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I was very excited for fresh snow this morning at one of my favorite spots 💙 - Madison Elrick (@mddyelrck)
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❁Leni❁ (@deileni)
deileni09.10.2019 04:15:06

Oh girl! ❤️ inlove with this place!

James Stephen (@idhradhel)
idhradhel09.10.2019 04:13:48

Always love the blue or turquoise lakes surrounded with snow before they freeze... wish i was there instead of work haha

Jay Wright (@wrightous)
wrightous09.10.2019 04:10:50

Just stunning

live love canada (@livelovecanada)
livelovecanada09.10.2019 04:08:14


Ally (@map_in_hand)
map_in_hand09.10.2019 04:07:10

The bright blue color of the lake looks incredible 😍

Anna de Varsovie (@varsovianna)
varsovianna09.10.2019 04:05:37


Anurag (@that_hitchhiker)
that_hitchhiker09.10.2019 04:04:32

Amazing! ❤️

Julia (@julia_steger_)
julia_steger_09.10.2019 04:02:22


Andrea Andreoletti (@andrea.andreoletti)
andrea.andreoletti09.10.2019 04:01:47

🗻 🔝🙌

Peter Burns (@peterburns155)
peterburns15509.10.2019 03:57:08

😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ I love living here!

Margaret Tan (@linghaka)
linghaka09.10.2019 03:55:48

Nice post here, keep on post! 💙

Terry Lin (@terrylinfit)
terrylinfit09.10.2019 03:54:09

Wow what a nice view and shot! 🙌

The Punisher (@show_n_go)
show_n_go09.10.2019 03:49:24

It’s amazing sweetheart I wish I was there👏👌👍😍😍😍

jj (@jigar.jethwa)
jigar.jethwa09.10.2019 03:49:12


Chrissy | Travel & Fashion (@chrissy_travel)
chrissy_travel09.10.2019 03:46:52

Wow 😍

Muhammad Ahmed King (@mrrealfitness_)
mrrealfitness_09.10.2019 03:43:49


Courtney Renee 🌿 (@earthcoco_)
earthcoco_09.10.2019 03:25:55

So sick!

Hiro Kagei (@hirokagei)
hirokagei09.10.2019 03:22:16

I’m not usually a fan of winter but seeing this makes me want to capture some moody winter photos!

Darshan Patel (@darshan_iimv)
darshan_iimv09.10.2019 03:19:59

Splendid! 👌🏻 👌🏻 👍🏻

kins 🇲🇨 (@apinskiii)
apinskiii09.10.2019 03:11:08

Lovely ❤️

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