It’s closing in… 😁 70 days until lights out for the first race of @f1 2019! #LetsDoThis •
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Nathan Valentine (@nathan_val123)
nathan_val12306.01.2019 15:24:46

But what if Caterham win 😱

Jonas Nordlien Kongsro (@jonas2504)
jonas250406.01.2019 15:16:07

Is it possible to sleep for 70 days?

▶️ YouTube: KMS Boss 2010 (@ksghaier1989)
ksghaier198906.01.2019 14:07:47

W10 launch date.... Please?😍🙏 @mercedesamgf1 

txnishx_priv06.01.2019 14:03:20

I’m ready for those green lights 🔥🔥💚 @mercedesamgf1 

Jimmy Dimitriou (@j_dimitriou6)
j_dimitriou606.01.2019 12:28:54

Why are you keep rrminding us when australia is😭😭😭😭

Paren Raval (@parenraval)
parenraval06.01.2019 12:25:25

Can’t wait! 🏁😀

Fighting Demons & Darkness (@ohhsnapitsyou_)
ohhsnapitsyou_06.01.2019 12:24:58

“Lights outs and away we go” I’m counting down! 😍

Angela and Lewis (@breathe_f1)
breathe_f106.01.2019 12:36:28

Can't wait to see the team back! Wishing you an amazing 2019! ❤️🔥

Roxane FA🌴🌺🌵 (@roxanefa0608)
roxanefa060806.01.2019 12:37:48

Can't wait for march guys 🔥💯🏁

Antonela (@animatedant)
animatedant06.01.2019 12:27:38

See you soon 🏁♥️👍

Giorgos Nasoulas GN09 (@giorgos_nasoulas)
giorgos_nasoulas06.01.2019 14:14:27

Let's go team to beat some red cars💪

will (@will_w2345)
will_w234506.01.2019 14:35:36

Ferrari will win this year with Charles leclerc the champion. Mercedes will not win since they have kept valteri bottas who did not win one race last season🤮 I don’t see why they didn’t get rid of him and signed Daniel ricciardo that way they would be able to keep up with the Ferrari drivers

Jules Budge (@doolygirl)
doolygirl07.01.2019 01:01:10

@thebudgies_nest  BRING IT!!!!! 💪

Michael Ariza (@michaelarizap)
michaelarizap06.01.2019 17:45:34

Sebastian Fraudttel and Scuderia Ferrari have won the last two races here.

Agnes (@agnescookie)
agnescookie06.01.2019 22:17:34

Can't wait

Chris Gregory (@gregorz92)
gregorz9206.01.2019 16:24:29


Vikrant Masih (@kidsih)
kidsih06.01.2019 15:54:23

@deep_flame  almost...

luke (@lukeghorne)
lukeghorne06.01.2019 13:29:55

Hopefully at the end we here , “Lewis Hamilton crosses the chequered flag and takes the Australian Grand Prix” 🙌🤞

Hamish Minshull (@hamishminshull)
hamishminshull07.01.2019 19:04:54

@joem93874  wuuuut

harry_flatman07.01.2019 17:50:20


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