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Tarun Majety (@water._.lord)
water._.lord06.01.2019 09:11:23

A Ferrari fan but just loving these vids.

Siddharth Anish (@dynamo_458)
dynamo_45806.01.2019 11:59:54

Valterri it's James, please allow Lewis to build his snowman first

Milan (@_milanloomans)
_milanloomans06.01.2019 09:08:47

What is this man eating?

hussein hijazi (@_husseinhijazi_)
_husseinhijazi_06.01.2019 09:40:55

hahahahahha you guys put all ur effort on the track and on social media thats the only reason i am always here for you guys ❤️❤️

JiaNan Schraven (@jiananschraven1)
jiananschraven106.01.2019 09:22:17

Love those video's 😂💪

Louise (@louiseprice26)
louiseprice2606.01.2019 09:22:00

Makes me laugh every time 😂😂

Everton (@photo_everton)
photo_everton06.01.2019 09:05:16

😂😂😂 Best MKT Dept ever

Brian Cheruiyot (@giantcatalan)
giantcatalan06.01.2019 09:08:41

Valterri it's James

Angela and Lewis (@breathe_f1)
breathe_f106.01.2019 09:06:14

We can officially call that part of snow : Mercedes's snow! Great holiday videos! Thank you! ❤️😍🔥

Valentin Delev (@delev.v)
delev.v06.01.2019 19:09:52

Valtteri its james let lewis by to play with the snow first

Obese Prius Killer (@yourinic200x)
yourinic200x06.01.2019 11:35:37

Why do I have the feeling this isnt lewis and valterri 🤔🤔

neriaba06.01.2019 10:04:56

Your ads are brilliant! (So is your cars 👍🏻)

Roni 💎 (@lvronxiv_)
lvronxiv_06.01.2019 16:13:19

The beginning of this video was so German

lucian (@luciancarare)
luciancarare06.01.2019 19:39:18

You have a smart guy in marketing department.

Jacquelyn (@garden_state03)
garden_state0306.01.2019 15:24:28

Keep them coming @mercedesamgf1  love it! 😂😂

Janet Lightbody (@janetlightbody57)
janetlightbody5706.01.2019 10:42:43

These clips have kept me laughing all over the Christmas season. Well done to whoever thought them up. 😂😂😂😂😂

txnishx_priv06.01.2019 10:17:35

“Those two” crack me up 😂😂😂 @mercedesamgf1 

Belinda- Los Angeles (@belindabenzo)
belindabenzo06.01.2019 09:18:36

Each one these are funnier and funnier! Bravo advertising team!

Edese Doret (@edese_jet)
edese_jet06.01.2019 13:16:35

@i95  There yah go, snow Angels

Christopher Garrod (@christopher.garrod)
christopher.garrod06.01.2019 13:46:39

i love F1🏁🏁🏁

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