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Had dinner with these handsome gentlemen yesterday. 🙏🏽❤️✌🏽 Thanks for the support - 

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Sumedh Pohekar (@spicysumedh)
spicysumedh12.05.2018 17:07:35

Missing Chester Bennington😐❤️

davidancsa (@hungarianlpsoldier)
hungarianlpsoldier12.05.2018 17:10:02

Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it, isn't there… ❤️🙏

Ihsanul Fikri (@ihsanul_fikri)
ihsanul_fikri12.05.2018 17:09:51

I miss chester 😢

Yash More (@more_the_ultimate)
more_the_ultimate12.05.2018 17:10:45

We miss Chester Bennington

Linkin Park & Mgk (@_jennifermaggiore_)
_jennifermaggiore_12.05.2018 17:09:23

You are proof that "The hardest part of ending is starting again." Thank you for making me smile even in these hardest moments. I love you so much! You're making Chester proud! ❤️

Aruna Purushotham (@trinity306)
trinity30612.05.2018 17:18:30

It is true that things are very different without Chester. But there is nothing wrong in moving on and finding a new lead singer. LP became popular not only because of Chester but because of the amazing music the rest members produced. So please start making new music whenever you feel the time is right as this will give us hope and strength like before.

anelkamuhammad12.05.2018 17:10:49

someone is missing😢

ZeroEight Points (@08_points)
08_points12.05.2018 17:08:15

Finally, I can see them together again 😍

Rory (@rory_mcgarrett)
rory_mcgarrett12.05.2018 17:29:12

I like to pretend that it was Chester who took this picture

Viviane Albuquerque (@albuquerquevivii)
albuquerquevivii12.05.2018 17:46:28

5 babies and 1 angel ❤

Selina 💕 (@selina_bennington)
selina_bennington12.05.2018 17:11:52

Linkin Park will always be my favourite band ❤️

Isuru Weerasinghe (@archbishop_of_banterbury___)
archbishop_of_banterbury___12.05.2018 17:08:00

What about a new album brothers?

Maycon Sullivan (@sullivanmaycon)
sullivanmaycon12.05.2018 17:13:51

Its good to see you guys but its so hard to see this picture too

Federico Hana (@memo.bat)
memo.bat12.05.2018 17:51:39

Where is Chester?

Soldier_TWD (@soldier_twd)
soldier_twd12.05.2018 17:41:57

Mike, Brad, Rob, Joe, Dave, remember "just cause you cant see it, doesn't meaning isn't there 😊

Martina 🇮🇹 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 🇷🇺 (@jacquesecravatte)
jacquesecravatte12.05.2018 17:33:15

Love you guys ❤️ stop pointing out that Chester is not in the picture, you're not making it easier for anyone. I'm glad they are all smiling, they deserve to find a way to smile again and move on, if it's hard for us just try to imagine how it must be for them! Just cause you can't see him it doesn't mean he isn't there ❤️

l'oubli n'existe pas (@elenamchl)
elenamchl12.05.2018 17:14:10

someone is missing :(

Abdullah Kaya (@abduullahkaya)
abduullahkaya12.05.2018 17:07:26

Chester nerede ? 😢

Marta 🌟 (@martanervi16)
martanervi1612.05.2018 17:10:16

❤ It's beautiful to see you together again

|\|()|_/\|/| (@porcelain.wing)
porcelain.wing12.05.2018 18:45:02

Its good to see you guys smiling. I know you all have a long way to go before a new LP is out. I can wait, the LP Family can wait. Make sure you guys heal yourselves. Stick close to your families & loved ones. You have the support of millions of fans worldwide, so when the time comes, all of us from the Linkin Park family will be here 😊 @linkinpark  @m_shinoda  @mrjoehahn  @braddelson  @phoenixlp 

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