The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class is robust, strong and has good off-road capability. [Mercedes-Benz X 350 d 4MATIC | Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,0 - Mercedes-Benz (@mercedesbenz)
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Kai Tang (@vectorrepublic)
vectorrepublic10.07.2018 02:10:08

Nice Nissan

peter heng (@pistolpetep99)
pistolpetep9910.07.2018 02:00:42

And will never come to the USA cause of overpriced tax

Sweet Science Boxing & MMA (@sweetsciencegym)
sweetsciencegym10.07.2018 02:06:00

It’s a flipping Honda

Pablo Salazar (@pablodiablo1s)
pablodiablo1s10.07.2018 02:06:49

This looks like the Honda Truck

Aarron (@aarrondines)
aarrondines10.07.2018 10:21:45

What they fail to mention is it’s “over priced, robust, strong and has good off road capability” save $25k and buy a Navara or better yet just by a Ranger or Hilux and move on with life!

painter 🎨 - photographer 📷 (@salmanalameer)
salmanalameer10.07.2018 23:46:52

@kinga12a  @moh4m4d_5  شوف الفخامة

Olli (@h_o_f_f_i)
h_o_f_f_i10.07.2018 06:53:24

@oscar_hermann  dein neuer

dennis (@jetlagger64)
jetlagger6410.07.2018 02:49:34

@carlcabusas  check out this Benz pick up

Sarah (@sarah.brtes)
sarah.brtes10.07.2018 11:14:31


Pedro Torrance (@torrancepedro)
torrancepedro11.07.2018 07:33:38

@bexquinn_  ;)

Maddie Dyer (@madzdyezzz)
madzdyezzz10.07.2018 21:51:31

@princesssk.s550  Joes new work trucks

A (@ali_as_)
ali_as_10.07.2018 15:20:55

@serkandokan  amk deze hadden wij nodig 😂😂😂😂

Kenzie Y. (@kyewman08)
kyewman0810.07.2018 12:49:34

@c_ross9  @unky_hunky 

Edward J Nunez M (@iampoorboy)
iampoorboy10.07.2018 12:17:26

@viictorr_cruz  a ti dique no te gustan la camioneta

Jack Jones (@jacksjones)
jacksjones10.07.2018 11:45:07


Tom Pattenden (@tompattenden)
tompattenden10.07.2018 08:02:49


Hassan Mahmood (@h.mahmood98)
h.mahmood9810.07.2018 03:16:10


Eduardo Alves (@duarvo)
duarvo10.07.2018 02:20:23


Aken M Angok (@akenplaydirty)
akenplaydirty10.07.2018 02:16:06

@victorsview  all the tradies gonna start copping this

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