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Muhammad Humais (@humais.15)
humais.1505.01.2019 09:07:03

Valterri, it's James, please let Lewis win

Dorus (@dorusharmsen)
dorusharmsen05.01.2019 09:18:17

"Valtteri it's James, Lewis has a small piece of snow under his suit, you'll need to let him hit you"

Shalom Kumar Oguri (@shalom_undefined)
shalom_undefined05.01.2019 09:06:38

Hello Valtteri this is James, hold position 😂

Adarsh Shrivastava (@illumii_naughty)
illumii_naughty05.01.2019 09:05:16

Valtteri, it's James.

Siddharth Swamy (@sidthesaiyan)
sidthesaiyan05.01.2019 09:34:01

Valtteri it's James let Lewis burry you in snow

This_is_Formula_1 (@this_is_f1)
this_is_f105.01.2019 09:16:33

Nico Rosberg and Lewis after 2016 like

Bex (@rrr_bex)
rrr_bex05.01.2019 09:44:38

Just congrats to whoever in marketing that's come up with these recent videos they are just ace!!😝🤘

Pedro (@_pedroogomezz_14)
_pedroogomezz_1405.01.2019 09:11:10

Valtteri it's James...

Tirthankar Roy (@tirthankar11)
tirthankar1105.01.2019 09:27:35

After scenes of rosberg and Hamilton crashing at spanish grand Prix 2016

Charlie mcfadyen (@chaz_mcf_439)
chaz_mcf_43905.01.2019 09:05:48

They guy on the microscope should have been a red bull or Ferrari driver 😂😂

Zainul Hakim (@zainulhakiim)
zainulhakiim05.01.2019 12:01:05

Why cant bottas be like rosberg? Just fight for the title ignoring the team order

Chetan Aggarwal (@chetan0116)
chetan011605.01.2019 10:17:47

@valtteribottas  it’s James. Please don’t throw snow balls at Lewis.

📸   ⓩ    ⓐ    ⓚ   ⓘ (@iam_z4k1)
iam_z4k105.01.2019 09:09:34

James, is that you?

Jari van Hees (@jarivanhees)
jarivanhees05.01.2019 11:18:52

Vallteri its James, Please Stop throwing snowballs, I'm sorry.

E L L I E (@elliealyona)
elliealyona05.01.2019 09:06:58

I live for these videos 😂🙏🏻

Flip (@flcarphotography)
flcarphotography05.01.2019 09:36:14

And then james came along

Juven (@shahjuven)
shahjuven05.01.2019 12:09:48

😂😂😂 I can't believe this video..... I can just remember "Valtteri it's James" 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

Simon (@simon.the.salmon)
simon.the.salmon05.01.2019 10:42:32

Valtteri, it's James.....

hasanniasajjad05.01.2019 10:19:14

Valterri it's james let lewis hit you...dont hit him...

Jack Harrison (@jackharrisonrally)
jackharrisonrally05.01.2019 14:46:27

Lewis it's James, let Valterri win the snow ball fight as an apology

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