What if I really did Talk? 🗣 #saywhatsonmymind #freedomofspeech 🇺🇸lol #liberty #justice #forall #timesup #vogue @stevenkleinstudio - Madonna (@madonna)
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LOOMIX Style (@loomix.style)
loomix.style14.01.2018 18:17:59

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Bolinha de Sabão Ban (@silvakatiagomesda)
silvakatiagomesda14.01.2018 18:34:06

Muito queen forever

Lucy Montana (@lucy_montana1999)
lucy_montana199914.01.2018 18:45:50

she is timeless!..ageless!

modelaudreygrs (@modelaudreygrs)
modelaudreygrs14.01.2018 19:26:02

💙💙💙💙💙 follow me in my positive way

sabbym76 (@sabbym76)
sabbym7614.01.2018 20:21:55

Madonna is queen

Daniel Vieira Marques (@marques.danielvieira)
marques.danielvieira14.01.2018 20:40:21

Vagina Monologues❣

Daniel Vieira Marques (@marques.danielvieira)
marques.danielvieira14.01.2018 20:40:53


Daniel Vieira Marques (@marques.danielvieira)
marques.danielvieira14.01.2018 20:41:59


Daniel Vieira Marques (@marques.danielvieira)
marques.danielvieira14.01.2018 20:42:17


Jeannie Evans (@jeannie1214)
jeannie121414.01.2018 20:59:13


古錐小賴不是我 (@a2443259)
a244325914.01.2018 22:21:21

Love it

Sara Johnson Kaplan (@sarieny1)
sarieny114.01.2018 22:38:35

@madonna  best cover ever ! Talk 😘

A’Niya Hill (@aniyahill_)
aniyahill_14.01.2018 23:25:56


Maria Valverde Bazan (@mavyvb)
mavyvb14.01.2018 23:33:03


Colecionna Madonna 🇧🇷 (@colecionna_madonna)
colecionna_madonna15.01.2018 00:03:17

Señorita marika habla mucho

Terry Jee (@terry_jee1)
terry_jee115.01.2018 00:30:43

Freedom ****

cvonie (@cvonie)
cvonie15.01.2018 00:44:24

Doooooooo it 🙏💗🙏💗🙏

Vesna Kovac (@kovac.vesna)
kovac.vesna15.01.2018 01:20:12


*Toni* Canada (@7tewana)
7tewana15.01.2018 01:26:02

I really and desperately need magic in my life just need prayers 🙏🏻

vanessa (@vanessa.nancekivell)
vanessa.nancekivell15.01.2018 02:17:45

Julian Moore .. I thought!?!

Yanira Valle (@yaniravalle04)
yaniravalle0415.01.2018 03:00:13

Please do Queen.

p4-7 (@p47official)
p47official15.01.2018 03:35:58


p4-7 (@p47official)
p47official15.01.2018 03:36:11


Sara (@__love_is_everything_)
__love_is_everything_15.01.2018 05:41:49

I love you💜

Francisca Aldunate (@aldunatefrancisca)
aldunatefrancisca15.01.2018 06:09:19

There's a little Madonna on this Photoshop! 😂😂😂

Ismael kikolaila (@baianogtso)
baianogtso15.01.2018 06:31:28

Madonna my Life 💗💗💗💗

lucy edra (@lucy_edra)
lucy_edra15.01.2018 08:32:41

Queen of style 👑

La Belle Fairy Corsets (@labellefairy)
labellefairy15.01.2018 09:38:46

You won't ;)

Jeremy_Darling (@jeremy_darling)
jeremy_darling15.01.2018 10:13:41


a Cunt (@deliiiiiiiicious)
deliiiiiiiicious15.01.2018 11:06:02

you definitely got some tea @madonna 

Daniel Fugo (@dafugo1)
dafugo115.01.2018 12:32:46

watch where you walk cause the sidewalk talk 🎼🎹🎤madonna

WebSite aloeveraebenessere.com (@aloeveraebenesserebusiness)
aloeveraebenesserebusiness15.01.2018 13:09:16

#top  since ever!

anonymous_morning15.01.2018 14:14:42

Ok ok ma prof est à la prophète yes yes yes yes

Bruce W. Parker (@bwparker02)
bwparker0215.01.2018 14:49:16

@madonna  if you’re somewhat talking, I have a question. Was the dog 🐕 bark, in the song “Bitch I’m Madonna,” intentional? I say no and that it was an after thought. My daughters claim it was intentional! They believe it’s your French Bulldog! The discussion came up because our labradoodle goes nuts when he hears it!

Alexander Glushchenko (@2aglush5)
2aglush515.01.2018 15:05:29


Ale Sales (@alemoreirasales)
alemoreirasales15.01.2018 16:33:02


Kwan (@kwanhathai_mdna)
kwanhathai_mdna15.01.2018 20:12:50

Come to Thailand again

Cassie Winters (@cassie.winters13)
cassie.winters1315.01.2018 20:12:57

Please do! I looked to you my entire life for that reason. You never gave a fuck and I don’t expect you to start now

Shelley (@sgoodman33)
sgoodman3315.01.2018 20:33:26

If you really did talk would you be truthful?

Marco DiNola (@marcodinola83)
marcodinola8315.01.2018 22:10:01


Руслан  Балдин (@ruslanbaldin)
ruslanbaldin15.01.2018 22:41:25


marie Margareth  mendoza (@marie716656)
marie71665615.01.2018 23:04:36

Just beautiful, I am loved

Sean Matlock (@sean70267)
sean7026715.01.2018 23:16:57

@justinstarzjdna  Beautiful!

Abraham CarreñoValadez (@abrahamcarrenovaladez)
abrahamcarrenovaladez15.01.2018 23:34:13

🇲🇽 My Love Madonna

myIy1443 (@myiy1443)
myiy144316.01.2018 01:46:12


Jesse Butler (@butlerjesse38)
butlerjesse3816.01.2018 02:29:23

That's a stunning cover

Karen Hall (@kkisme5)
kkisme516.01.2018 03:27:46

You'd prob change the world @madonna 

Spencer Kane (@cyclejackson)
cyclejackson16.01.2018 03:39:34

Live to Tell

Lucile Maria (@lucilemaria12)
lucilemaria1216.01.2018 08:03:19


©JasminaDeSóis, ZairitaHorta (@zairitahorta)
zairitahorta16.01.2018 10:33:07

O máximo! Sempre elegante!

hongbaiguo16.01.2018 10:35:27


Myoga (@myoga.bcn)
myoga.bcn16.01.2018 10:43:17

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😍😍🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🍃💪🏻💪🏻😊🙏🏼♥️#myogabcn  #santgervasi  #barcelona 

Alex Stephens (@theladyalex)
theladyalex16.01.2018 11:29:25

That official Autobiography will be LEGEND!

ljbsa816.01.2018 13:29:24


Babyy Patricia (@waveatbabe)
waveatbabe16.01.2018 14:19:35

I want you to know that I’m blasting Ray of Light Album RIGHT NOW and it still bangs! ❤️🔥💃🏽

Vall StudioHair ✂ Brasil (@vall_studiohair)
vall_studiohair16.01.2018 15:47:40


Chanel Michaud (@michaudchanel)
michaudchanel16.01.2018 18:00:58

You would show everyone exactly just how important your message is and how intelligent and aware you really are😉

Sherilyn Goodman Graves (@shel_v_graves)
shel_v_graves16.01.2018 18:23:32

Spill it I bet u got loads stories xx

Leo 👉 (@wascirk)
wascirk17.01.2018 01:21:18

Stylish 👍

FÃ CLUBE RICARDO NETTO (@ricardonetto.escritor)
ricardonetto.escritor17.01.2018 03:39:35

Sucesso e

FÃ CLUBE RICARDO NETTO (@ricardonetto.escritor)
ricardonetto.escritor17.01.2018 03:39:40


Rezato (@fuzzywuzzy68)
fuzzywuzzy6817.01.2018 08:28:50

Will we ever see an Autobiography? @madonna 

Fabio Immediato (@mrfabioimmediato)
mrfabioimmediato17.01.2018 08:54:47

When did you ever not talk?!? ❤️

Josh Osborn (@jjoshuaalan)
jjoshuaalan17.01.2018 10:28:32

Great art!

Trey Collins (@collins7231)
collins723117.01.2018 14:30:53

attention everybody dont miss grammy award winner and the queen of rocksoul FANTASIA @tasiasword  live on her upcoming live shows starting on Feb 17 in Atlantic City at the Boardwalk Hall than on Feb 24 she will be in Reading, Pennsylvania at the Santander Arena for tickets visit ticketmaster dont miss cause shes a beast live

Ethan Casper (@ethan_t_casper)
ethan_t_casper17.01.2018 15:09:25

#13nquiringmind  would love to hear that

Jacquelina Brown (@jacqui74brown)
jacqui74brown17.01.2018 15:51:07

Your True Story in Your Own Words...........I wish you’d reveal your spiritual side again. I’m trying to get back on track & the album Ray of Light is personally for me, the most uplifting & inspiring of your work. True Blue Baby, I love you 🙏🏻

Mata Hari (@missnumber5)
missnumber517.01.2018 17:18:30


Laura Ann Cain (@lovinsb)
lovinsb17.01.2018 18:49:08

Love u! You’re always so honest!

✨Ronnie Calderon✨ (@ronnieluckystar15)
ronnieluckystar1517.01.2018 23:12:09

Love you my Queen!!!

SM_75 (@burmuda_)
burmuda_18.01.2018 04:52:18

shes sooo gorgeous 👑👑👑👑👑🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🥂😘

Diane Adams (@dianeadams283)
dianeadams28318.01.2018 05:24:02

@roger_louro  cute

Marc.Marc (@marc.marc79)
marc.marc7918.01.2018 07:21:36


Andrew Crank (@truro_1)
truro_118.01.2018 07:24:35

My goodness, I wish to this god I could be with you for at least one night. Your so beautiful and incredibly sexy, to spend just one night with you would be amazing in this life.

Carl Walker (@carlwalker123)
carlwalker12318.01.2018 08:47:52


Nick Zois (@nickzois)
nickzois18.01.2018 10:33:39

You could really talk. Maybe we want to hear it from a pro.

DRAGON 🐲🇩🇴🏳️‍🌈PANSEXY/GENFLUID (@mayahstone)
mayahstone18.01.2018 12:02:58


YelizGulshen (@yelizgulshen)
yelizgulshen18.01.2018 12:29:34

Legend 😉

lisa tiller (@lisatiller34)
lisatiller3418.01.2018 15:07:06

American icon💙💎

Marie Ulloa (@marie_ulloa)
marie_ulloa18.01.2018 15:46:19

You are such a "Bad Assssss" girl power!!!

8Free-Secretdesigns (@leylashion)
leylashion18.01.2018 18:39:52

Beautiful 💕

Chef Shae (@maerochelle2018)
maerochelle201818.01.2018 21:21:10


LAUREN GUIDRY (@___laureng___)
___laureng___18.01.2018 23:25:32

Amazing Lady 💕

Rollingbunny (@bevimage)
bevimage19.01.2018 00:29:18


Jose Pedro A. Barros (@zepeter13)
zepeter1319.01.2018 02:07:30

If you were lucky to have the opportunity, you should have used it... No Bullshit...

boardisart (@boardisart)
boardisart19.01.2018 04:41:54


Caralee (@caraleejeanne)
caraleejeanne19.01.2018 07:24:43

You've said a lot through the statements of your music and pushed the envelopes exactly where they needed to go. I love you for being my heroine. ✊🏼🍒❤️💋❌⭕️😘🗣

mariela vergara medina (@amanecer_deluz)
amanecer_deluz19.01.2018 08:18:54

Love 😘💖

varghese peter (@varghese_peter)
varghese_peter19.01.2018 10:50:32


QUEEN MADONNA AND MELANIA (@madonnaslovenia)
madonnaslovenia19.01.2018 13:01:22


QUEEN MADONNA AND MELANIA (@madonnaslovenia)
madonnaslovenia19.01.2018 13:01:28


iamwhoiamrar19.01.2018 17:15:10

X-Static Process

Isabelle Racine (@isabeller1957)
isabeller195719.01.2018 19:07:28


Nuria Gonzalez (@nuriadelfinazul)
nuriadelfinazul19.01.2018 20:21:22

Grandiosa 😘😘😄

Julio Corte (@juliocorte)
juliocorte19.01.2018 21:59:51

@evandrosanto  ❤️❤️❤️

Alishaahh (@chynadol7)
chynadol720.01.2018 12:12:42


Roz Tyler Henstock (@rozhenstock)
rozhenstock20.01.2018 15:06:40


Lisa DeFrancisco. (@lisadefrancisco.4455)
lisadefrancisco.445520.01.2018 15:43:49

I never saw this cover..thx!!

Jason Haun (@jason__haun)
jason__haun20.01.2018 21:01:51

Spill the tea!

Alex Herrera (@alejamdroherrera)
alejamdroherrera21.01.2018 10:57:46


SofieG (@sofiegtoronto)
sofiegtoronto21.01.2018 15:57:07

Omg!! You look 25!!😘

Sofi (@happyes21)
happyes2121.01.2018 17:42:38

🤘🏼🤡🎤🎶🎶Super Star [⭐️🌬Madonna🎤🤟🏿🤡🗣💃🏿🚶🏾‍♀️BRING ON THE FUNK🧚🏿‍♂️💃🏿🎶

Sharon (Ozelis) DiFronzo (@sharondvocs)
sharondvocs21.01.2018 23:56:32

Great shot. .those eyes !

✨خدا✨ (@_.sh___.___f._)
_.sh___.___f._22.01.2018 13:49:33


Daniel Olucha (@mr.perfezto)
mr.perfezto22.01.2018 19:29:34


Chanel Michaud (@michaudchanel)
michaudchanel23.01.2018 15:12:24

Where the queen belongs

-Kyle Vaz Snow- (@thatguyvaz)
thatguyvaz24.01.2018 15:40:32


Oscar Porse (@olledrenge)
olledrenge24.01.2018 17:21:39


umudun cesaretidir yaşamak ! (@bahtiyar1867)
bahtiyar186725.01.2018 07:53:28


RosaMorais🎉 (@rosamoraiss)
rosamoraiss25.01.2018 21:25:43


Erica Lauren Horn (@horn.ericalauren)
horn.ericalauren25.01.2018 23:17:39


Lil Lewis (@lil_lewisgordon)
lil_lewisgordon26.01.2018 02:24:48

@addi126  ur favourite girl

Andy (@addi126)
addi12626.01.2018 04:50:06

@lewisgordon__  She Is A Goddess On High X

David Turner (@sneakthestation)
sneakthestation26.01.2018 06:05:14

Your the child hood favorite and with the big Guinness record what other musicians can say that

Reaction Retro (@reactionretro)
reactionretro26.01.2018 14:13:41

Always Sexy!

A.S (@spagnolav)
spagnolav26.01.2018 18:15:32

Bellisima mi Reina

Alexandra Holbøll (@alexandraholboell)
alexandraholboell27.01.2018 05:28:07

You are an intelligent woman and people are listening to you. So please talk🗣What are you afraid of......

Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:13


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:15


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:17


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:18


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:18


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:18


Hassan Kinh (@hassan_kinh)
hassan_kinh27.01.2018 14:08:19


martin_kresten29.01.2018 03:44:12

Who's this? Can hardly recognize this was Madonna she has lost any resemblance of her former attractive self Frankenstein !!

Alexandre Toste (@73toste)
73toste29.01.2018 03:54:24


Marcus Garcia (@marcus_garcia_arcteto)
marcus_garcia_arcteto01.02.2018 15:08:23

Julianne Moore's face. 😍

Kevin (@kevin_smeuninx)
kevin_smeuninx04.02.2018 12:02:33

You have the right of Freedom of speech

Fernando Fonseca (@xananasplit)
xananasplit04.02.2018 18:26:07


Fernando Fonseca (@xananasplit)
xananasplit04.02.2018 18:29:11


Louis Rooster Bolan (@texasvu8)
texasvu805.02.2018 17:30:13

She is so beautiful in person u really are unable to imagine. Her skin radiates in a dark room.

Gerard Roca (@gerard.roca.165)
gerard.roca.16506.02.2018 11:39:53

Superbe sexi sexsexsex belisimo très jolie photo besso besso besso 😘😁🎄🏜✨🎑🏖😍😍😍😍😍😍🏞🍍🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎆🎀

Gerard Roca (@gerard.roca.165)
gerard.roca.16506.02.2018 11:41:07

Belle photo vogue a fond la moda classe belisimo très jolie 😉😍😍😍😁🎀

SincereandLoyalDonald (@sincereandloyaldonald)
sincereandloyaldonald08.02.2018 10:47:25

l love you My one and only love Madonna honestly... Love Donald

Elvis (@elvisguerra19702018)
elvisguerra1970201810.02.2018 16:50:31


Louis Rooster Bolan (@texasvu8)
texasvu816.02.2018 10:38:17


Nick Manix (@nickmanix)
nickmanix19.02.2018 02:05:00

I've never seen this issue. I can't even find it on e-bay. Anyone know where I can find a copy?

▪️M I C H E L L E ▪️ (@mrs.elle101)
mrs.elle10122.02.2018 12:02:37

I absolutely loved the photos from this shoot! I kept this magazine FOREVER and was very sad when I had to get rid of it...maybe I tore out those pages and kept them somewhere. 🤔 ♥️

Carol Miranda (@carolzitamiranda)
carolzitamiranda24.02.2018 03:00:47


Venera (@venerabro)
venerabro28.02.2018 17:23:21

Fantastic 👍

Dr.Mr.Fix it👞🎩🎒 (@jenkinzv)
jenkinzv01.03.2018 23:29:28


@sylvaalfredyoficial🇧🇷 (@10sylvaalfredyoficial)
10sylvaalfredyoficial04.03.2018 18:01:50


Grey Damien (@grey.yin.4700)
grey.yin.470007.03.2018 12:54:40

One word: Timeless! 💓😘 Ok 👌, more than one word... Ru really pushin' 60, Grrl?!? Damn, U, still got it!!! 💖😍💋 Luv, ❤ Ga`Bi

Ornella Pino 🖤 (@ornellapino_)
ornellapino_13.03.2018 05:14:44

That remember me your song vogue 😂

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