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Jeff (@_worthless__)
_worthless__05.11.2018 18:15:36

I miss the Metal Linkin Park

jayvant chandel (@jayvantchandel)
jayvantchandel05.11.2018 18:11:15

Fuck this electronic shit😑🖕😑🖕

pols🌙 (@lorinness)
lorinness05.11.2018 18:51:49

Oh my god the comments are pure cancer
When will y’all stop hating different genres?

Dipesh Gohil (@superdipz)
superdipz05.11.2018 18:11:55

Who’s replacing Chester. I miss him, but need my Linkin Park back.

Connie Colandrea (@connie.mtv)
connie.mtv05.11.2018 18:52:00

I'm scrolling through the comment section and I'm really pissed off. First off because there is too much negativity here and NOBODY wants that, the second reason is that these critics have no real meaning behind, they're just insults. I'm actually pretty worried because it means that most of those people can't even explain WHY they think in a certain way. Third and, for me at least, the most important reason is that you are all criticizing someone's HARD work. I mean..it's those dudes' fucking job, are you even serious? They know what they're doing and they're passionate about it. Behind the lyric of the song there is a pretty deep "hidden" meaning, just go and read it. I can't believe what you're doing here guys, I'm really disappointed and ashamed....hope @m_shinoda  won't pay too much attention to all of you who are talking bullshit. Ah...and one last thing, stop asking about linkin park, if anything will happen they will inform us, we don't have to worry about it. I know we all miss the band and Chester, but just STOP. It's getting really annoying and you're all just stressing everyone. Thank you for having the patience to read this, now let's all forget about it and start fresh cause it's never too late for change ✌🏻🧡 stay strong Mike

vaibhav reshamwala (@__.vxibhxv.__)
__.vxibhxv.__05.11.2018 18:11:43

PlZ make come rock songs again

NODANODA🐔❤ (@try.the.ketchup)
try.the.ketchup05.11.2018 19:00:14

I'm shocked by how negative part of this comment section is. Guys, this song was recorded in 2016 and was just released recently. It's a Martin Garrix song, LP just helped and collaborated with him. This is neither indicating a new LP album nor a replacement for Chester.

Onat Kaya (@onatkaya)
onatkaya05.11.2018 18:16:57

Please don't do this

Natalia (@nattgyv)
nattgyv05.11.2018 18:30:36

Ok guys, this song is a Martin Garrix song, not Mike’s or LP’s. Stop complaining.

《ɞєʟʟѧ》 (@a_isxbell)
a_isxbell05.11.2018 18:23:20

I love linkin Park but i think it is not the same without Chester

Shinoda Style (@shinodastyle)
shinodastyle05.11.2018 18:34:37

Can we all just be positive and stop asking the same old questions they don't know the answer to? I love that they're experimenting with different things. And props to @m_shinoda  @martingarrix  and @braddelson  🙌

Faustyna Wiercioch (@faustynawiercioch)
faustynawiercioch05.11.2018 18:11:11

Missed those vidoes from Linkin Park's studio ❤

Jane Kalinina (@lpsoldierforever)
lpsoldierforever05.11.2018 20:20:43

If any of you are coming on here to leave negative comments, get out and take that shit somewhere else. You have to be a special kind of asshole to still be whining about genre after everything that’s happened and leaving hate to a band that experienced a tragedy. It breaks my heart seeing that on top of this, the guys are having to deal with garbage comments like this. They deserve nothing but love and support. Whatever they want to experiment with is their choice. We are not entitled to dictating their career. Also, get your facts straight. This isn’t a new Linkin Park song, this has been in the works since OML, Mike’s just featured on a Martin Garrix song.

Mateo Esteban García (@mateo_garc)
mateo_garc05.11.2018 18:13:34

What the fuck are you doing!?

Kodi (@ohshitshinoda)
ohshitshinoda05.11.2018 21:42:31

Y’all. Stop asking when Linkin Park is making a comeback and stop asking who is gonna replace Chester. Mike has stated that Chester is irreplaceable and the members of the band still need time to heal. This band has been together for 20 or so years and it doesn’t take a single year to just bounce back to the way they were before. Mike is out here making music that’s therapeutic to him and he’s going on a tour that really seems to be making him happy, Joe seems to be spending a lot of Ike with his family and going to events, and Phoenix has his own podcast with his friends and he’s out here playing golf and doing stuff he enjoys. I can’t say much about Rob and Brad for obvious reasons, but I’m sure they are doing things that they love to do as well. Making a comeback is gonna be tough for them because when/if they get back together again, there’s gonna be a piece of the puzzle missing and it’s gonna hurt them to go on stage with someone missing just as much as it’s gonna hurt us to see them on stage with someone missing. Let them live their individual lives and support them as individuals. When the band is ready to get back together, they will tell us. Let’s just appreciate what we still have while we got it.

Luke 🇺🇸/🇬🇾 (@_luke_raghoo_)
_luke_raghoo_05.11.2018 18:42:30

Do you guys not realize that this isn't even a Linkin Park song? Mike is just featured on it

jose marín ✖ (@jmvrin)
jmvrin05.11.2018 18:10:57

Very proud of you Mike!

Antonio⭐️💙 (@antonio_varese02)
antonio_varese0205.11.2018 18:13:16

My legends😍😍You will be forever in my heart ❤️

Martin Garrix Hub (@themartingarrixhub)
themartingarrixhub05.11.2018 19:48:35

this is amazing!!!

K y r a (@kyra.sph)
kyra.sph05.11.2018 18:19:56

This song is amazing and helps me through a lot right now💗 thanks guys

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