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Ali Beck (@freshrootshealth)
freshrootshealth06.06.2019 22:02:19

You guys are so freaking cute 😊

Kelly bryant (@sunny_gravels_)
sunny_gravels_06.06.2019 22:27:12

You're definitely the guy in the relationship

Matt Gollings (@mattgollingss)
mattgollingss06.06.2019 22:38:00

Why do that to the tree leave nothing but footprints👎

Ted Trimnal (@tedtrimnal)
tedtrimnal06.06.2019 23:10:24

Such a cool story u two @thomas_allan  and congratulations @lakeypeterson  for crushing Margaret River. Apparently training and being happy tends to work. Have fun you crazy kids!

Laura Maciel Raupp (@lauramacielraupp)
lauramacielraupp06.06.2019 23:43:27

Love is in the air kkkkk good luck gays 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️

石原 環 (@i_rule_my_destiny)
i_rule_my_destiny06.06.2019 23:57:03

Good pics but poor tree😢 why would you guys do that??

Wayne Davies (@wayneodaviesies)
wayneodaviesies07.06.2019 00:39:24

Good luck 😉 for the rest of the tour🤙🏻

Jordan Shackelford (@jordan_shackelford)
jordan_shackelford07.06.2019 01:02:57

👎 That’s not a great thing to do to a living tree or to promote on your platform. Big fan of yours but not of this.

Ralphy™ (@mitch_ralphyy)
mitch_ralphyy07.06.2019 01:48:21

Setting a great example carving your names into a tree!! 👎👎

Kavan (@kavalier91)
kavalier9107.06.2019 03:16:23

It’s a Karri tree, it sheds its bark regularly. Take a pause for the cause people 🤙🏻

Cɑrol Bɑstides (@carolbastides)
carolbastides07.06.2019 03:32:54

Next stop ✈✈ Rio de Janeiro

Image Kitchens (@imagekitchens)
imagekitchens07.06.2019 03:38:06

What a gentleman @thomas_allan ,cutting that tree down with your pocket knife so your wife could have a seat!😂🤪🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Duncan (@alwaysontheocean)
alwaysontheocean07.06.2019 04:51:34

Feel free to explore, just don’t scratch our trees next time...

אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה‬, (@dogwillhunting)
dogwillhunting07.06.2019 06:37:31


Thomas Allan (@thomas_allan)
thomas_allan07.06.2019 07:03:25


heatherV (@heatheratcurrumbin)
heatheratcurrumbin07.06.2019 07:03:55

Good luck 🌸🏄🏼‍♀️💚🌳

Pip Horn (@pip.horn)
pip.horn07.06.2019 08:20:26

Thanks for your great surfing but please dont leave graffiti on our trees. 👎😢🇦🇺

Al Fisher (@vbwaterman)
vbwaterman07.06.2019 18:59:29

What a win!

ALCAL1 (@alexal2k)
alexal2k08.06.2019 06:07:04

Enjoying nature is a wonderful thing, but ruining it for the sake of your initials is ridiculous.

Tracey (@traceyrogers26)
traceyrogers2608.06.2019 10:58:11

Best forest down under.... 🤙

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