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W i LL (@goodwillcording)
goodwillcording13.06.2019 01:10:19

Never surfed here. But I remember like 03 Kelly slater pro surfer had it as a spot. The break won’t let you barrel. Looks like a blast!

Nick Barringer (@nick_barringer)
nick_barringer13.06.2019 01:27:02

💥💥👏 absolutely obliterating those waves

Johnny Stieg (@johnnystieg)
johnnystieg13.06.2019 01:36:48

Damm Lakey! Those wraps are looking insane!

Fr3nchyOz (@fr3nchyoz)
fr3nchyoz13.06.2019 01:43:10

Wow you are ripping! Powerful!

Shayne Mason (@murda_mace)
murda_mace13.06.2019 01:48:32


Alexander Grosvenor (@governor_grosvenor)
governor_grosvenor13.06.2019 02:08:56

Killing it!!!

Craig Branch (@craigbranch)
craigbranch13.06.2019 03:27:34

Wow @bagman  @terriblehappy 

Jeff Fuller (@astro.jeff)
astro.jeff13.06.2019 03:43:05

Those poor waves. You beat the crap out of them.

Mike Parsons (@mikeparsons1)
mikeparsons113.06.2019 04:03:54


Fraser M Langford (@fraserlangford)
fraserlangford13.06.2019 04:29:27

You are really surfing great. Fun to watch

Shane Mcintosh (@shanemc12)
shanemc1213.06.2019 11:27:15

Female Fanning with that whip ⚡️

Juan Grande (@spankin_the_yanks)
spankin_the_yanks13.06.2019 14:36:08

Bucket brigade 😀👍

Sam Holaday (@holadaysam)
holadaysam13.06.2019 15:54:31

🥩 hook

Strick (@7cstrick8)
7cstrick813.06.2019 18:08:12

Literally reminds me of 90s Gerr !!!
Throwing Spray !! Great style !!

Channel Islands Surfboards (@cisurfboards)
cisurfboards14.06.2019 00:45:35


a n n a (@wakeupnwhatev)
wakeupnwhatev14.06.2019 09:55:24

Seriously what a badass 🔥🔥

Tyson Furniss (@tysfurniss)
tysfurniss15.06.2019 12:10:04

Rapid head movements 😟

Susan (@grindqueen101)
grindqueen10112.07.2019 11:47:03

Awesome style.

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