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Mert Alas (@mertalas)
mertalas09.02.2019 17:42:33

So true

TheRealMikeDean (@therealmikedean)
therealmikedean10.02.2019 07:31:24

We ain’t playing to no fucking gallery breaking down walls. Let’s go!!!

deniska_fm10.02.2019 05:46:43

Legendary woman

ANTONIS GKAKIDIS (@maverick_1981)
maverick_198109.02.2019 17:42:57

@madonna  yeah baby, you never fulfilled anyone's expectations. That's why I love you. A true rebel and a revolutionary. Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you. ❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Julianne Hough (@juleshough)
juleshough09.02.2019 18:07:49

Couldn’t agree more! Thank you and Thank you David for paving the way in following our own way! 💕💕💕

Madonna Literal (@madonnaliteral)
madonnaliteral09.02.2019 17:34:53

Legend 👑 David ♥️

Daniel Peixoto (@danielpeixotodp)
danielpeixotodp09.02.2019 17:34:58

Mom and Dad 🖤

Asier Etxeandia (@asieretxeandia)
asieretxeandia09.02.2019 20:57:56

You and David , always In me

Tassy! (@tassy38)
tassy3809.02.2019 17:36:28

From one icon to another. Long live Bowie and long live our reigning queen @madonna ! 👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cr@zy4Mad*nna (@crzy4madnna)
crzy4madnna09.02.2019 17:44:46

As long as you have something to say, share don't stop.

Marie Cardona ✨ (@ms_marie_photography)
ms_marie_photography09.02.2019 17:40:24

I miss him too Madonna!! When he passed away I was so distraught I had to call in sick to work 💔💔. You’re an iconic artist just like him!!

👑 Imperio Madonna (@imperiomadonna)
imperiomadonna09.02.2019 17:34:22


Prince 🤴🏾Lamb 🐑 (@princerodhy)
princerodhy09.02.2019 17:58:57

DAVID FREAKING BOWIE was a genuinely creative and one of the cleverest in music industry! Blessed are the ones to appreciate and 💕make his music go on forever ♾

Sienna Amos💜 🦋🌈 (@siennatgirl)
siennatgirl09.02.2019 17:38:42


David (@17days)
17days09.02.2019 17:48:35

The Truth

👑 Imperio Madonna (@imperiomadonna)
imperiomadonna09.02.2019 17:34:06


Iconic Messiah (@iconic_messiah)
iconic_messiah09.02.2019 17:34:58


K __ Reposted by Madonna__ 6 (@_madonnas_english_accent_)
_madonnas_english_accent_09.02.2019 17:45:07

I love this . He was the coolest & so down to earth ... which is important . ♥🌟♥

🆎♑ (@adibar1)
adibar109.02.2019 17:35:57

Words of wisdoM!!!!

Brittany Furlan Lee (@brittanyfurlan)
brittanyfurlan09.02.2019 20:48:37


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