It’s so much more than just chicken. 🐮 I am always amazed by my local community but also the customer service and personalization Chick-Fil-A offers m - Bryanna Blanch (@lularoebryannablanch)
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Suzanne Aitchison (@suziespree)
suziespree10.07.2018 19:10:50

I missed an opportunity to twin with you in my white Amelia 😭

Rustic Wren | Leather Earrings (@rusticwren)
rusticwren11.07.2018 02:12:28

Best 🐄 outfit I’ve seen all day!

Run By @UnicornEyeWear (@unicorneyewearlovers)
unicorneyewearlovers11.07.2018 18:34:28

Lovely💋 Our nyc team loved your feed and wants to invite you to collab with us. To learn more check out our website

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