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Lucy Liu (@lucyliu)
lucyliu10.06.2019 03:53:09

Loved working with you. You’re an artist! ❤️🙏🏼

TATCHA Beauty (@tatcha)
tatcha10.06.2019 05:20:05

We are honored! She looks absolutely breathtaking!💜💜💜

Vicky Tsai (@vickytsai)
vickytsai09.06.2019 23:54:58

Ahhh!! She is a vision in purple. You are amazing Mario. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your kit.

Danielle Priano (@daniellepriano)
daniellepriano09.06.2019 23:55:35


Diana Madison (@dianamadison)
dianamadison10.06.2019 02:48:46


Sarah Constance Roupas (@sarahroupas)
sarahroupas10.06.2019 00:12:16

Does she not age ever or

Maria Nunez (@palebarbie)
palebarbie10.06.2019 03:02:39

does mario use primer or just a really prepped based? I've noticed most celebrity makeup artists don't use primers

Celise Ruiz (@ceruiz15)
ceruiz1510.06.2019 03:57:46

She's so pretty!!

Tamara Saavedra M. Panguimalen (@panguimalen)
panguimalen10.06.2019 22:49:32

Omg! Mario that's Amazing

Melody (@qween100000)
qween10000010.06.2019 22:44:52

Two icons combined (Mario +Lucy)=👍🏻⭐️⭐️💜💜

makeup by Seerat 🇵🇰 (@makeupworld_inspiration)
makeupworld_inspiration10.06.2019 07:49:46


Ainsley Rodriguez (@ainsley)
ainsley10.06.2019 04:27:22


Ninjajedi (@krumbelabiscuit)
krumbelabiscuit10.06.2019 03:19:26

i love lucy!

Courtney P Bennett (@facesbycourtneypbennett)
facesbycourtneypbennett10.06.2019 01:23:42

My friend was her makeup artist on Ally McBeal. Alway said Lucy was such a love! I swear she doesn't age.

jxpaulina10.06.2019 00:33:25

her skinnn🤩

ManhWa Tran (@via.mango)
via.mango10.06.2019 00:19:17


ADONIS KING COLLECTION (@adoniskingcollection)
adoniskingcollection15.06.2019 20:07:02


Royal (@royalbut7)
royalbut715.06.2019 14:20:07

سلام خوبید .از صفحه منم دیدن کنید!

Melanie Taylor (@melanieemer)
melanieemer15.06.2019 12:49:27

OMG she looks amazing - she does not age !!!

L0RIC (@loric_zilb)
loric_zilb14.06.2019 16:15:58

She looks awesome!!!🔥😍

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