#HappyBirthdayToto 🎉🎈🥳 Double-tap to send your birthday wishes to the boss on his special day! 🎂
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Sophia 👑 (@sophiafloersch)
sophiafloersch12.01.2019 10:21:56

Happy Birthday 🎉🎂

Vinícius (@1negao)
1negao12.01.2019 09:59:21


Brando™️ (@brando_cecchi)
brando_cecchi12.01.2019 10:04:22

Toto, it's James, Happy Birthday from Italy 🇮🇹

Aslamnur Fikri Ramadhana (@aslamnur28)
aslamnur2812.01.2019 10:21:51

"Toto, it's James. Happy birthday"

Team LH Italy (@teamlhitaly)
teamlhitaly12.01.2019 09:58:22

Happy birthday Big Boss!❤️ have a nice day!

Mercedes-Benz World (@mercedesbenzworld)
mercedesbenzworld12.01.2019 10:26:28

Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂

Who Is T4 (@whoist4)
whoist412.01.2019 10:30:08

Hopefully this year you treat Valtteri with more respect as a driver and more fairness. And not just as an optional addition to the team. Happy birthday!

Arun Jackson (@arunscullerjackson)
arunscullerjackson12.01.2019 12:20:42

If Africa is not playing when he walks in, you’re doing it wrong

THE FINNS🇬🇧🇫🇮 (@amgmercedesteam)
amgmercedesteam12.01.2019 10:13:02

Happy birthday boss🙌🏻🍾

Radu Put (@radusli)
radusli12.01.2019 11:20:06

Happy birthday Boss ! Wish you all the best !

Kecskés Evelin ❤ (@evelin.kecskes)
evelin.kecskes12.01.2019 10:02:46

Happy birthday Toto !!!❤️❤️

lewishamilton_f1_fan12.01.2019 13:22:49

Happy birthday Toto have a great day! 😘🎉

Seeba Mohan (@seeba_lh44__mm93fangirl)
seeba_lh44__mm93fangirl12.01.2019 10:51:42

Happy Birthday Best Boss 🎂 🎉 🎈 😃🤗

Kayleigh 💙 (@kayleighbishop18)
kayleighbishop1812.01.2019 11:27:27

Happy Birthday Boss ❤️

Sascha Ivicek (@sascha.ivicek)
sascha.ivicek12.01.2019 10:45:26

Happy Birthday !

Lewis Hamilton's italian fan (@irene_teamlh44)
irene_teamlh4412.01.2019 10:27:50

Tanti auguri! 🎉🎂🎈Buon compleanno Toto! ❤

Alexandr Senaviev (@tachanka.alexandr.senaviev)
tachanka.alexandr.senaviev12.01.2019 10:13:55

Suca toto Wolf!

Esteban Ocon Fans (@estebanoconfans)
estebanoconfans12.01.2019 13:49:21

Happy Birthday Boss 🎉

John Warren (@johndwarren)
johndwarren12.01.2019 13:20:51

Happy Birthday Toto! 🎉 I love you and I wish you happiness, good health, and success.❤️

Lewis Grant (@lewisgrant44)
lewisgrant4412.01.2019 12:06:40

Happy Birthday to the boss! Have a great day! 🎊🎈

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