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Mary Greenwell (@marygreenwell)
marygreenwell26.05.2019 08:43:53

Wish I could come by, darling 🤗😊

laverne cox (@lavernecox)
lavernecox25.05.2019 20:23:35

I love your face when you are beating a face. You did not come to play. Just gorgeous!

Mohammed (@mohammed)
mohammed25.05.2019 20:30:14


sandra alexis herring (@mynameis_alexis)
mynameis_alexis25.05.2019 20:23:12

She has beautiful eyes that compliment the makeup perfectly

Jorida Ramadani (@jorida.ramadani)
jorida.ramadani25.05.2019 20:21:37

Thank you Mario ❤️

Charie H (@skinbycharie)
skinbycharie25.05.2019 20:23:19

So beautiful and her skin is amazing

Baby Jae🌾 (@jaelynndanette)
jaelynndanette25.05.2019 20:21:48


Glam Unlimited Makeup Fan Page (@glamour_unlimited_mufanpage)
glamour_unlimited_mufanpage25.05.2019 20:23:24


𝒜𝓂𝓎𝑔𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉 (@amyguest_12)
amyguest_1225.05.2019 20:20:52


🖤♌️🇵🇷💋 (@ms_irene_f)
ms_irene_f25.05.2019 20:21:58


AQSA KHAN (@aqsa0724)
aqsa072425.05.2019 20:21:44

💕 🌸

♀for the close friends♀ (@nxoxaxc)
nxoxaxc25.05.2019 20:21:37

Good job

Larissa Muniz (@lari.muniz)
lari.muniz25.05.2019 20:21:08


Courtney Baker (@courtneeybaker)
courtneeybaker25.05.2019 20:20:56


n e l l . m c g (@nellmcg.xx)
nellmcg.xx25.05.2019 20:20:51

Ooh 😍

Khadijah Lyons, BSN, RN (@khadijahlyons)
khadijahlyons25.05.2019 20:29:47

Love you work! I hope you have a brown girl as model at the next class so we can see the variation in technique 😍

𝘔𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘭 كريستال (@__crisxy__)
__crisxy__25.05.2019 22:37:50

Thank you for explaining this to the muas !!! 😂 it makes my head go all springy when they decorate my face without using their palms for support 👏🏼✨👍🏼

Jean  Zammit (@jeanpaulmakeup)
jeanpaulmakeup25.05.2019 20:34:20

Hello mario , any classes in europe soon?

Vanessa Lee (@nessaleemommy)
nessaleemommy27.05.2019 13:41:11


عَيْنَاء (@aynaa_s)
aynaa_s25.05.2019 20:39:53


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