Have been absolutely loving the new ‘Cherry-Berry’ flavour from @healthade ! A great refreshing drink for beach days like these with added probiotics - Lakey Peterson (@lakeypeterson)
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Sally Crispin (@crispinsally)
crispinsally06.06.2019 00:36:17

I hope they start carrying that flavor at our Vons soon

MANON BODINIER ♾ (@manonbodinier)
manonbodinier06.06.2019 01:31:07

Love ur swimsuit 😍

John (@808pohoiki)
808pohoiki06.06.2019 02:22:29

Rockin’ that gunsmoke quick dry like you rocked the lineup at Main Break @hurley_lahaina  Congratulations 🏄‍♀️

LanceH (@1lil2lil)
1lil2lil06.06.2019 03:27:57


Flavio Dias (@flaviodias_bs)
flaviodias_bs06.06.2019 04:03:24

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Marion Clark (@maliona68)
maliona6806.06.2019 05:00:13

Cherry?! YES! 🍒🍇🍓

john Lafranchise, Jr. (@johnlafranchisejr)
johnlafranchisejr06.06.2019 08:10:34

🔥 #HiSpeed  🇺🇸 #CuteBunz  🍀

J WEST (@ladytradiej)
ladytradiej06.06.2019 08:14:26

I was too busy wishing i had a bum like that to see the drink! 🤣

Lek Surf Shop 🏄 (@leksurfshop)
leksurfshop06.06.2019 11:07:32


Pair-A-Dice Stores (@pairadicestores)
pairadicestores06.06.2019 15:24:02


Surf Lessons & Surf Trips (@sssnewquay)
sssnewquay06.06.2019 16:15:22


Megan (@megan_nel_)
megan_nel_19.06.2019 12:48:30

Pretty 🔥

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