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Andrea Durán • ANDREAinMotion (@andr3ainmotion)
andr3ainmotion08.06.2019 22:36:40


John Lauck (@lauckdawg)
lauckdawg08.06.2019 23:12:09

That’s shark water for sure! Glassy. So you wear a bracelet

guillermo alberto (@pelao_merlin)
pelao_merlin08.06.2019 23:22:06

Maravillosa Medusaaaa Loudlove

Janet Lynn Kroeker (@jlkroe)
jlkroe09.06.2019 00:55:29

GAWD, do I remember those (rare) waves in SB. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Caitlin Racich (@caitrace)
caitrace09.06.2019 01:54:12

You are awesome Lakey, fun seeing you at @handlebarcoffee  this morning! 💛⚡️

SWAMI YOGAMANI SARASWATI 🕉 (@swami_yogamani)
swami_yogamani09.06.2019 05:11:56


Oscar Granados (@oscarsgranados)
oscarsgranados09.06.2019 05:38:37


زيد الخطاط (@za.89_)
za.89_09.06.2019 05:57:17

شهل جمال

Dylbs (@dylbs_)
dylbs_09.06.2019 08:13:35

Shows how experienced you are in the water with this duck dive and is such a lovely shot-AWESOME🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

Johnny Fray (@fraydo1)
fraydo109.06.2019 09:20:29

Which break is this? Rad photo

Mark Wallis (@1markwallis)
1markwallis09.06.2019 09:40:49

The champions back home again 🐯looking amazing as always

Ic🦁K (@ivan_icg_7)
ivan_icg_709.06.2019 10:26:16


John Neyland Jr (@johnneylandjr)
johnneylandjr09.06.2019 13:12:20


Bobby Costanzo (@bobayy206)
bobayy20609.06.2019 13:54:10

🤙🤙🤙 I remember reading in 7th grade about the you in an SI Kids article, loved watching your success and advocating for our oceans, thank you!!!!

steve levier (@levier.steve)
levier.steve09.06.2019 15:09:46

Happy ocean day, we do need to come together for oceans sake

Tolentino Norielle (@mothymoth)
mothymoth10.06.2019 05:28:01

Nice photo

Dale Baker (@dalebakerartist)
dalebakerartist10.06.2019 07:38:59

Great pics 👍

Katie Kenyo (@katiekenyo)
katiekenyo10.06.2019 11:36:59

Thought this was you @aimos69 

Mahina Cup (@mahinacup)
mahinacup12.06.2019 20:28:05

Yessss together we can make a difference!! Stunning duck dive capture 💗

Sue Peterson (@swiminsue)
swiminsue17.06.2019 13:51:26

Sick pic

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