New beard, who dis? @valtteribottas looking sharp for the New Year!👌 Double-tap if you think the beard should stay! ❤️
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Jordan McNeil (@jordanxix_)
jordanxix_09.01.2019 09:31:48

Valtteri it's James, you have to grow a beard!

Wiryan Tirtarahardja (@wiryantirta)
wiryantirta09.01.2019 09:22:54

General Kenobi?

Valtteri Bottas (@valtteribottas)
valtteribottas09.01.2019 10:55:17

You should see it now 🧔😏

Rolenzo van der Zee (@rolenzovz)
rolenzovz09.01.2019 09:29:45

Day 374 without formula 1

Dean Cheevers (@deancheevers)
deancheevers09.01.2019 09:35:44

I hope Bottas returns with a mean side and challenges Lewis.

TC (@_photosbytc_)
_photosbytc_09.01.2019 10:22:40

@mercedesamgf1  Toto should get one too 😀

Enrico Casetta (@enricocasetta98)
enricocasetta9809.01.2019 09:27:05

New season, new style 💪🔥🏁

Sidh (@s.i.d.h)
s.i.d.h09.01.2019 09:34:06

Valterri, its Beard. I am sorry.

ONE ONTUMETSE (@oneontumetse)
oneontumetse09.01.2019 09:32:15

Valterri it’s Gillette 🤣😜

EMMA. (@hetisemmaa)
hetisemmaa09.01.2019 09:57:38

The beard should stay 👏🏼

italian.biker_3309.01.2019 10:05:52

There’s an undercut attempt on Valtteri Bottas!

Angela and Lewis (@breathe_f1)
breathe_f109.01.2019 09:24:22

Looks great! I think he should keep it ❤️😍🔥

Jussi Vasama (@jussieskimo)
jussieskimo09.01.2019 17:56:26

That's cool! Real men have real beard. 😎👍

🌹Anna Maria Chatziiordanidou🌹 (@annamariach11)
annamariach1109.01.2019 09:49:33

I like it😍

Tammy (@tammy2164)
tammy216409.01.2019 11:37:45

I think it suits @valtteribottas  and the beard should stay 😁👍🏻

Eunice Costa (@eunice.costa.35175)
eunice.costa.3517509.01.2019 10:40:38

A lot of charm with this beard!

Gianluca Roberti (@gianluca.roberti)
gianluca.roberti09.01.2019 09:46:54

Un tappo con la barba ❤️

Adam Uddin (@adzudz)
adzudz09.01.2019 15:00:04

Love it 🔥👌🏽 I really thinks it suits him and I hope he keeps one for the season 🙌🏽

Caroline (@carolinescoyne)
carolinescoyne09.01.2019 11:56:28

Definitely keep it. 👍

Kris Yearwood (@kris_omar_ryan)
kris_omar_ryan09.01.2019 09:34:37

Steve Rogers?

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