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andychewwk17.09.2019 13:03:36

Another great shot! Love your use of light and shadow and depth to create so much mood. 👍❤️

Michael (@pic.blunt)
pic.blunt17.09.2019 13:21:34

Your alley shots are so beautiful 😍

Abhijit (@abhijit.jpeg)
abhijit.jpeg17.09.2019 16:39:01

I really loved the shadows here.

Luca 📷 (@ldal_photostreet)
ldal_photostreet17.09.2019 17:52:48

For sure Napoli offers one of the most typical street views

Charline | Global Designer (@charlinedesign)
charlinedesign17.09.2019 18:26:36

Beautiful ✨🤩

The Rambling Raccoon (@theramblingraccoon)
theramblingraccoon17.09.2019 18:33:04

I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been to Italy! Yet!

SOCIAL MEDIA COACH ♡ (@terencexwilliams)
terencexwilliams18.09.2019 00:00:49

I remember this throwback! Still one of my faves from you

SOCIAL MEDIA COACH ♡ (@terencexwilliams)
terencexwilliams18.09.2019 00:01:05

You should honestly sell this as a print

T.R. Dαϝɳҽ (@tahani_silenteye)
tahani_silenteye18.09.2019 18:21:20

What about Sorrento ??

Rav (@portrame)
portrame18.09.2019 21:24:13

Really like this in bnw man🔥

EvaLotta Fredén 📷 (@evalottafreden)
evalottafreden19.09.2019 07:00:30

Love this shot!

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