Do you like walking barefoot on the beach? 👣 Even when I don’t plan on swimming, when I see clear ocean water like this, I can’t help to touch the wat - 。Michelle。Chu。 (@michutravel)
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argogirl (@argogirl)
argogirl06.01.2019 21:32:45

What beach was this? Curious because last time I was there it was still recovering from the hurricane. Is this Orient?

Peter (@pmatiasso)
pmatiasso06.01.2019 20:51:10

Happy new year just be careful with dirty beaches. A lady last year from Toronto got a parasite from animal crap that lays eggs in sand. Luckily she found a dr that knew what that was

kristen 🌺 travel addict (@theluxuryadventurer)
theluxuryadventurer06.01.2019 19:54:03

Same! I love being in the ocean! Even if it’s just my feet

August Skies (@augustskiez)
augustskiez06.01.2019 18:53:33

Going barefoot into the ocean and feeling the sand beneath your feet and the waves hitting your legs feels nice.

nushazamani06.01.2019 18:16:49

Where do you recommend staying in British Virgin Islands?

📷elopements + travel diary🌎 (@moorehillary)
moorehillary06.01.2019 17:33:40

I love st Martin so much!!!!🌊🌊🌊

Sophie Van de Vyver (@sophisticatedbox)
sophisticatedbox06.01.2019 17:26:37

Me too I’m always attracted to the sea💙

Loïc Lagarde (@loic.lagarde)
loic.lagarde06.01.2019 17:09:16

Wonderful! Enjoy!

✈️🌸 (@_booted)
_booted06.01.2019 17:06:21

Beautiful 🤩

Ayşe Şivil (@aysesivil)
aysesivil06.01.2019 17:01:32

Lovely 💙💦

Léana / The April Issue (@leana.esch)
leana.esch06.01.2019 17:01:26

Gorgeous shot! Can’t wait for warmer days here 😍

Juliana Mariel (@juliana_mariel)
juliana_mariel06.01.2019 16:59:53

Gorgeous 💕

Drew Gorres (@drewsghk)
drewsghk06.01.2019 16:54:39

Did you go to the toilet after your full meal? 🙂 Not even noticeable

missluxurytravel (@missluxurytravel)
missluxurytravel06.01.2019 16:53:20

Barefoot life is the best life🤣🤣🤣 STUNNING shot babe💜💜

Travel Blogger & Photographer (@goldie_berlin)
goldie_berlin07.01.2019 08:42:45

Of course dear 💕💕💕

LAURA (@lauracomolli)
lauracomolli07.01.2019 08:27:20

I do 💙

E L I S A  T A V I T I (@elisataviti)
elisataviti06.01.2019 18:07:49


Jeanie 🧞‍♀️ San Francisco 🌁 (@traveljeanieous)
traveljeanieous06.01.2019 16:59:37

I love walking barefoot on the beach 👣

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