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laverne cox (@lavernecox)
lavernecox05.06.2019 05:35:03

I am one of those girls. Get it Mario

Liza  Kondrevich (@liza.kondrevich)
liza.kondrevich04.06.2019 15:28:08

True! ❤️

DIDEN ¦¦ IYE ¦¦ STEPHANIE ¦¦ (@king_iye.___)
king_iye.___04.06.2019 15:24:56

Mario : breaths. Bebe rexa: art

H A L A  M A R I N A  |  🇨🇦 (@itshalamarina)
itshalamarina04.06.2019 15:28:35

It’s like art 😳 it is art!

moneyshotbeauty04.06.2019 15:27:21

This girl is basic AF.

julie_leo04.06.2019 16:07:21

Y she acts like she never had her makeup done 🤔

Pearl Rachinsky (@pearljunior)
pearljunior04.06.2019 15:44:14

UH Yeah that’s why they call them makeup ARTISTS doiiiiii

Ylenia ✖ (@xxthystx)
xxthystx04.06.2019 15:43:35

It doesn't "look like art" makeup IS art.❤

Eli (@_anoile_)
_anoile_04.06.2019 15:34:44

But she is moving all the time damn🤦🏻‍♀️

Korey Harmon (@koorey)
koorey04.06.2019 16:01:13

“Like art” .. it’s art

Sofia Stim (@sofiadiazgranads)
sofiadiazgranads04.06.2019 15:25:22

Hello makeup is art 💕

Thea Harris (@theanicole_mua)
theanicole_mua04.06.2019 15:35:48

😍😍What concealer are you using ?!

MAKEUP+HAIR | WEDDINGS+EVENTS (@cassiramona.beauty)
cassiramona.beauty04.06.2019 15:51:09

She’s adorable 💕

kATHRYN (@kathryn_bee)
kathryn_bee04.06.2019 18:30:43

Does she live under a rock ?

Arsa Sula (@arsasula)
arsasula04.06.2019 18:24:29


MuahLyna💋 (@_muahlyna)
_muahlyna04.06.2019 16:41:28

Makeup ARTIST😒..”it’s like art” 🙄 if it AINT art then what is it ?!? Whew Chile 🙄😂😂

Kevin Kodra (@kevikodra)
kevikodra04.06.2019 15:30:42

The little wave 😭

💜Ariane Casasola💜 (@arianemcas)
arianemcas04.06.2019 16:06:22

No shit Sherlock 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sule Agac (@suleagac)
suleagac04.06.2019 15:52:04

Stop saying it looks like art, actually it is art, we the people already know it 🙄

Fiorella Mancinelli Makeup (@fiorellamancinellimakeup)
fiorellamancinellimakeup04.06.2019 16:22:13

Its like art.... ita.art baby thats why we are called makeup "artists"?

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