabrizio Hidalgo (@fabrizio.hi)
fabrizio.hi09.07.2019 16:14:42

ah ok

Fame O’hara (@f.ameohara)
f.ameohara16.07.2019 23:55:13

So women aren’t allowed to value their virginity today ! Wow your such a good role model....NOT

Rosemary Cassidy (@rose_mary_d)
rose_mary_d17.07.2019 00:03:39

Help us Miley you’re all we’ve got. Don’t let them take away our rights. Your voice is heard ❤️

Siona (@siona_b)
siona_b14.07.2019 23:00:05

Hello beautiful people! I am conducting a thorough research about Miley Cyrus’s loyal fans and what drove them into becoming a fan for my university dissertation, as it is a really passionate subject for me. 
Therefore, if you have 1 minute to answer 3 questions I will be forever grateful and promise to post the dissertation and my findings in here so you can have a look. 
Lots of love xx

فروتن 💌 (@zibavi)
zibavi09.07.2019 22:44:29

What this post is saying is: Virginity or no virginity, it's up to the person's personal choice to determine if it's important or not important. What we SHOULDN'T do is BELITTLE people for having their virginity, losing their virginity, or simply choosing to not believe in virginity... There was the idea set out to belittle women for their value based on virginity which indeed makes it a social construct. So, keep your beliefs to yourself for your own benefit. If it does not benefit others, keep it to yourself. It's wrong to shove your beliefs on others.

johanna bricks (@hanicks27)
hanicks2717.07.2019 22:21:54

I love how 90% of people here misinterpreted this post. Miley posted for a reason

Bet (@edit_this_life)
edit_this_life16.07.2019 02:59:43

I hope you get exorcised soon

hyde (@hydie_lib)
hydie_lib09.07.2019 15:49:17

Young people you'll regret listening to Miley circus on this one. Just be who you want to be and do what you want but know that your virginity is important and precious just don't throw it away at the first chance you get cause you might regret doing so for the rest of your life. Trust an older person... Be patient and Chose carefully the first person worthy enough for you to allow inside your body.

Jennifer Maria (@jeneferena)
jeneferena09.07.2019 18:15:23

Wow the comment section here is 😂 people are NOT understanding what this means at all!!!!!

Jaira Sta Maria (@ranstamaria)
ranstamaria09.07.2019 15:10:10

And not a treasure hunt.

Aesthetic (@_thelillyeffect)
_thelillyeffect15.07.2019 17:41:27


Sarah Brightly (@foxesforlife)
foxesforlife16.07.2019 14:54:12

Virgin til marriage and I don’t hate my life...

Kayleigh ⚔️official (@kayleigh_swenson)
kayleigh_swenson09.07.2019 20:43:26


ssj broly (@suppr3sed_light._.yin._.yang)
suppr3sed_light._.yin._.yang14.07.2019 22:51:45


Michael (@michaeldenora)
michaeldenora11.07.2019 23:50:19

Mk ultra puppet. This is logically and biologically invalid.

🧿MîDØ🇺🇸 (@midoart88_)
midoart88_16.07.2019 01:12:42


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