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Ãhmed🌠 (@_.ahmed._.__)
_.ahmed._.__08.01.2019 12:42:19

Ferrari McLaren Williams and (redbull or Renault)

mrh_17908.01.2019 12:42:00

Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Williamson

🔥⚽ Richard Fodor ⚽🔥 (@fodyy_)
fodyy_08.01.2019 12:38:48

Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams, (Red Bull?) i guess

Abdul Lateef (@reachlateef)
reachlateef08.01.2019 12:37:39

Too easy.. Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams.

Omar (@omar_persic)
omar_persic08.01.2019 12:36:54

Mclaren, williams, ferrari and red bull

nishraj_bhullar08.01.2019 12:34:44

McLaren, willams , redbull , Ferrari

Rick (@rickgib31)
rickgib3108.01.2019 12:34:03

Ferrari McLaren and Williams

Gareth Jones (@grth91)
grth9108.01.2019 12:34:01

Ferrari McLaren Williams Renault

Laurentiu Strimbanu (@lory_strimba)
lory_strimba08.01.2019 12:33:51

Ferrari for sure😂🔥

Angela and Lewis (@breathe_f1)
breathe_f108.01.2019 12:36:46

Ferrari ,Mclaren ,Williams and Lotus but I am sure you guys will beat their numbers ❤️🙏

Tom (@tomh488)
tomh48808.01.2019 12:34:01

Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams, Lotus

LACHLAN BARNS (@lachlanbarns)
lachlanbarns08.01.2019 14:38:54

Ferrari will win this year and the silver cars will fall deep into the shadows toward the back of the the grid

RyanChua (@ryanjhchua)
ryanjhchua08.01.2019 14:34:04

Manor, Catherham, and lord pastor himself

Neil Cleasby (@nialli)
nialli08.01.2019 15:25:40

Guys please don't say red bull! That kind of negates the rich history of formula 1given how new they are

Ignacio Agramunt M. (@i.am34)
i.am3408.01.2019 15:45:05

Ferrari, Williams, Mclaren and Lotus maybe?

Francesco Stinà® 🇮🇹 (@ciccio_stina)
ciccio_stina08.01.2019 12:58:12


Uri F. (@urifs1)
urifs108.01.2019 14:06:15

Ferrari, Mclaren Williams and Renault?

Chip K (@tube_of_pringles)
tube_of_pringles08.01.2019 12:34:29


benhannawi08.01.2019 14:50:16

Ferrari Williams McLaren virgin

~*-.,_,.-*~ ᎮᏋᏖᏋᏒ ~*-.,_,.-*~ (@peterladas__)
peterladas__08.01.2019 13:22:46

Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and of course Mercedes!

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