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Mary C (@psydlady)
psydlady22.06.2019 18:19:29

Great job! Appreciate your rehab videos btw. Helpful for us everyday surfers with back issues.

Terri Tanner (@wahinefun)
wahinefun22.06.2019 18:52:33

Good Luck 🏄🏼‍♀️!!

Noa Dupouy (@noa_dupouy)
noa_dupouy22.06.2019 19:06:15

Ripping string 💪.. enjoy ❤️

Brasil Surf (@revistabrasilsurf)
revistabrasilsurf22.06.2019 21:40:42

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If you didn't have the opportunity to know the history of the beginnings of Brazilian surf, justw follow us, enjoying and sharing this relic with your followers! revistabrasilsurf
Aloha. 🏄‍♂️🇧🇷🇧🇷

Cɑrol Bɑstides (@carolbastides)
carolbastides22.06.2019 21:49:42

ripping 💥💥

해피 망고 추 (@happymangochu)
happymangochu22.06.2019 21:50:14

You got this 👍🏾

John Hinderaker (@hinderakerjohn)
hinderakerjohn22.06.2019 22:54:29

Go Lakey!

Pia Dorer (@globalgirl75)
globalgirl7522.06.2019 23:41:57


Janice Aragon (@janicearagon)
janicearagon23.06.2019 02:10:03


Maureen Purcell (@m_otoole7)
m_otoole723.06.2019 05:22:48

I love watching you Lakey!!

אסף לב - מאמן מנטאלי (@asafrunners)
asafrunners23.06.2019 10:04:39

Keep on; it’s happened 🏆🏆

Aristide Stornelli (@elaristide)
elaristide23.06.2019 10:19:25


Board Sports & Lifestyle (@boardism_official)
boardism_official23.06.2019 15:41:27

love you lakey!! :D

Bia campos (@beatriz.campos00)
beatriz.campos0023.06.2019 19:21:52


Islandbowlsgville (@islandbowlsgville)
islandbowlsgville24.06.2019 03:36:32


Zach Ronquillo (@da.best.cars)
da.best.cars24.06.2019 08:04:25


Reita Ganaz (@reitaganaijz743)
reitaganaijz74326.06.2019 03:11:44

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Al Fisher (@vbwaterman)
vbwaterman26.06.2019 13:28:30

Best of luck at Jeffrey’s! You’ll get em next time!

Certified Boho (@certifiedboho)
certifiedboho27.06.2019 05:39:09

Hey Lakey 😍, just had a quick question if you don’t mind. Would you DM our main account @bohoseventyshop  thanks! 👌

Jun Endo (@junendoo)
junendoo28.06.2019 14:56:10


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