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Self love
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New Balance ☯️
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Similar not the same
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Tell me how you feel?
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Minority within a minority. Time for change is now
Minority within a minority. Time for change is now...more
05.04.2019 18:44:23
A young guy with a lot on his mind: Life.

We fail to recognise and often take l
A young guy with a lot on his mind: Life. We fail to recognise and often take life for granted. We have people around us passing away especially around right now around this time of year, whether that be family, friend or someone you listen to. The part which confuses me a lot and worries me is that people show they concerns and drop opinions on how life should be done and don’t ever follow through on their advice they give out. So what happens which that piece of information? It just gets forgotten about because how can you spread positivity and realness if you don’t exploit that yourself? We are loosing people with so much knowledge man who have come from where we come from. There ain’t no excuse to not be living life the best we can and also being a living, breathing representation to the younger generation to come. We need to be the change in our community, we are too complacent with just “going through life”. This can not be from when we are of skin colour which already sets us at a default in life. Let’s face it; racism is not going to go no matter how we argue on internet sites saying it’s here or not. We need, as black people especially, to make sure we raise real life awareness to those around make people aware of the little things in life, those who are woke need to wake those who are under this illusion we call “life”. From just a few words in here I want you to read this evaluate what you are doing in your life and ask yourself if this is what you would want your child to be doing, your little sister etc. And from that make the changes to help all those around you because we are loosing people left right and centre and the saddest part it’s the people with the knowledge who are being taken from us.
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Young guy with a lot on his mind.
Young guy with a lot on his mind....more
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Vibes upon Vibes ™️
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Clean 🌬
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