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Hey, it's Maddy! 😋 (@eff_being_fat)
eff_being_fat17.03.2019 13:26:49

❌ I just saw the video of your men beating a black Muslim man on crutches with their fists. Disgusting. I will be sharing the video with my 120,000 followers and I will be sending It to every news and media outlet. ❌

Claire Perry (@claireperry077)
claireperry07715.03.2019 16:43:59


Veva (@veviubutterfly_)
veviubutterfly_16.03.2019 10:43:10

Thanks so much it's really interesting.

Laurel Gausden (@laurelgausden)
laurelgausden15.03.2019 19:41:56

And don't forget Sir Edward Henry!

Prasun Bhaduri (@prasunbhaduri)
prasunbhaduri15.03.2019 18:55:43

It all began in India by an ICS officer Mr. William James Herschel, who started using it in the Bengal Presidency.

Brand New (@susan_emma_allan)
susan_emma_allan15.03.2019 17:18:39

how fat is a hand based on a fingerprint?

Brand New (@susan_emma_allan)
susan_emma_allan15.03.2019 17:15:52

applied nanotechnology might be of use

Brand New (@susan_emma_allan)
susan_emma_allan15.03.2019 17:14:33

could you develop a way to photograph a finger print without needing to dust using a photo? if a lens can find dna and identify it, can a lens identify a fingerprint ?

4n6man15.03.2019 17:04:12

Peripheral and Multispectral cameras are what it's all about!

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