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Debi Mazar (@debimazar)
debimazar09.07.2018 15:06:20

I accept your apology😜💋

RITA ORA (@ritaora)
ritaora09.07.2018 13:52:25


MissMe. (@miss_me_art)
miss_me_art11.07.2018 20:01:15

I’ve always said “don’t call me pretty as a compliment” it’s not a real compliment. 🔥

★ (@rafcorreia)
rafcorreia09.07.2018 13:35:56

she's using the shades only to cover the makeup, your morons! didn't you understand what she just said?? it seems to me that all of you hear but doesn't listen to what @madonna  says. stop the hate and start paying attention to what's really important: the message.

Saint Hoax (@sainthoax)
sainthoax09.07.2018 13:34:01

This belongs in a museum 🖼 🙌🏼

Roberto Reis (@robertotog)
robertotog09.07.2018 13:34:24

Bença mãe

Living For Love (@madonnagirldale2018)
madonnagirldale201809.07.2018 13:33:40

Thanks @madonna  ! Do This Speech On Your Next World Tour! You Been My Inspiration Since Was 11 Years Old I’m 47 Proud Of Being Your Fan Over 4 decades !

🦋 Prazer, Lucas 🦉 (@lucasvalentinno)
lucasvalentinno09.07.2018 13:30:49

Rainha do mundo. Volta com turnê gigantesca e volte ao Brasil. 💕👑

guilherme araujo (@guilhermismos)
guilhermismos09.07.2018 13:30:39

tira esse óculos, mostre seus olhos cor do mediterrâneo, madonna do céu

fabruen (@fabruen)
fabruen09.07.2018 13:38:57

That posh accent! Pure royalty! 👑

DeadLotusCouture · NangeMagro (@nange.magro_dead.lotus.couture)

Omg so awesome!!! Such an honour to see my design on you!!! Queen!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

Madonna Scrapbook (@madonnascrapbook)
madonnascrapbook09.07.2018 13:34:25


Lisa 👄 aka peachey 🍑 (@zacharyzella)
zacharyzella09.07.2018 13:36:13

My Queen You don't have to apologize to us women you have showed us that we stand up for what we believe in...👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼💋😘😘😘

madgeluv09.07.2018 13:35:21

@Madonna  you will make a song to feminism? #Timesup  🗣🎙🎵

Isaac Calpito (@isaacboots)
isaacboots09.07.2018 13:36:40

Resilient Queen 👑

Rachel Cook (@rebelheart_rach)
rebelheart_rach09.07.2018 13:33:57

You are the most amazing person, mother, icon and humanitarian. Thank you 💓

guilherme araujo (@guilhermismos)
guilhermismos09.07.2018 13:30:53


Zachary Campbell (@zachcampbel)
zachcampbel09.07.2018 17:00:17

Bitch are you about to come back with new music!!?? Because I need a good pop bop! 😝❤️

Joey (@wgraham75)
wgraham7509.07.2018 15:46:08

@marilyn_monroe93  Indizio ;)

BirceAkalay ☮ (@birceakalay)
birceakalay09.07.2018 19:43:24


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