My name is Armando G. Hernandez and I am a litigator in Miami, Florida.  I am also the Founder/Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Armando G. Herna - Lawyer Stories™️⚖️ (@lawyer_stories)
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Shane D. Gosdis, Esq. ⚖️ (@gosdislawfirm)
gosdislawfirm03.11.2017 01:40:08


Johannes Hervis (@johannes.hervis)
johannes.hervis03.11.2017 02:29:54


Mise En Place Meals (@mep.mealprep)
mep.mealprep03.11.2017 07:11:21

Love it!

Andres F. Puerta, Esq. (@juris_doc_dre)
juris_doc_dre03.11.2017 10:59:35

Another wonderful story! #LatinoLawyers  #HispanicLawyers 

Silvia Maria Velazquez (@s.m.velazquez)
s.m.velazquez03.11.2017 12:49:58

@agh_law  you were a powerhouse in law school and now of the legal profession! CivPro forever!

Ricky Patel, Esq. (@miamiesq)
miamiesq03.11.2017 16:52:30

@mondeehern  is not only a great attorney, he is an amazing individual.

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