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🇵🇭Filipino Strong🇵🇭 (@imalexcameron)
imalexcameron03.06.2018 18:27:42

I might be asking the wrong person, but my team and I are doing a project and are expanding can I get your opinion?

Aurelie (@lonestarfrenchy)
lonestarfrenchy03.06.2018 19:24:25

such a cute dress!

Elizabeth Nuñez (@elizabeth_xonora)
elizabeth_xonora05.06.2018 04:24:33

Gorgeous !You deserve to be featured on our main page in our shades 🗽check our link and lets talk about getting you sent a pair

cara mc c (@carathelibrarian)
carathelibrarian09.06.2018 22:09:48

I gotta get this print!!

racheal and erin (@wildjuniper_)
wildjuniper_16.06.2018 01:14:07


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