I’ve had a few days to think about posting about this-I’ve decided to share a few thoughts-On Sunday driving down the Mountian a flatbed Tow truck tha - Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla (@mikeescamilla)
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Claudia Reyes-Hilton (@corinarey)
corinarey17.01.2019 13:44:01

What a blessing you all were to those people. You are awesome 🖤

Christian Santelices (@cesantelices)
cesantelices13.01.2019 17:36:47

💪🏽Strong work @mikeescamilla  ! 🙏🏽

Medicine in Motion (@medicineinmotion)
medicineinmotion13.01.2019 16:53:07

Well done @mikeescamilla  . People helping people. 🙏

Danielle Tatum (@loveearthsbeauty)
loveearthsbeauty12.01.2019 21:43:10

Thank you for being you💜

Ed La Valla (@drunkel_eddie)
drunkel_eddie12.01.2019 20:20:08

Why is that guys fly down and why does it bother me so

Shawn Lingo (@swlingo)
swlingo12.01.2019 19:52:59

From being a stranger in danger to helping strangers in danger! We need more people like you in this world!

Zonia_B (@zonia_b)
zonia_b12.01.2019 19:00:36

Thank God for you and all people that helped to rescue all of them. 🙏🙏

___.erick12.01.2019 18:33:29

Yo da man @mikeescamilla 

Donna (@forbidden4you)
forbidden4you12.01.2019 18:29:25

I knew it!! Not all heroes wear capes!! ERES MUY GRANDE Mike 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ed Ball (@the_pushup_kid)
the_pushup_kid12.01.2019 18:12:28


hoost11 (@hoost11)
hoost1112.01.2019 18:04:01

Awesome story. Thank you for sharing and for helping others in need on the fly. Inspiring!

Rob Chamberlain (@rob_chamberlain94)
rob_chamberlain9412.01.2019 17:36:04

Hero’s don’t wear capes! Amazing to hear brother 🙏🏻

💚 Clare Grant 💚 (@claregrant)
claregrant12.01.2019 16:55:08


Skip Taylor (@mdtsports)
mdtsports12.01.2019 16:49:28

What a hero Mike! You just motivates me to stick a emerge kit in my rig!! Well done and massive karma points!!

Camilla Sass 📷 (@camilla.sass)
camilla.sass12.01.2019 16:47:45

I am really glad you shared this story. My brother and I were both in horrible car accidents that weren't caused by us personally. Luckily I just broke bones, and have a permanent scar across my lower neck from my seatbelt. My brother has a Traumatic Brain Injury from his car accident. But we are ALIVE and WELL and can still tell our families how much we love them everyday...thanks to the people that got out of there cars to help us both!!! Thank you, and the others who helped for being that kind of person. You have no idea how much that means to those people even though they may never be able to find you to thank you personally.

Jason Nonemaker (@jason_nonemaker)
jason_nonemaker12.01.2019 16:45:05


coloradohaze12.01.2019 16:03:25

I've had a similar experience. It's a bad feeling not knowing what you're about to see. Props, Mike.

_0ch_12.01.2019 15:32:02

Flys down 😒

Jed Rogers (@jedrogers)
jedrogers12.01.2019 15:25:56

@mikeescamilla  well done 💪🏼

RapidPhoto (@eddierapidphoto)
eddierapidphoto12.01.2019 15:08:23

Bad situation, But good to hear positive story. Keep on rocking! 🤘🏻

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