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felixtc238242023.07.2019 15:02:14


diegoo 🌟 (@diegoo.63)
diegoo.6324.07.2019 06:01:00


sohanur sohan (@sohanishere)
sohanishere25.07.2019 19:23:44


Jesus Moguel (@moguel160)
moguel16026.07.2019 01:39:59

Chester would be proud

saad idghaddour (@saad_idghaddour)
saad_idghaddour26.07.2019 01:40:07

Goood honor

saad idghaddour (@saad_idghaddour)
saad_idghaddour26.07.2019 01:40:08


and I oop- (@b1ack.is.best)
b1ack.is.best28.07.2019 18:34:04


F A N D O M🍊 (@paramoreisunderrated)
paramoreisunderrated28.07.2019 20:04:19


Brendan Engle (@thebrendanengle)
thebrendanengle30.07.2019 06:04:51

Hey so I take all this seriously because linkin park was and is still my life. Please help me report idkidkhmm I don’t care who someone thinks they are this person talked bad about Chester dying @m_shinoda  reported the account too help us close it

Δανιήλ Henriques (@nuezhenriques)
nuezhenriques30.07.2019 23:13:51


carlos kombo 👑 (@carloskombo)
carloskombo31.07.2019 00:45:11


Pedro Antonio (@just_mr.p)
just_mr.p31.07.2019 09:55:12

chester would be proud 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Juan Diego Ferrer Vasquez (@juan_ferrer06)
juan_ferrer0631.07.2019 20:32:53


Speedy (@3eyessss)
3eyessss01.08.2019 09:19:13

Yeah, you are doing the right thing

mary.garetto03.08.2019 21:03:38


Victor Vahidian™ (@victor.vahidian)
victor.vahidian05.08.2019 00:35:48


Carina Kytzia (@dollcarina)
dollcarina12.08.2019 19:41:45

God bless you guys @linkinpark 

Aqui (@aquiarapiraca)
aquiarapiraca19.08.2019 20:28:00

👏👏#f4f  #sdv  #followme 

Aqui (@aquiarapiraca)
aquiarapiraca19.08.2019 20:28:27

Sdv @aquiarapiraca  @aquinainternet 

Amin (@mr.0k)
mr.0k20.08.2019 20:27:26

For the souls

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