Happy Birthday @braddelson - LINKIN PARK (@linkinpark)
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Drawings By Deliza (@delizanisa_)
delizanisa_01.12.2018 16:44:41

Happy birthday to me and to Brad 🙌❤🎈🎂

Jimmy Palaio (@_jimmy_p._)
_jimmy_p._01.12.2018 16:48:37

Happy birthday to the legendary set of headphones

Janhvi Tiwari (@lp.saves.us.all)
lp.saves.us.all01.12.2018 16:44:14

Always ou lovely boy. We miss seeing your recent pictures, we miss seeing you on stage, we miss knowing your whereabouts. But it doesn't make us love you less. You'll forever stay in our hearts. Happiest birthday, Brad. We love you so much. Hope you're having a blast 💞❤

Rami van Persie (@rami_van_persie)
rami_van_persie01.12.2018 16:42:08

We want lp back

Heisenberg (@e.l.torres)
e.l.torres01.12.2018 16:48:21

This is My December 🎶

Frank Gioia (@crankthatfrank)
crankthatfrank01.12.2018 22:38:46

happy birthday!

Bradgasm🤞🏻 (@big_bad_brad_orgasm)
big_bad_brad_orgasm01.12.2018 16:43:03

Once again, happy birthday baby💞😭

Linkin Park Live (@lplive)
lplive01.12.2018 23:08:54

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Of Mice & Men (@omandm)
omandm01.12.2018 23:10:20


Lights For Chester (@lightsforchester)
lightsforchester01.12.2018 16:45:31

Happy birthday Brad! ❤️❤️

NODANODA🐔❤ (@try.the.ketchup)
try.the.ketchup01.12.2018 16:47:32

Seeing the official Linkin Park account post something will never not make me happy

HSLTLGP (@hsltlgp)
hsltlgp01.12.2018 16:48:45

Happy Birthday Brad,
My husband Thomas and I both, along with Gabor, hope that you will have a nice day.
We, wish all of you in Linkin Park, a good weekend,too.
All our best,
Heather and Thomas Liebchen and Gabor Poszt:)

Jeronimo Zanotto 🔥 (@jeronimooz)
jeronimooz01.12.2018 16:58:09

Happy Birthday Brad, from Brazil. 🇧🇷🙏🏼

Dy._______.lan (@dy._______.lan)
dy._______.lan01.12.2018 16:48:30

A passionate gutarrist

Rina (@rina.lynn)
rina.lynn01.12.2018 16:45:39

Aw we have the same birthday @braddelson  😊

lina shinoda (@linashinoda)
linashinoda01.12.2018 17:54:55

Am I the only one here who curious to ask "who were run this account right now? " Hahaha....say something please @linkinpark  , or is that you Michael Kenji Shinoda @m_shinoda  😂🤘

Mona🕖🕖 (@_mona.77_)
_mona.77_01.12.2018 16:56:58

Happy Birthday @braddelson  and me 🎂😎😁 1977.12.01. 😏

shinodaconda01.12.2018 16:48:29


talking.to.myself (@_talking.to.myself)
_talking.to.myself01.12.2018 18:07:39

happy birthday Brad, we love you! 🖤 when are you gonna start using your social media accounts? xD

Linkin Park Romania (@linkinparkromania)
linkinparkromania01.12.2018 20:02:23

Happy Bday dear @braddelson ! Or better said: La multi ani! You were born on the same day as the National Day of Romania & today we celebrate our first 100 years as a unified country. We wish you 100 years of life full of light & love!

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