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DONIKA PLLANA (@donikapll)
donikapll07.06.2019 15:59:17

Can i buy them in store?

Anna Top (@asteritop)
asteritop07.06.2019 18:25:58

Be very afraid of Tati after this post 😂

Stephanie Herrera (@jetaimestephanie)
jetaimestephanie07.06.2019 15:59:34

I’ve always loved these! They taste so good I need to stop myself from eating more than two. 😭

Zainab Y. (@beautyandzainab)
beautyandzainab07.06.2019 18:55:43

Love these vitamins!

monjed Borgan🇵🇸🇵🇸✋🔥🔫🔫🔪 (@__________________monjed)
__________________monjed07.06.2019 17:36:40


Kaitlyn Keenan (@kaitlynmkeenan)
kaitlynmkeenan07.06.2019 17:31:00

I can’t thank you enough for showing me the sleep vitamins! They help me out so much for being a night shift nurse.

Samara Helton (@samihelt_smiles)
samihelt_smiles09.06.2019 07:08:50

I can already feel it a 43 minute video of Tati Westbrook saying how hurt she is that Mario released his own vitamins. And like any famous person who shows them using it is gonna get their own 43 minute video as well saying how hurt she is. I can’t anymore with her🤦🏽‍♀️

Ashlee Bell 👑💗 (@ashleestyles1)
ashleestyles107.06.2019 20:35:09

I love the Goodbye Stress gummies😍

DG (@dottie_g_)
dottie_g_07.06.2019 18:24:51

OMG congrats!!

B E A U T Y M A R K O (@beautymarko)
beautymarko07.06.2019 16:33:18


Makayla Gosselin (@makaylabeautyy)
makaylabeautyy07.06.2019 15:58:36

These are my favorite!!! Yumm😍

jordyn taylor (@jordyntayy)
jordyntayy07.06.2019 15:56:24

Omg so cool 😍😍😍

citrine (@citrine.us)
citrine.us08.06.2019 14:50:57

anyone fff? ❤️

Chandler Valentine (@valen.tine96)
valen.tine9608.06.2019 05:15:49

Just ordered, super excited to try it! 😍😍

maria.m2707.06.2019 21:37:45

Just ordered, this set sounds amazing, can't wait to try it! Thanks for putting this together Mario!

claudia 🍒 14 👼🏼 (@makeupbyclaudiiia)
makeupbyclaudiiia07.06.2019 15:57:56

I want 😍

Ashlyn Bergan (@ashlyns.beauty)
ashlyns.beauty07.06.2019 15:56:51


Gina Edwards (@ginae620)
ginae62007.06.2019 22:54:02

Mine comes on Monday and I can't wait!!!

nasimnasima_aros (@nasimnasima_aros)
nasimnasima_aros07.06.2019 20:39:55


Renu Vishwakarma (@renu.vishwakarma.336)
renu.vishwakarma.33607.06.2019 20:34:36

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