Sometimes the Universe conspires...........🔥🔥🔥🔥 #epic #legendary #moment #history @snoopdogg @nas @davechappelle ——3 Kings and 1 👑. - Madonna (@madonna)
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Júlio César Alves (@jcalvesalm)
jcalvesalm11.03.2019 19:57:47

Please come to Brazil with the next tour 👑 Te amo 💙 @haqnii  @botqbal  @pebryoni33  @yogi.mp4  @bot.r22 

Mahsa Motevalizadeh (@mahsa.ardakani)
mahsa.ardakani11.03.2019 19:21:52

Love from IRAN ❤️❤️❤️.. @yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @bot.r22 

The Culture Feed (@theculture_feed)
theculture_feed11.03.2019 18:50:50

I do music polls on my story @haqnii  @yogi.mp4 

revputation11.03.2019 19:01:34

Queen of pop @bot.r22  @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @2krafi 

VIGILANTE SEASON (@pinkyringmonster)
pinkyringmonster11.03.2019 18:54:34

Madonna can we please get a visual for "Inside of Me" from Bedtime Stories? Can we just get some more appreciation for that album? That's my favorite album of all time and we are in a time where we want to see great things again that appreciated in time. Even a video for "Sanctuary" that album is your most honest, beautiful, and touching album. Please let me know something I can write the treatments

Phelipe Cruz (Papelpop) (@phelipecruz)
phelipecruz11.03.2019 18:53:23

A sra é muito mafiosa, hein!

Madonna Online (@madonnaonline)
madonnaonline11.03.2019 19:00:51


Luisa Marilac (@luisamarilacc)
luisamarilacc11.03.2019 19:16:47

Cadê gente a música com anira 🤔🌹

Dalila (@dalialdaco)
dalialdaco11.03.2019 18:54:19

3 kings and the Queen🔥

Carlo Rossi (@carlowilliamrossi)
carlowilliamrossi11.03.2019 18:56:15


Rach - London (@rachellemdna)
rachellemdna11.03.2019 19:42:01

Madonna Louise, where was my invite? I’m getting angry now!

Albie Andujar (@therealalbie)
therealalbie11.03.2019 18:55:17

This photo is pure MONEY 💰 💕

Madonna For Fans (@madonnaforfans)
madonnaforfans11.03.2019 18:53:14


Maciel Cleuza (@cleuzamaciel)
cleuzamaciel11.03.2019 19:04:51

Porque você não ajuda os pobres? Tem $$$ sobrando.

Caio Pegado (@caiopgdo)
caiopgdo11.03.2019 20:37:36

As notas com o rosto do snoop hahaha @carolpegado  @clauavellarx 

Precious Oroye (@woodylightyearx)
woodylightyearx11.03.2019 19:31:18

"Rescue Meeeeeeeee"!! That song needs justice Mambo. Please do it on tour!

MadonnaLouiseVeronicaCiccone (@webo1958)
webo195811.03.2019 19:02:40


Massimiliano ☀️⛈🔥🙇🏼⛵️ (@ma_si)
ma_si11.03.2019 21:53:47

Ma perché t’ha preso sta fissa de fa la pappona

Majesty Black (@majestyblack)
majestyblack11.03.2019 19:04:01


Sienna Amos💜 🦋🌈 (@siennatgirl)
siennatgirl11.03.2019 18:54:26

Ohhhh 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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