K Y L I E  S K I N 💦 Brows and Moisturizer by me 😂 (hair by @cesar4styles and photo by @gregswalesart) #kyliejenner #makeupbyariel - ARIEL (@makeupbyariel)
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VV (@victoriavillarroel)
victoriavillarroel10.05.2019 21:17:21

😂 the caption

KELLEY BAKER (@kelleybakerbrows)
kelleybakerbrows10.05.2019 21:40:48

Bomb 🔥🔥🔥

Alberie Hadërgjonaj (@alberije_hadergjonaj)
alberije_hadergjonaj10.05.2019 21:17:53


KELLEY BAKER (@kelleybakerbrows)
kelleybakerbrows11.05.2019 18:01:28


Alyssa Colucci (@acoluccibeauty)
acoluccibeauty10.05.2019 21:24:32

So ur telling me she has nooooo make up on. How’s that possible

lara.anne.pinter11.05.2019 01:16:55

she looks great. but she is wearing make up or is being photoshopped. That's perfectly fine, I do the same with my pictures, so do the majority of the people I know, just admit it.

Brittany Myers (@brittmyers1510)
brittmyers151010.05.2019 21:17:32

So jelly of how amazing her skin is! I spend SOOO much money on skincare this is my goal!

Kylie Jenner Closet (@kyliejennercloset)
kyliejennercloset10.05.2019 21:18:06

Those brows look amazing tho so 👏🏼😍🤣

Gaby Gathings (@gabriela.lorena_)
gabriela.lorena_10.05.2019 23:22:34

You forgot concealer too!

SNAPCHAT: lauramellado 🌴 (@lauramellado)
lauramellado10.05.2019 21:41:45

😍😍😍 Queen

alene rodriguez (@alene_aguilar)
alene_aguilar11.05.2019 04:44:42

If I had billions of dollars I'd be skinny and perfect on the outside. 🤣

Yekaterina S (@yekaterina1)
yekaterina111.05.2019 03:30:49

No offense but none of them actually have good skin

Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie)
natalieevamarie10.05.2019 21:46:21

Soooo bomb! Omg!

🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝🍕🍝 (@nicolekhalil)
nicolekhalil10.05.2019 23:50:29

Caption 😭😂 goalssss

Liza Ahaa (@exodiaslight)
exodiaslight10.05.2019 21:25:29

Hahaha, that caption though. She has very beautiful skin!

kyles (@imisskyles)
imisskyles10.05.2019 21:28:11

GORGEOUS she looks perf as always 🤤😍♥️

O C E A   M C K E N Z I E (@glamphetamine)
glamphetamine10.05.2019 22:26:43


Wendi Miyake (@miyakemakeup)
miyakemakeup10.05.2019 21:25:11


Nacima (@dulcinee_dz)
dulcinee_dz14.05.2019 07:34:01

Moisterizer brows freckles highlighter

ALICE (@alicewils0n)
alicewils0n10.05.2019 21:53:44

Feel like she missed out & shoulda called it skyn @sarakatexo_  👎🏻

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