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Filipe Toledo (@filipetoledo)
filipetoledo06.06.2019 12:15:27

Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 amazing surfing you two! @lakeypeterson  @tatiwest 

Kelvyn Carvalho (@kelvyncarvalh)
kelvyncarvalh06.06.2019 12:33:52


Tara Iglay (@taraiglay)
taraiglay06.06.2019 12:46:46

Congrats!! Amazing the sportsmanship and support of the all these athletes give to each other!! Great examples for the kids!!

Mimi LaMontagne (@meemzzzzzz)
meemzzzzzz06.06.2019 12:49:05

Congrats!! 🔥

Jake Aitkenhead 🏄🏀🌊 (@jake23tra)
jake23tra06.06.2019 12:57:06

Great job

Kellie King Art (@kelliekingart)
kelliekingart06.06.2019 13:51:26


Tatiana Weston-Webb (@tatiwest)
tatiwest06.06.2019 14:17:06

So good! You’re a legend lakey!😊

jobes1 (@jobes1)
jobes106.06.2019 14:21:26


Kerri Smith (@kerrismith20)
kerrismith2006.06.2019 14:27:17

Well deserved! 🏄🏽‍♀️🤘🏼

Lucas Araújo (@lucasaraujor_)
lucasaraujor_06.06.2019 15:36:19

The best @tatiwest  @lakeypeterson 

Juan Grande (@spankin_the_yanks)
spankin_the_yanks06.06.2019 18:29:10

Everyone was ripoing in challenging conditions awesome to watch...lost a lot if sleep staying up late👍🤙

STOKED CANDLE™ (@stokedcandle)
stokedcandle06.06.2019 20:15:34

Yeewww!! Congrats!!!🎉🏆🍾

John Nasatka (@johnnasatka)
johnnasatka06.06.2019 20:48:34

Congrats to you both🤟🔥🤟

Matias Gordo Flores (@mrgordotime)
mrgordotime06.06.2019 22:46:33

Team AMERICA! +An American Brazilian... If these guys keep it up we're looking good for the Olympics!

- CHRIS ENEVER - (@chrisenever)
chrisenever06.06.2019 22:50:59

Yessss Lakey! Amazing performance! 🙌🏼

Al Fisher (@vbwaterman)
vbwaterman07.06.2019 00:04:08

Hope you keep it rollin @lakeypeterson  !

SAND (@sandfinds)
sandfinds07.06.2019 03:43:44

So much froth for ya 💪

RICK TEGON (@rick_tegon)
rick_tegon07.06.2019 14:40:02


Shaiman 🌕 Lalich (@shaimanlalich)
shaimanlalich08.06.2019 23:46:01


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